Beijing Capital International Airport -- T2

Airline Companies in T2

Airport Shuttle BusAeroflot Russian Airlines (SU), Aerosvit Ukrainian Airlines (VV), Air Algeria (AH), Air Astana (KC), Air France (AF), Air Koryo (JS),  Air Zimbabwe (UM), Angola Airlines (DT), Beijing-Shanghai Air Express, China Eastern Airlines (MU), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Chongqing Airlines (OQ), Delta Air Lines (DL), Ethiopian Airlines (ET), Garuda Indonesia (GA), Pakistan International Airlines (PK), Hainan Airlines International (HU), Hong Kong Express (UO), Iran Air (IR), Korean Air (KE), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL), Philippine Airlines (PR), Pulkovo-Russian Airlines (FV), Shanghai Airlines (FM), Sri Lankan Airlines (UL), Turkmenistan Airlines (T5), Uzbekistan Airlines (HY), Vietnam Airlines (VN),  Vladivostok Air (XF), Xiamen Airlines (MF) 
1. The International check-in counters will be closed 60 minutes before airplanes take off. Passengers should arrive at PEK ahead of 3 hours.
2. The domestic check-in counters will be closed 45 minutes before airplanes take off. It is advised to get to PEK at least 2 hours in advance.

T2 Transportation 

 Airport Express Train
 Airport Shuttle Bus
 Cross Terminals Shuttle Bus

Facilities of T2

China Construction Bank
China Construction Bank
Offering passengers the deposits and credit card service of RMB and the  main foreign currencies, and also the domestic draft, check and remittance and the international remittance, foreign exchange, commission of selling and exchange the traveler's check, etc. 

Bank of China: opposite to the Gate 8 of the Departure Hall at 2F
China Construction Bank: opposite to the Gate 8 of the Departure Hall at 2F
Agriculture Bank of China: opposite to the Gate 7 of the Arrival Hall at 1F

 ATMs: close to Gate5, Gate7, Gate9 and Gate15 at 1F;
close to Gate6, Gate8, Gate16, Gate12, domestic check-in island G, No.2 and No.7 luggage carousels of international baggage claim area at 2F;
opposite to the on-site visa counter at International Arrival Hall of 3F

 Foreign Currency Exchange Store & Self-service Machine:
Travelex: International Baggage Claim Area at 1F (store);
opposite to the exit of the International Arrival Hall at 1F (self-service);
in the Customs area of the International Departure Hall at 2F (self-service);
in the Security Check area of the International Departure Hall at 2F (self-service)
Hang Seng United: located in International Arrival Hall at 1F (store); located in the International Restricted Area at 2F (store)
ICE: located in the International Baggage Claim Area at 1F (store)
Post Office
Post Office

 Train Ticket Office: A train ticket office was set up at the exit of the Departure Hall on F1 in T2. It sells nationwide train tickets synchronously with Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station. This train ticket outlet also provides pre-sale service of the train tickets within 10 days. It operates from 07:00 to 24:00 daily.

 Post Office: The post office offers express delivery, transmitting by post, post of books, magazines, newspapers, parcels, mail services and also sells phone cards.
Opening hours: 07:00~20:00.
Location: Opposite to the Gate 2 of the Departure Hall at 2F
Service Tel.: 010-64592056

 Changing Room: situated in the Baggage Claim Hall. One is located to the east of No.14 carousel of domestic baggage claim area and the other is near the No.4 carousel of international baggage claim area.

Ticketing Service Counter
Ticketing Service Counter
 Business Centers: 
Opposite to the Gate14 of the Departure Hall at 2F (receiving and transmitting facsimile, xerox, charge to mobile phone)
Service time: 06:30~21:30
Close to the Boarding Gate24 of the Domestic Departure Restrict Area at 2F (receiving and transmitting facsimile, xerox, printing, charge to mobile phone, online for PC and personal workstation for those with PC.)
Service time: 07:00~21:30

 Rest Room: There are rest rooms for first business class of Hainan Airlines, Air China and BGS (Beijing Aviation Group Service), Gotone club of China Mobile and honorable guest room of China Unicom of the airport for their card holders, as well as rest room charged according to time. Free restroom for mother and infant is 30 meters north of Domestic Boarding Gate 24.

 Hourly Lounge: between the Gate D2 and the Gate D3 at B1 (for foreign passengers); between the Gate D6 and the Gate D7 at B1 (for Chinese passengers)
Public Phone
Public Phone
 Children's Playing Area: beside the Boarding Gate25 of the Domestic Departure Restricted Area at 2F; beside the Boarding Gate10 of the International Departure Restricted Area at 2F

 Smoking Room: Six smoking rooms are provided outside this terminal building.

 Public Phone: The lounge provides two kinds of public phones--the common IC phone and the web phone of 'mianmaintong' which supports email receiving and sending as well as information inquiry.

 Clinic: located to the opposite of the Gate2 of the Departure Hall at 2F, it provides for visiting patients in the terminal building, first aid, receiving and sending by ambulance and transmitting patients, etc. from daily 07:00 to 22:00. Also all kinds of first-aid medicines and common use medicines are offered for sale.

 Water Fountain: There are three kinds of water supply provided in this lounge: forty sets of common pure water dispensers with disposable paper cups, twelve automatic watering machines offer cold, hot and chilled water, eight sets of automatic electronic heater, which will ensure your healthy drinking.

 Parking Lot: The parking building of T2 is just located in front of the terminal building, covering an area of about 170,000 square meters. This parking building consists of six floors, four of which were built underground, and supplies 4,282 parking spaces currently. Please note that 2F is specially used for large and middle bus as well as B3 is for overnight parking.
Car Type 0~0.5 hour 0.5~1 hour 1~1.5 hours Every additional 0.5 hour 7.5~8 hours After 8 hours
Small Free CNY6 CNY11 Plus CNY5 CNY76 CNY80/day at 1F & 2F;
CNY50/day at B1 & B2
Large CNY5 CNY20 Plus CNY10 CNY150 CNY160/day

Services of T2

 Inquiry: regarding scheduled flights, boarding and information about departures, should be referred to the information desks located in the center of the 1F and 2F.
Beijing Capital International Airport Complaint Service: 010 – 64571666
Information Desk
Information Desk
BCIA Customers Service Center
BCIA Customers Service Center

 BCIA Customers Service Center: services information inquiry, Beijing transportation guide, meeting pick-up, special free services for the old, the weak, the sick, the crippled and the pregnant ( leave-a-message, rental wheelchair, accompany service, winter clothes consignation, moving luggage and broadcasting)
Location: to the north of Gate15 at 1F

Wifi: Passenger needs to use a passport to get a Wifi's username and password from self-service machine to link to the internet. Mobile equipments holder can use flight's number, seat's number and last four passport numbers or ID numbers to connect the internet directly. 

 Lost and Found: if you have lost articles in the building, please check with the police station located to the north of Gate 15 at 1F.
Service Tel.: 010-96158

 Luggage Service:

Targets of Service For both domestic and foreign passengers For the aged, children and those who at their first air trip
Items of Service Moving luggage Through service at the airport
Service Area The international and domestic leaving halls at the second floor Before the ladder of the arrival hall at the first floor and between the No. 2 and No. 8 gates at the second floor
Content of Service Moving luggage with the luggage carts from the leaving hall at the second floor to the checking counter until the passenger finished the boarding procedure The accompanied through service of moving luggage, helping to transact the boarding procedure, guide to safety inspection, helping to fill in the transit forms and sending passengers to boarding gate

 Left Luggage: The Left Luggage counters in T2 are located close to the Gate 9 of the Arrival Hall at 1F and the Gate 10 of the Departure Hall at 2F. You can leave the luggage by the hour using electronic password box or by days on the luggage shelf. 
Service Tel: 010-64598151  010-64598152

 Luggage Packing: Located at the head of the checking island with counter C, F, G, 
Luggage Packing
Luggage Packing
and the left-luggage counters at 2F of the Departures Hall - the charge is CNY10 per packed baggage. Free-of-charge cardboard boxes are provided for packing bottles. 

 Luggage Search: If your luggage fails to arrive or is delayed, damaged or missing, please inquire your airlines or Beijing Aviation Ground Services Co. Ltd (BGS) for details. 
BGS: 010-64590650 (domestic arrival); 010-64590648 (international arrival)
Air China: 010-64599524 (international arrival)
China Southern Airlines: 010-64599526 (domestic arrival)
China Eastern Airlines: 010-64581235 (domestic arrival); 010-64585832 (international arrival)
Hainan Airlines: 010-64597109; 010-64597034

 Luggage Cart: Free luggage cart are provided for passengers both in the Departure and Arrival Halls in T2.

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