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China Railway Map (Last Update: January, 2019)
High Speed Railway Operation Map (Last Update: January, 2019)
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China Train Travel Map (Last Update: January, 2019)
China Train Travel Map

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Questions & Answers on China Railway Map
Asked by hart from PAKISTAN | Apr. 24, 2019 10:36Reply
can you please help me in finding shortest route via train station when i arrive to china 1st time
i am student who recently got accepted to jinzhou university can you please guide me.
i will arrive to shenyang JNZ airport.i need to know the name of nearest train station to airport which connects to jinzhou university from shenyang.
Answers (2)
Answered by Elijah | Apr. 24, 2019 18:25

Do you refer to Jinzhou Medical University at Songpo Road? You may consider to take airport shuttle bus from Shenyang Airport to Shenyang Railway Station and take a 3 hours slow train ride to Jinzhou Station which is closer to Jinzhou Medical University. Then you can take bus 116 to the university.
Answered by hart from PAKISTAN | Apr. 27, 2019 09:18

thank you very much for helping me.you are the boss.
Asked by Anna from RUSSIA | Mar. 24, 2019 12:23Reply
From Fenghuang to Guangzhou
What is the best way from Fenghuang to Guangzhou ? I found such way: at first bu bus from Fenghuang to Huaihua then speed train from Huaihua south to Guangzhou south. Is it the best way ? If yes, could you explain about schedule of the bus. How long does the bus go? Are the bus south station and the train south station of Huaihua in the same place or have some distance?
Answers (1)
Answered by Simon from CHINA | Mar. 26, 2019 21:09

It's a good choice. Bus goes hourly from Fenghuang right to Huaihua South Railway Station.duration:80 minutes
Asked by andrea from ITALY | Feb. 04, 2019 01:29Reply
from xi'an/luoyang to guillin
Hello, first of all thanks for this explanatory website which provides most I've been searching for in regard of Chinese railway.
I would like to travel south from Xi'an (or Luoyang, but it seems more affordable the first) to Guillin, so I can take a bamboo raft on the Li River. Is there any "trainy" way, hopefully in a few couple of hours (4-5)?
Thank you in advance and I look forward to visit your wonderful country!
Answers (5)
Answered by Mike from CN | Feb. 08, 2019 22:23

Hi Andrea,
I am not employee of this website but accidentally saw your question which didn’t get answered. Don’t blame them because you posted the message right on Chinese New Year’s Day and we all carried a hangover from the holiday, right?

You can book a train ticket from Xi’an to Guilin. The train leaves every day at about 8am and the ride takes about 10 hours. There’s no direct train from Luoyang to Guilin, which means you have to make a transfer somewhere in between. As a first time visitor to China, I don’t recommend this idea.

You do have a better option: that is by air. Flight from Xi’an to Guilin lasts only 2 hours and usually costs around 400~500RMB, much less than the train. If you understand Chinese, use this official websites for buying train ticket: 12306.cn.
As I said before, I am not an employee. My response is definitely not official. Hope you keep checking out this webpage and find my reply helpful. Have a nice stay in China!
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Feb. 10, 2019 22:37

Thank you for your inquiry and support!
From Xi'an to Guilin, it is a long distance trip, therefore, even the direct high speed ride takes around 10.5 hours. For shorter duration, flight maybe the only option. If by rail, you may stay one night in Guilin on the day of arrival and then take the bamboo raft the next day. Hope this information can help you a little bit.
Answered by andrea from ITALY | Feb. 11, 2019 14:31

ahahah don't worry, I didn't recall about NY'sE but I wasn't expecting anything! Hope your day/night was ok :)
Actually the more I googled the more I realized the air way was the only viable one...

What could be a possible and "smooth" top-down travel through China, in your opinion (we could already assume Beijing and Xi'an as the first two cities) ?
Answered by andrea from ITALY | Feb. 11, 2019 14:40

Thank you TravelChinaGuide also for your reply. I already took into consideration spending some time in Guilin. I'm going to spend at least 14 days in China and willing to embark on a top-down journey through China, possibly by train (I hardly bear otherwise ideas), enjoying the most famous sights on the way.
Answered by Mike from CN | Feb. 13, 2019 12:22

Honestly, a lot of factors come into play. If I have to venture a solution, I would assume that you are a typical traveler who follows recommendations of guidebooks, as do most of us. I suggest that you tour the cities in this order: Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai. All of them are interlaced with modern transportation. Each place has its typical cuisine. Hangzhou and Suzhou were regarded as earthly paradise. This area used to be the backbone of Chinese culture in the last millennium. There are many exquisite garden, temple, pavilion, and quintessential residential place to explore. Besides, visiting Hangzhou means more to you. Another Italian was there 700 years ago, extolled it to be the greatest city and introduced it to Europe. You might want to pay a visit to the Statue of Marco Polo at the West Lake in Hangzhou. As a hub of transportation, Shanghai is your last leg in China and best portal to board a plane back home.
I didn’t mean to make a speech here, but a piece of advice at last: 1.don’t travel on Chinese holidays, imagining the scene when half Chinese are on the go. 2. learn some survival Chinese. 3. be aware of scams. You could consult wikitravel on this. Travelling in China is generally safe, but petty crimes are still possible. China is a vast land with extreme diversities. The more you travel the better you get to know her. May you have a wonderful time in China.
Asked by Peter from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 07, 2019 04:02Reply
Lhasa Shigatse Rail
I travelled on this train from Lhasa to Shigatse, Tibet, in 2016 when the route had already been operating for 2 years. Yet the route is shown as "under construction" on a map dated 2019.
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Jan. 08, 2019 00:22

Thank you for your message.
We will check this information and correct the map on our website as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your kind report and we are sorry about the mistake.
Asked by Tim dunaway from CHINA | Jan. 03, 2019 10:05Reply
train from Hong Kong to Nanning
trying to find out how to take a train from Hong Kong to Nanning with as much high speed as possible
Answers (1)
Answered by Solomon | Jan. 03, 2019 17:56

You can travel from HK to Guangzhou and then from Guangzhou to Nanning. There are highs peed rides for both parts. It is easy to use.
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