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Beijing - Ulaanbaatar Trains: K23/ K24

Train No.: Beijing → Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator): K23 in China, 023 in Mongolia; Ulaanbaatar→ Beijing: K24 in China, 024 in Mongolia
Duration: 26 hours and 58 minutes (K23); 28 hours and 10 minutes (K24)
Passing by: China and Mongolia via Trans-Siberian Railway
Distance: 1,553 kilometers (965 miles)
Operator: China Beijing Railway Bureau, Ulaanbaatar Railway Bureau


Departure Dates from Beijing

Period Departure Days
May 9, 2018 - June 8, 2018 Tuesday
June 9, 2018 - Oct. 9, 2018 Tuesday & Saturday
Oct. 10, 2018 -  June 1, 2019 Saturday


Beijing to Ulaanbaatar Train Schedule: K23

(Last update on Nov 6, 2018) 
Stations Arrival Departure
Beijing --- 07:27
Shalingzi South 10:40 10:50
Jining South 15:27 15:43
Erlian 20:18 00:59+1
Dzamyn Ude 01:25 02:40
Ulaanbaatar 14:35 ---

Ulaanbaatar to Beijing Train Schedule: K24

(Last update on Nov 6, 2018) 
Stations Arrival Departure
Ulaanbaatar --- 07:30
Dzamyn Ude 18:50 20:35
Erlian 21:00 02:00+1
Jining South 06:37 06:55
Shalingzi South 11:09 11:15
Beijing 14:35 ---

1. "+1" indicates the second day;
2. The above timetable is for reference only. The one at railway stations shall prevail. 
3. The above time is Beijing Time, while Mongolia implements Daylight Saving Time from late March to late September, so during this period the Mongolia time should be one hour plus the time in the above table.

Ticket Fare of Beijing - Ulaanbaatar Trains

Deluxe Soft Sleeper  Soft Sleeper  Hard Sleeper

Beijing to Ulaanbaatar by China Train

Individual CNY 2,041 CNY 1,881 CNY 1,310
Group  CNY 1,624 CNY 1,464 CNY 1026

Beijing to Ulaanbaatar by Mongolian Train

Individual  CNY 2,033 -- - CNY 1,361
Group  CNY 1,616 ---  CNY 1,077

Beijing to Dzamyn Ude by China Train

Individual  CNY 1,154 CNY 1,017 CNY 709
Group  CNY 946 CNY 809 CNY 571

Beijing to Dzamyn Ude by Mongolian Train

Individual  CNY 1,147 ---  CNY 752
Group  CNY 939 ---  CNY 614
1. The above ticket price is for reference only. Please refer to railway stations for final fare.
2. A group should comprise at least six members to buy group tickets.

How to Buy the Ticket

Different from China's domestic railway tickets, international railway tickets are open for booking first and then released before departure. For group passengers, tickets are available for booking 60 days prior to departure and then issued 14 days prior; for individuals, tickets can be booked 30 days ahead of departure and printed 7 days ahead. One can purchase the tickets either through designated ticket counters at railway stations or from commissioned agencies like
See details of Purchase an International Rail Ticket

Basic Information

Have started servicing the public on July 2nd, 1985 along the branch of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, K23/24 is the second pair of trains connecting Beijing and Ulaanbaatar after K3/4. It is operated in cooperation between China and Mongolia. The train operated by China has 16 carriages, including 9 hard sleeper carriages, 2 soft sleeper carriages, 2 deluxe soft sleeper carriages, 1 dining carriage, 1 luggage carriage and 1 dormitory carriage. Before leaving China in Erlian, the dining and dormitory carriages and 2 hard sleeper carriages will be unloaded. After entering Mongolia, a Mongolian dining carriage and a dormitory carriage will be joined on. The Mongolian train is equipped with 17 carriages: 10 hard sleeper carriages, 3 deluxe soft sleeper carriages, a luggage carriage, a dormitory carriage, a dining carriage, and agenerator carriage. Before exiting its territory, the dining carriage, dormitory carriage and two hard sleeper carriages will be unloaded; after entering China, a dining carriage, a dormitory carriage and 2 hard sleeper carriages will be joined on.


1. As the Chinese and Mongolian rail widths are different, the trains change wheels while stopping at Erlian, which takes about 3 hours. During the process, passengers can stay onboard.
2. Apply for a Mongolian visa before boarding.
3.  K23 departing on Tuesday is operated by China, and the carriages are newly made in China. All the carriages are equipped with air-conditioners; the deluxe soft sleeper carriages even have their independent toilets and shower facilities. K23 departing on Monday is operated by Mongolia, but the carriages are made in China. All carriages have air-conditioners and two deluxe soft sleeper carriages share one toilet; shower facilities are not available.
4. In addition to K23, K3 also runs to Ulaanbaatar from Beijing, whose final stop is Moscow. K3 is operated by China and departs every Wednesday at the same time with the same duration of K23. There is no big difference between Chinese K23 and K3.

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