Beijing North Railway Station

 Beijing North Railway Station has suspended passenger transport since November 1, 2016 for renovation. But passengers can still buy or collect tickets there. The reconstruction work will last for about 3 years. During the period, the S2 trains to Badaling Great Wall is operated at Huangtudian Railway Station and the others operated at Changping North Railway Station.

Beijing North Railway Station is a time-honored station along China's first rail track. Constructed in 1906, the original terminal building was renovated and reopened in 2009. It is about 5 miles (8 kilometers) to Tiananmen Square, 6 miles (10 kilometers) to West Railway Station, 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) from South Railway Station, and 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) to Capital International Airport.

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Address: Next to Xizhimen of Xicheng District
Railway Station See-off Service

Station Plan

The station consists of a terminal building and a square in front. The terminal building has six floors above ground and two floors underground.
 2F-5F: staff office
 1F: waiting hall, ticket office, duty desk, police stand, entrances and exits, platforms
 -1F: ticket office, waiting hall, entrances and exits

Beijing North Railway Station
Station Building
Underground Entrance to Beijing North Railway Station
Underground Entrance

How to get to North Railway Station from downtown Beijing?

 Arrival by bus:
At Xizhimen North (east of the terminal): 375, 438, 632, Te15
At Subway Xizhimen (southwest of the terminal): 16, 26, 87, 651, Te15, Night Bus Line 14, Yuntong 105
At Suojiafen (northeast of the terminal): 21, 80, 331, 375, 387, 392, 490, 691, 693
At Xizhimen General City Bus Station (southeast of the terminal): 360, 362, 563, 632, 651, Yuntong 106
At Yutaoyuan (northeast of the terminal): 27, 44, 347, 618, Te12 (inner line), Night Bus Line 20, Yuntong 104

Passengers arriving by bus will be dropped off outside the terminal building. The terminal of the station is the building with four red Chinese characters on top of it. With ticket in hand, enter the station directly, then please read your ticket carefully to confirm which waiting hall you should go and then find it, alternatively, go to the ticket office either to the east of the ground level waiting hall or either side of the underground waiting hall to obtain one first. Find a seat in the waiting hall indicated on your ticket.

 Arrival by Subway Line 2, Line 4 or Line 13:
Passengers arriving by subway can leave via exit A1 or A2. Then follow the sign to reach the station. For those with a ticket, enter the station directly and find your waiting hall shown on the ticket. For those without a ticket, please obtain one from the ticket office at either the east of the ground waiting hall or two sides of the underground waiting hall. Thereafter, find the right waiting room.

 Arrive by taxi:

From/ To Duration (minute) Cost (CNY)
Tiananmen Square 15 26
West Railway Station 20 33
Capital Internation Airport 30 100

Note: The above duration and cost are for reference only. It excludes delays caused by traffic jams and lights.

If arriving by taxi, you will be dropped off outside the station. If you have already bought the ticket, please enter the station to find the right waiting room to wait for the departure. Tickets are available for the ticket offices to the east of the ground level waiting hall or at two sides of the underground waiting hall. You can go there to buy one, then enter the station and find a seat in your waiting room shown on the ticket.

Ticket Check and Boarding

A number of check points are available inside the waiting halls. Please read your ticket carefully to find the right check point to have your ticket checked. Then go to the platforms by escalators, lifts or stairs to get onboard.

1. Please note that red tickets need to be checked manually, while blue tickets can be checked at the automatic ticket check points.
2. Read the LED screens carefully to find the right train when arriving at the platforms, because there may be two on the platforms.
3. When boarding, mind your steps because the carriage is higher than the platform.
4. After getting onboard, please put your luggage in the right position, ensuring it won’t fall and hurt others when moving.

Beijing North Railway Station
Ticket for S2 Train
Ticket for S2 Line

How to exit and leave North Station?

Upon arrival, passengers can get out the station through exits on 1F, or go down to -1F to exit. LED screen showing the most up-to-date arrival time and stopping platform is available at the exit for the convenience of those meeting passengers. After going through the exit, follow the direction signs to find buses, subway, and taxis to leave the station.

 Leave by bus:
Please confirm which bus you are going to take first and then find the boarding sites to the east, southwest, northeast, and southeast of the terminal building.

 Leave by subway:
Pay attention to direction signs and you will find the subway easily. There is a passage on -1F leading to the subway entrance.

 Leave by taxi:
When arriving, passengers need to go out of the station and walk to the roadside to take taxis. It is very convenient.

 Transportation to other places from the station:
 Tiananmen Square:
Take subway line 4 at Xizhimen, change to line 1 at Xidan, get off at Tiananmen East and then walk there.

 Beijing Railway Station:
Take subway line 2 to get there.

 West Station:
Take subway line 4 to National Library, transfer to line 9 to get there;
Take bus 21or 691 at Suojiafen to get there directly.

 South Station:
Take subway line 4 to reach it.

 East Station
Take subway line 4 to Xidan first and then change to line 1 to Dawanglu. Afterwards, walk about 900 meters (984 yards) southeastward to the East Station.

 Capital International Airport:
Take subway line 2 at Xizhimen, get off at Dongzhimen and change to Airport Express Line to get there.

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Facilities and Services of the Station

An LED Screen inside the Station

 Ticket Offices: They are located inside the terminal building: one to the east of the ground level waiting hall, and two at two sides of the underground waiting hall.

 Waiting Hall: Two waiting halls are available in the station. One is in the center of 1F. A special area for the old, weak, sick, disabled, and pregnant is located in its west side. Toilets and hot drinking water are also available in the west of this waiting hall. The other waiting hall is on -1F with entrances in the front middle, and exits at front two sides. Inside the underground waiting hall, there are toilets, hot drinking water, and elevators, etc. on both sides for passengers’ convenience.

 Left Luggage service: It can be found in the south of ticket office or close to the waiting hall on 1F. It charges CNY20 for each bag per day.

 LED screens: LED screens can be found in the station showing departure time, check points, and boarding platforms and arrival times, exits on 1F and -1F.

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Questions & Answers on Beijing North Railway Station
Asked by Veronica from ITALY | Jul. 08, 2019 03:37Reply
Hi! we looking for a place to leave our luggage for one day.
We arrive at Beijing west in early morning and we would like to go to Summer palace, and I didn't find any luggage storage at Summer palace. So maybe we can stop at North Railway station to leave our luggage for the visit. But I don't understand if the station even if it is in renovation is open (bars, restaurants and luggage service).
Thanks in advance!
Answers (4)
Answered by Carlos | Jul. 10, 2019 04:14

Not sure about the North Station, but you can use Beijing West Station. There is left luggage office.
Answered by Veronica from ITALY | Jul. 10, 2019 04:37

Yes. I know. But after our visit at summer palace we have to go to our hotel in the centre of Beijing and it would take a lot of time to go back to Beijing west to take our luggage. But if we not find an alternative I think we'll do like you told. Thanks.
Answered by Carlos | Jul. 10, 2019 19:31

Where is your hotel? If the hotel is not very far from the West Station, you can consider to left your luggage there first. Most hotel offer this service before and after your checkin.
Answered by veronica from ITALY | Jul. 11, 2019 02:41

Yes I know. We've booked an apartment near it's far from Beijing west and Summer palace too. And because is an apartment there is no luggage service before. We've asked to the owner. So after the visit to Summer palace we have to come back to West Beijing Station and then go to Dongzhimen. It's about 2 hours!!!! So please if you know let me know to the answer of the beginning. It could help a lot! thanks!
Asked by art from USA | Jun. 18, 2019 17:33Reply
Will I be able to pick up train tickets at Beijing North Railway Station in September 2019?
Or has it re-opened by then? Thank you. :)
Answers (4)
Answered by Jada | Jun. 18, 2019 18:30

It is not in service yet at this moment, so you cannot collect ticket there. But it back to service this year, it would be fine. It is still not very sure when will it back to service, maybe at end of September or end of the year.
Answered by art from USA | Jun. 19, 2019 04:53

At the top of this page it says “But passengers can still buy or collect tickets there.” ... that is no longer the case?
Answered by Jada | Jun. 20, 2019 02:28

Oh, I did not notice that! So I rechecked about this issue and it seems that it did works. But I only saw that people can buy ticket there. They did not mention about collection, I suppose it should be OK. Ticket change and cancellation cannot work there. The office should work from 8am to 8pm. If you are near there, you can try.
Answered by art from USA | Jun. 20, 2019 06:13

Thank you Jada
Asked by Geoff from NZ | Jul. 24, 2018 00:11Reply
2018 - is it open yet?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jessie | Jul. 24, 2018 02:33

no, it would be in 2019
Asked by Nikky from MALAYSIA | Dec. 04, 2017 23:51Reply
Is the beijing north railway station in operation now
Answers (1)
Answered by Lucille | Dec. 10, 2017 20:28

No, it will be put into service around year 2019
Asked by Phelix from MALAYSIA | Oct. 14, 2017 08:30Reply
Xisi Subway Station to Huoying Subway Station
Hi, Good day.

I would like to know if I take Xisi Subway line 4 and exit Xizhimen and walk to DongZhiMen and take line 13 to Huoying. It that walking underground to that dongzhimen from Xizhimen ? any clear signage direction given at 凯德 mall ?...

and how to take S2 from Huangtudian Railway Station to Badaling ?
how long the journey take?

Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Gaetane | Oct. 16, 2017 03:46

Xizhimen is far from Dongzhimen. You do not need to go to Dongzhimen. If you depart from Xisi, you can take line 4 to Xizhimen, transfer to line 13 there (undergroud, by walking, maybe 500m). Line 13 will take you to Huoying directly.

The S2 line will take around 1 hour to reach Badaling
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