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International Trains from/to China

At present, China has international trains to/from Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) in Mongolia, Moscow and Vladivostok in Russia, Pyongyang in North Korea, Hanoi in Vietnam, and Almaty (Alam-Ata) and Astana in Kazakhstan. Their tickets can only be bought at the departure stations. TravelChinaGuide offers China international train ticket booking service for the trains from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, Moscow and Pyongyang, and those from Nanning to Hanoi.

The international railways from China to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan and Nepal are under construction or planning. When completed, more international trains will be available to these countries.

Beijing - Moscow Train
K3/ 4: Beijing-Ulaanbaatar-Moscow
Train T8701
T8701/ 8702: Nanning-Hanoi

Note: currently, we accept ticket reservation for K3, K19, K23, K27, and T8701

Beijing - Ulaanbaatar - Moscow

Beijing - Manzhouli - Moscow

Beijing - Ulaanbaatar

Beijing - Pyongyang

Nanning - Hanoi

4652/4653: Hohhot → Ulaanbaatar
4654/4651: Ulaanbaatar → Hohhot

Beijing - Hanoi

Harbin - Vladivostok

K9795/K9796: Urumqi - Almaty
K9797/K9798: Urumqi - Astana

 International railways under construction/planning from China to:

Purchase an International Rail Ticket

International Ticket Sample
International Ticket Sample (Click to enlarge)
Passengers could purchase tickets at the railway station directly. However, it is always difficult for passengers to purchase on the spot since they are needed urgently. Therefore, it is advisable to book through travel agencies which are commissioned to sell international rail tickets. The travel agencies may require relevant service charge.

Booking: International rail tickets can be booked by travelers themselves at designated ticket counters 30 days in advance; it is available 60 days in advance for group passengers (over six). A deposit of CNY100 per ticket is required but this will be returned to you when you actually pay for your bookings. After booking, individual passengers should pay in full 7 days ahead of the departure date; group passengers should pay for it 14 days in advance. Otherwise, the booking will be canceled automatically and the deposit will not be returned.

Purchase: Tickets are released 7 days ahead of departure date (14 days in advance for group passengers). Passenger’s valid passport is required for ticket purchasing. You should obtain the visa to your destination (if require) before boarding, and a transit visa may also be required if the train travels through more than two countries. 

 Note: For individual passengers, we suggest that you skip booking at designated counters at railway stations in person mentioned above, as the process may be a little difficult, especially when some staff do not speak English.  Instead, we suggest that you book your tickets at least seven days in advance with travel agencies like TCG. For those who like to make early travel plans, agencies are best choices as they accept early booking. However, it is advisable for group passengers to make a reservation 60 days in advance.

Refund/Change an International Rail Ticket

Beijing to Ulan Bator Train
K23/ 24: Beijing-Ulaanbaatar

The refund or change of tickets can be handled by yourself at the railway stations.
1. 72 hours ahead of the scheduled departure: 80% of the fare will be refund. No service charge is refunded.
2. Less than 72 hours ahead of the scheduled departure time: 80% of the seat fare or 20% of the sleeper fare will be refund. No service charge is refunded.
3. Less than 3 hours after the departure: 80% of a seat fare will be refund but no fare will be refund for a sleeper one. No service charge is refunded.
 Please note the return may not be allowed if you book through an agency. You'd better confirm the regulations of the specific agency before booking.

Baggage Allowance

1. An adult is allowed to take at most 35kg of carry-on baggage for free while a child under 12 years old is allowed to take 15kg of baggage for free. The total of the length, width and height of each baggage can not exceed 200cm.The overweighted part has to be consigned, or a fine of CNY 100 per kilogram will be imposed.
2. The baggage consignment should be handled in the morning before the departure date in the Beijing Railway Station International Train Baggage Consignment Counter (west wing of the station building). The custom office is closed on weekends, so passengers leaving on Monday should check their baggage in advance on Friday.
3. The consignment procedure needs  the passenger’s passport and ticket. To consign a bicycle, leave it unlocked and unpacked.
4. The consignment charge is CNY 7.5 / kg for the Beijing-Ulaanbaatar train. Each bicycle costs CNY 150. The charge on Beijing-Moscow is CNY 16.8 / kg and a bicycle costs CNY 200. The price is adjusted to the changes of international exchange rate.
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    4.926 Reviews
    Posted on Jul. 09, 2019
    It has been all perfect, 100% recommendable. Thank you so much for everything.
    Mr.Marc F.
    Posted on Jun. 28, 2019
    The booking was perfect: I ordered a ticket hard sleeper from Beijing to Moscow and when I arrived in my hotel in Beijing, the ticket was available at the reception desk.

    It is so easy to use your service. During summer holidays, it is not possible to get a ticket at station by myself if I can only land at Beijing one day in advance.

    There were 4 beds in the room, and with a room door. So generally, it is more private then other hard sleeper in China.
    United Kingdom
    Posted on Jun. 17, 2019
    Excellent service. Kept us informed and updated throughout the process which kept our minds at rest. Always very quick responding to our queries. Very good English. Very helpful to be given the Chinese characters to give to taxi drivers. I think the only restriction is that you cannot book trains until 5-10 days beforehand but this is out of your control. One thing that may be worth considering is ensuring that the correct train station is advised. I had to ask you this when I realized there were two stations in Beijing.

    It was easy for us to work out where we had to go at Beijing station. We found our cabins easily. We had the luxury soft sleeper which was as expected. Smooth journey. Beds quite hard but this seems to be the norm in china.

    Thank you once again for a great service!
    South Africa
    Posted on Jun. 11, 2019
    My booking experience was good. Josey tried very hard to find me all the tickets for the right time and date and she did it expeditiously.  The use of the train was great. I had a good night sleep and the bed was comfy. Once you closed the room door it was silent and you could hear voices or music for other rooms. It was easy to find the room and number bed because it was on the ticket.
    Posted on May. 25, 2019
    I am happy to provide the following feedback:

    I booked this journey from Australia and I was asked to send full payment for a ticket I was not going to find out about until 2 weeks before I left Australia and I was not going to get the actual ticket until I arrived at the hotel 1 day before the journey commenced. But sometimes as an independent traveller you have to take a "leap of faith" that the people you are dealing with will actually do what they say they will do.

    In all instances the services which you stated you would provide were provided. You e-mailled me every step of the way as tickets were purchased and when the actual ticket was sent. The ticket was there at my hotel when I arrived.

    Also the emails you provided me with ensured that I was able to gain the necessary visas into China and Mongolia.

    I had a small initial difficulty in that the person I was dealing with did not understand that some years the train was run by China and some years by Mongolia which impacted the day the train left Beijing. Potentially this information could be provided to overseas offices to assist them.

    As a pointer to other travellers the board inside Beijing train station firstly gives the level the train leaves from (there are 2 levels) and secondly gives the platform number. It is very difficult to hear the train announcements in the station (some of them are in english).

    Note that your suitcase is in the kupe with you so be careful about size as it either goes under the seat or above the passageway. It's easier if you separate a small bag out of what you need for the journey rather than having to rummage through a big bag each time.

    The train left on time and arrived at each station on time to the minute. It is a good idea to pack enough basic food for the journey as there is very limited food at some stops. This type of journey (I also went on the 4 night journey from UB to Moscow) proves you can live on 5 minute noodles!. Boiling water is readily available in the carriage. To ensure no tummy problems only take the water when it is at 100C. Stock up on good quality tea in Beijing before you start - It is very soothing to drink copious amounts of tea sitting and watching 2 countries go by :-)

    Chinese food in restaurant car before border is reasonably priced. Breakfast once you cross the border into Mongolia is expensive and poor. Note that the restaurant car changes at the border (the changing of the bogies has to be experienced to be believed).

    Absolutely loved the journey - after all, train travel is all about the journey!
    Posted on May. 14, 2019
    Excellent - Tickets were delivered to my Hotel in advance. very easy everything even for non Chinese speaking travelers.
    Posted on May. 02, 2019
    Thank you, it was uneventful and everything going well, thank you for the excellent service.
    Posted on Apr. 26, 2019
    I was very satisfied with the service. Everything worked as your agent described and I received our tickets with no problems. We boarded the trains no problem…and the service on the train was excellent. Highly recommend this form of traveling to anyone.
    Posted on Apr. 17, 2019
    Loved it
    Delivery was a nice bonus
    Train trip was smooth and easy
    Only thing I would change:
    - Let us know when the tickets will be delivered by your vendor
    - Handling and delivery fee seemed a little high
    Posted on Apr. 12, 2019
    Your service was excellent. I will use this service again on my next trip to China. You were recommend to me by friend that live in Shanghai and they use you services as well. Your web site is very user friendly and the delivery service of the tickets to our hotel was great. Thanks again for making our trip to China go very smooth.
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