Beijing Capital Airport Express Train

Airport Express Train
Capital Airport Express Train
The 17-mile's (28-kilometer) Airport Express of Beijing subway has been put into use on July 19, 2008. This light rail line running from the T2 and T3 of Capital Airport just has two stations in downtown area, respectively at Dongzhimen and Sanyuanqiao.

It just takes around 30 minutes for passengers to travel between the airport and Dongzhimen by the Capital Airport Express Train, the highest speed of which could reach 110 kilometers/hour.

 T3 of Capital Airport → T2 of Capital Airport → Sanyuanqiao → Dongzhimen
Stations First Last Accessible Transfer
T2 06:35 23:10 ---
T3 06:21 22:51 ---
Sanyuanqiao 06:52 23:27 Subway Line 10
Dongzhimen --- --- Subway Line 2 and Subway Line 13

 Dongzhimen→Sanyuanqiao→T3 of Capital Airport→T2 of Capital Airport

Stations First Last Accessible Transfer
Dongzhimen 06:00 22:30 Subway Line 2 and Line 13
Sanyuanqiao 06:04 22:34 Subway Line 10
T3 --- --- ---
T2 --- --- ---
Airport Express Train Ticket
Ticket of Airport Express Train


Fare: CNY25/person
At each of the four pick-up stations, you could purchase a card ticket by RMB cash from the manual ticket office or the ticket vending machines which have Chinese and English service. Please keep your ticket well since it will be reclaimed when you exit from the express train station. In case you lose the ticket, you have to pay for a compensatory ticket which charges CNY250/person.

Besides purchasing a ticket by cash, the ticket fare could be paid by the Beijing transportation smart card if you already have one. The fare will be deducted from the balance in your card when you exit from the express train station.

 How to Take?
Airport Transportation Sign Departure from Capital Airport to Sanyuanqiao & Dongzhimen
When you arrive in Capital Airport, please follow the signs to the Airport Express Train Station → purchase a ticket and enter into the waiting hall → get off the train and return the ticket → exit from the subway station or purchase another ticket to transfer to subway Line 2, Line 13 or Line 10

 Departure from Dongzhimen to Capital Airport
Please enter into the subway station from Exit E on the ground and take the elevator downstairs to B1 → purchasing ticket and go through security check → take the elevator downstairs to B4 → waiting and boarding the Airport Express Train
Tips: If you transfer to the Airport Express Train from subway Line 2 and Line 13 at Dongzhimen, you have to return the ticket which only charges CNY2 firstly. Afterwards, please go to the ticket office of the Airport Express Train to get a new one.

 Capital Airport Transfer Service