Beijing Capital Airport Express Train


Route: Beixinqiao ↔ Dongzhimen ↔ Sanyuanqiao ↔ T3 ↔ T2

(Identification Color: silver grey       )
► Open Date: July 19th, 2008
► Total Length: 29.8 km (18.5 mi)
► Stations: 5
► Highest Speed: 110 km/h (56 mi/h)
► Boarding Sites: -2F of No.2 Parking Lot in T2 of Beijing Capital Airport; 2F of No.3 Parking Lot in T3; Beixinqiao Subway Station; Dongzhimen Subway Station; Sanyuanqiao Subway Station
► Ticket Price: CNY25 per person


Capital Airport Express Train Facts

Airport Express Train
Capital Airport Express Train

Beijing Airport Express Train offers a rapid rail transfer between downtown area and Beijing Capital International Airport. Compared with Airport Shuttle Bus, the Airport Express is faster and more frequent. The single journey only takes 36 minutes. The cost is a little more expensive than the shuttle bus but much cheaper than taxi. Please note that Beixinqiao, Dongzhimen and Sanyuanqiao stations don't allow in-town check-in. There is no station in T1, so Airport Express passengers need to walk or take the Free Cross Terminal Shuttle to T1.

Beixinqiao Station allows transfer with subway line 5, Dongzhimen Station allows transfer with subway line 2 and line 13, while Sanyuanqiao is connected with subway line 10, but the transfer is not free. Passengers need to buy separate tickets. Those with large luggage are not suggested to board the Airport Express Train during peak hours because of the crowds, especially when changing to downtown subway lines.

Service Hours of Capital Airport Express Train

Beixinqiao: 5:56 – 22:26
Dongzhimen: 6:00 – 23:34
Sanyuanqiao: 6:04 – 23:28
T3: 6:22 – 22:52
T2: 6:36 – 23:10

Train Frequency: 10 minutes

Beijing Capital Airport Express Train
Beijing Capital Airport Express Train Map

Beijing Capital Airport Express Train Schedule

Stations To Beixinqiao (Downtown) To T2 (Airport) 
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Beixinqiao -- -- 5:56 22:26
Dongzhimen 7:01 23:34 6:00 22:30
Sanyuanqiao 6:55 23:28 6:04 22:34
T3 6:22 22:52 6:22 22:52
T2 6:36 23:10 -- --

 Beixinqiao Station:
Surroundings: Dongzhimennei Avenue, Guijie Street, Dongcheng District People's Court, Beijing No. 22 Middle School, Beijing No. 6 Hospital, People's Art Building, Kelin Building, Beijing No. 5 Middle School
Nearby Bus / Subway Routes: 82, 107, 135, 612, 13, 84, 116, 117, Night Line 6, Subway Line 5

 Dongzhimen Station:
Surroundings: Dongzhimen Long-distance Bus Station, Guijie Street, Dongzhimen Hospital, China Youth Daily Office, Overseas Chinese History Museum of China
Nearby Bus/Subway Routes: 401, 416, 980, 404, 106, 852, 918, 3, 418, Subway Line 2 & Line 13

 Sanyuanqiao Station:
Surroundings: Xiaguangli Community, Phoenix City Community, Sanyuan Park
Nearby Bus/Subway Routes: 359, 401, 403, 404, 641, 847, 852, 915, 916, 980, Subway Line 10

How to Buy Airport Express Train Tickets

At each of the five stations, passengers could purchase a card ticket by cash from the manual ticket office or the ticket vending machines which have Chinese and English services. Please keep the ticket safe since it will be reclaimed when exiting from the express train station. The ticket fare could also be paid using the Beijing transportation smart card with a balance of more than CNY 25.

How to Take Airport Express from Downtown to Capital Airport

1. Enter into Beixinqiao or Dongzhimen subway station at ground level and take the elevator downstairs to B1.
2. Purchase ticket and go through security check.
3. Take the elevator downstairs to B2 of Beixinqiao Station or B4 of Dongzhimen Station.
4. Wait and board the Airport Express Train.

How to Take Airport Express from Capital Airport to Downtown

1. Follow the signs to the Airport Express Train Station.
2. Purchase a ticket and enter into the waiting platform.
3. Take Airport Express to Sanyuanqiao, Dongzhimen, or Beixinqiao.
4. Get off the train and return the ticket.
5. Exit from the station or purchase another ticket to transfer to subway lines.

 Capital Airport Transfer Service: offering airport pick-up and see-off services with professional drivers.

Airport Transportation Sign
Airport Transportation Sign
Capital Airport Express Train
Interior of the Express Train

How to Get to Popular Sites by Airport Express

1. Tian'anmen Square & Forbidden City:
Plan A: Airport Express to Dongzhimen → Subway Line 2 to Jianguomen → Subway Line 1 to Tian'anmendong (Exit D)
Plan B: Airport Express to Beixinqiao → Subway Line 5 to Dongdan → Subway Line 1 to Tian'anmendong (Exit D)
2. Beijing Railway Station: Airport Express to Dongzhimen → Subway Line 2 to Beijing Railway Station
3. West Railway Station:
Plan A: Airport Express to Beixinqiao → Subway Line 5 to Ciqikou → Line 7 to West Railway Station
Plan B: Airport Express to Dongzhimen → Subway Line 2 to Xuanwumen → Line 4 to Caishikou → Line 7 to West Railway Station
4.  South Railway Station:
Plan A: Airport Express to Dongzhimen → Subway Line 2 to Xuanwumen → Line 4 to South Railway Station
Plan B: Airport Express to Beixinqiao → Subway Line 5 to Puhuangyu → Line 14 to South Railway Station
5.  North Railway Station: Airport Express to Dongzhimen → Subway Line 2 to Xizhimen (Exit A2) → Walk north around 350 meters.

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Questions & Answers on Beijing Capital Airport Express Train
Asked by Ivetq from CHINA | Jan. 19, 2020 18:24Reply
Validation of the ticket of Beijing Airport Express Train
Hello. Occasionally I bought 2 tickets to the airport and used only one. Does the second valid only for 1 day or can be used later? Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Pam from USA | Jan. 20, 2020 18:28

You can use it later.
Asked by paul Jacob from INDIA | Jan. 14, 2020 03:40Reply
I am reaching Beijing west railway station and would like to take shuttle bus to internationairairt.
Where can I get the airport shuttle bus in west railway station
Answers (1)
Answered by Mason from CANADA | Jan. 15, 2020 18:31

You can follow the signs and walk to the South Square of West Railway Station to take direct shuttle bus to the airport.
Asked by Fi from CHINA | Jan. 06, 2020 05:09Reply
Hello. Please how do I go to the airport from Beijing railway station?
Answers (2)
Answered by Tina from NEW ZEALAND | Jan. 07, 2020 17:31

Take metro line 2 from BJ Railway station to Dongzhimen station, then transfer to airport express to T2 station.
Answered by Fi from CHINA | Jan. 08, 2020 19:31

Hello, Thank you for replying.
Please how do I get to T3? Or is it same way? Cuz I’m departing from T3
Asked by Sandip from UNITED STATES | Dec. 10, 2019 18:50Reply
We have international flight from Delhi to los angeles.
We arrive at Beijing at 11:30 am and our flight leaving Beijing is at 9:00 pm.
we want to see Tian'anmen square and forbidden city. we can take air port express train as it saves time.

what are the steps- we have store our luggage we are two people and two bags and two carry ons. please guide us for the steps once we arrive.

collecting luggage, storage of luggage and how much currency exchange and where we can get exchange, purchase tickets for train to tinnamen square
and finally do we have enough time to visit.
kindly reply with procedure steps
thank you in advance for your cooperation
Answers (1)
Answered by Elijah from DENMARK | Dec. 11, 2019 22:20

Yes, you can make full use of time to visit Tian'anmen Square and Forbidden City.
Do you mean that you want to store the luggage at PEK? Upon landing, you can easily find the place based on the English signs at the airport.
The price is CNY 20 to CNY 60 for one piece of luggage. You'd better to prepare some cash. You can find money exchange machine or ATMs to have some currency.
Generally speaking, you have enough time to tour around. Don't worry.
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