Beijing Capital International Airport – T1

Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 1 only operates domestic flights heading for major cities in China, such as Shanghai, Xian, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Kunming, Ningbo and Urumqi. It has become the exclusive terminal of domestic flights of Hainan Airlines Group since 2008.

Airline Companies in T1

Fuzhou Airlines (FU), Grand China Airlines Domestic (CN), Capital Airlines (JD), Hainan Airlines Domestic (HU), Tianjin Airlines (GS), Spring Airlines (9C), Lucky Air (8L)

Passenger Guide

1. Departure Hall: 2F ; Arrival Hall: 2F

2. Time for Taking Flights:
→ Arrive at Terminal 1at least 2 hours before flight departure
→ Close Time for Check-in: Domestic Flight: 45 mins. before take-off
→ Close Time for Boarding: Domestic Flight: 20 mins. before take-off

3. How to Travel between Capital Airport & Downtown Beijing: Airport Shuttle Bus, Airport Express Train + Subway, Taxi
 Capital Airport Pick-up and See-off Service: private car, professional driver, low price

4. How to Get to Terminal 1 from Terminal 2 or 3:
    T1 ↔ T2: Walkway on 2F, 8 min.; Terminal Shuttle, 5 min.
    T1 ↔ T3: 24-Hour Free Terminal Shuttle, 15min.

5. Transfer Guide in Beijing Capital Airport: minimum connection time, transfer procedures

Map of Arrival Procedures in T1 of Beijing Capital Airport
Domestic Arrival Procedures in T1
Map of Departure Procedures in T1 of Beijing Capital Airport
Domestic Departure Procedures in T1

Facilities & Services of Terminal 1 of Beijing Capital Airport

 Left Luggage:

Location: east side of 2F
Charge: (one day price for one piece of baggage, by length+width+height)
≦65cm: CNY20; 65 – 115cm: CNY30; 115 – 180cm: CNY40; ≧180cm: CNY60;
Electronic password locker: Charge is based on locker's size and service time.
Hotline: +86 010-64540921

 Baggage Packing:
Location: Left Luggage Service Counter at East of 2F; Service Counter No.K1 at 2F
Charge: CNY10-160 per packed baggage

 Currency Exchange:
Travelex: Public Service Area of Domestic Arrival Hall on 1F

 Airport Free WIFI: Its name is 'Airport-Free-Wifi-New'. Passengers need to use their passports to get a username and password from the self-service machines to connect to the internet.

Self Check-in Service
Self Check-in Service
Information Desk
Information Desk


Name Location Average Spend Service Hours
Starbucks East of Public Area on 1F CNY 45  24 hours
Coolava Coffee East of Domestic Waiting Area on 2F CNY 35 11:00-22:00
KFC East of Public Area on 3F CNY 40 24 hours
Celestial Cuisine Restaurant West of Public Area on 3F CNY 100 10:00-21:00
Western Mahua Beef Noodles South of Domestic Departure Hall on 3F CNY 40 06:00-22:00
Leisure Tea House Middle of Public Area on 3F CNY 90 24 hours
Kangzaiyuntun Restaurant Opposite to Security Check, Domestic Waiting Area on 2F CNY 40 06:00-24:00

 Drinking Water: Water dispensers are available in T1 providing cold and hot drinking water.

 Hourly Lounge: Passengers can take the elevator from the west of Gate 8 on 2F and get to 3F.
Hotline: +86 010-64540985

 Business Center: This offers facsimile facilities, photo-copying, printing, mobile phone re-charging, on-line connection via PC as well as laptops.
Location: East of Gate 2 on 2F
Service Hours: 07:00 to 21:30
Hotline: +86 010-64590343

 Parking Lot:
The No.1 Parking Lot is situated at the south side of terminal building. In total it has around 700 parking spaces, which allow cars, coaches, long-distance buses and barrier-free vehicles.
Parking charge:

Car Type  Every 0.5 hour After 16 hours
Small CNY 2.5 CNY 80
Large CNY 5 CNY 160

 Medical Service Room: west side of public area on 1F
Service Hours: 07:00 to 21:00
First-aid Tel: +86 010-64591919 (24 hours)

Airport Clinic
Airport Clinic
Airport Public Phone
Airport Public Phone

 Lost and Found: Contact police station located in the east side of 1F.
Hotline: +86 010-96158
Service Hours: 24 Hours

 Changing Room: West of Baggage Claim Hall in Restrict Area on 1F

Luggage Carts
Luggage Carts

 Nursing Room: Located at east & west of Departure Hall Restricted Area on 2F, nursing rooms have baby care platforms, water pools, and chairs.

 Children's Playing Space: in the east & west of the Departure Restricted Area on 2F.

 Smoking Room: There are four smoking rooms outside the T1. Passengers are not allowed to smoke inside the terminal building.

 Obstacle-Free Facilities: Hotline: +86 010-96158

 Stand-by Ticket Counter: central service counters on 2F of the Departures Hall. There are 6 stand-by ticket counters in total.

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