Beijing Capital International Airport -- Services of T3


Baggage Consign:

East & West of Arrival Hall's public Area at 2F of T3-C

Tel: 010-64558579 (west of exit of International Baggage Claim Area) 
       010-64558580 (east of exit of International Baggage Claim Area)

International Over-loaded Baggage Drop off
International Over-loaded Baggage Drop off

 Service: full-day's baggage consignation and packing
baggage's length+width+height less than 65cm: CNY20/baggage/day;
baggage's length+width+height between 65cm and 120cm:  CNY30/baggage/day;
baggage's length+width+height more than 120cm: CNY50/baggage/day;
 Electronic password locker: Charge is based on locker's size and service time. If a common registered baggage is unclaimed after three months, it will be sent to Public Security Bureau of Capital Airport for disposal.


Baggage Packing:

Service counter in the east of Check-in Passageway B, K and J
Charge: CNY10 per packed baggage


Baggage Claim:

Any problems on failure to claim baggage on the carousel or damage caused during the conveying please get to the Baggage Inquiry Counter in Baggage Claim Hall for inquiry.

International Ticket Counters
International Ticket Counters 
 Domestic Baggage Inquiry: Air China ground handing agent: in the north of the Domestic Baggage Claim Hall
Tel: 010-64558226/7 (behind Baggage Carousel 46 in the east of Domestic Baggage Claim Hall); 010-64558225 (behind Baggage Carousel 33 in the east of Domestic Baggage Claim Hall)
 International Baggage Inquiry: Air China ground handing agent: west side of the exit of the International Baggage Claim Hall; BGS (Beijing Aviation Ground Services): east side of the exit of the International Baggage Claim Hall
Tel: 010-64558233
 Oversized Baggage Inquiry: Irregular, oversized and overweight baggage cannot be delivered via the carousel, but can only be claimed at the specialized claim site.
Domestic Claim: behind Baggage Carousel 33 and 46 respectively in the eastern and western Domestic Baggage Claim Hall at 2F of T3-C
International Claim: behind Baggage Carousel 36 and 42 of the International Baggage Claim Hall at 2F of T3-C.

Baggage Carts: Free-of-charge baggage carts are available especially for passengers in the exit and entry halls.


One-Time Airport Pass:

North of Passageway H in the Check-in Area at 4F of T3-C.
Information Desk
Information Desk
An applicant must submit a letter of introduction issued by an organization at least of vice-ministry level, to go to Certificate Section of Air defense Department of Public Security Bureau for filling, check and approval. With approval of the competent department, the applicant should submit the letter of introduction issued by an organization at least of vice-ministry level and the application for access to the airport controlled area to the airport pass, for check and approval. Upon approval, they will issue a one-time airport pass allowing the access to the controlled area.


Train Ticket Office:

It is located at the Counter No.22 at the Check-in Area L on F4 of Arrival Hall in T3, and operates from 07:00 to 24:00 daily. It sells nationwide train tickets and provides pre-sale service of the train tickets within 10 days.


Lost and Found: 

Police workstation in T3 offers relevant service for lost property. In addition, you can find the office in the east of the public space in Arrival Hall on the second floor (Entrance A, beside the Bank of Beijing). Tel: 010-96158


As well as in the entrance hall, there are many inquiry desks in the terminal building to help you regarding scheduled flights and general information regarding flight boarding. +86-10-64541100/11 or 010-64541100/11 (calls charged).


Wifi can be connected by a username and password. Passengers need to use the passport to get them at the self-service machine near the inquiry desk.

E-Ticket Service:

E-ticket holders can go to the E-Ticket Check-in counters. To inquire for discerning real and counterfeit tickets, call 400-8158888.

Driver's License

Self Check-in Service
Self Check-in Service
Driver Licenses are now available from Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport. The Department of Motor Vehicles now has a services centre there. Foreign nationals can acquire a driver's license in China there. Meanwhile, domestic tourists, local citizens and taxi drivers can also deal with the renewal of license and submission of identity certificate here also.

Beijing driving licenses for foreign visitors come in two types:
temporary license for a stay of no more than three months and full driver's license for more than three months' entry. There is an airport hospital near the service centre for required medical checkups. According to the regulations, visitors applying for temporary license should complete an application form and show their identification certificates, overseas driver's license, and related documents, two passport style ID photos are also required. English language inquiries and free-of-charge translation of documents is also available.

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