Badaling Railway Station

Badaling Railway Station, only about 800 meters (870 yards) to the Badaling Great Wall, is connected with downtown Beijing via S2 trains. A single trip takes 1.5 hours or so and the ticket fare is CNY7 per person. Next to this station, the New Badaling Railway Station for high speed trains is under construction. It is expected to open in 2020; by then the journey time between Badaling Great Wall and downtown Beijing will be shortened to 20 minutes.

Address: At the junction point of Provincial Highway No. 216 and National Highway No. G6, close to Badaling Great Wall

The station only has a one-storey terminal building and three ticket windows. Passengers can buy tickets there and then enter the station to wait for train departure. Free shuttle buses are provided here to connect the station with the Badaling Great Wall and the Safari Park. The bus is available between 06:15 and 16:15.
Badaling Railway Station
Badaling Railway Station
Waiting Hall
Waiting Hall

S2 Train Schedule at Badaling Railway Station

Badaling Railway Station operates S2 trains to/from Beijing Huangtudian, Qinghuayuan, Qinghe, Changping, Nankou, Kangzhuang, Shacheng, and Yanqing.

Badaling to Beijing S2 Train Schedule

(Last Update on April 19th, 2018) 
No. Badaling Departure Beijing Huangtudian Arrival
From Friday to Monday
S288 11:21 12:35
S220 15:47 17:00
S228 20:29 21:45
From Monday - Sunday
S208 08:27 09:49
S210 10:51 12:03
S216 13:19 14:32
S218 15:13 16:32
S224 17:30 18:42
S226 19:34 20:47
S232 21:18 22:39

Beijing to Badaling S2 Train Timetable

(Last Update on April 19th, 2018) 
No. Beijing Huangtudian Departure Badaling Arrival
From Friday to Monday
S213 13:14 14:19
S221 17:47 18:55
S287 08:04 09:22
From Monday - Sunday
S201 06:32 07:39
S205 08:43 09:50
S209 11:06 12:13
S211 12:40 13:44
S217 15:34 16:41
S219 17:06 18:21
S227 21:11 22:40

Tips for traveling by S2 trains:

1. The S2 trains stop in Huangtudian Railway Station in downtown Beijing. It is close to Huoying subway station along subway line 8 and line 13.

2. The tickets cannot be booked online or bought in advance. It is advised to go to Huangtudian early, especially when traveling in a peak season.

3. Seats on the train are not numbered. Passengers should get on as quickly as possible. Otherwise, no seat will be left and they may need to stand all the way to the destination.

4. Passengers holding a Transportation Smart Card with a balance of more than CNY 16 can take this train by swiping the card. No paper ticket will be required then. The transportation card can be bought at many subway stations in Beijing.

Ticket Office
Ticket Office

How to get to the Badaling Great Wall from Badaling Railway Station

After getting out of the station, passengers can follow the direction boards and walk 800 meters (870 yards) southeastward to the destination. The walk is about 15 – 20 minutes.

Or passengers can take the free shuttle bus to the Great Wall. It takes about 15 minutes.

How to get to the Badaling Safari Park from this station

Passengers can take the free shuttle bus to the Safari Park. It takes about 15 minutes.

How to get to the Ming Tombs from this station

Take free shuttle bus to the Safari Park first, and then take bus no. 879 to the Ming Tombs. A taxi ride takes 45 minutes and costs CNY120 or so.

New Badaling Railway Station

New Badaling Railway Station is also next to the Badaling Great Wall. When completed in 2020 together with the Beijing – Zhangjiakou High Speed Railway, the most beautiful high speed railway in China, passengers can reach the Great Wall from downtown Beijing within 20 minutes, while currently, a rail ride takes around 90 minutes.

New Badaling Railway Station, also called Badaling Great Wall Railway Station, will be built 102 meters (335 feet) underground to avoid cutting the Great Wall, making it the world’s deepest high speed railway station. Covering an area of 36,000 square meters (8.9 acres), the station will have 3 storeys underground. Platforms are on -3F, and passengers should enter the station on -2F. Passengers need to take the lift to the platform, which descends about 62 meters (203 feet). After arrival, passengers need to exit through -1F.
- Last modified on May. 21, 2019 -
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    5.026 Reviews
    Posted on Jun. 25, 2019
    The train journey was very good, it is easy to reach there by train service. The only problem is the waiting line for the train. The line is too long in summer time or maybe it is weekend.
    United Kingdom
    Posted on Jun. 20, 2019
    Just To say thanks for your help with our recent travel in China. I would have no hesitation in using and recommending your website to my friends for future travel to China.
    Posted on Jun. 11, 2019
    Everything was fine! Thank you very much! Good service!
    Posted on Jun. 03, 2019
    Thank you everyone for your help, especially in the comment section it gave me confidence to take this route and I managed to go to Badaling great Wall and back for 26 Yuan.

    I took a train at 7:46 at huangtudian and came back with a train at 14:02 from badaling (there was another one at 12:40 that we just missed). I tried uploading the schedule but it didn't really work, the best train to take is the one at 7:46, as you get there around 9, before most of the tour groups and before the heat.

    I read somewhere that they have the schedule of the train on Wechat, but I couldn't work it out and see it.
    Posted on May. 14, 2019
    Everything was good, everything :).
    Posted on May. 02, 2019
    Thanks for all. I am really satisfied with the service. It is very difficult for a non-Chinese speaking person to book trains, but with your site it was very easy. The response to questions was fast and adequate. In China, we did not have any problems regarding to the train tickets. Thanks again.
    Posted on Apr. 26, 2019
    everthing was great, keep on the good work!
    Posted on Apr. 18, 2019
    It was all good, a pleasant trip to visit Great Wall... thank you for all these information.
    Posted on Apr. 09, 2019
    The service was excellent. We would definitely use this service again.
    Germany / China
    Posted on Apr. 06, 2019
    Latest Version of the timetable scanned yesterday with WeChat can be seen in the uploaded photo. Did this trip on my own with your very good description. Due to long weekend (Qingming-Festival) the station was full and it took nearly 4 hours to get in the train to BaDaLing.

    Take enough water with you when you go on sunny, warm weekend days and start early in the morning to catch the first train. I think the water which can be purchased by flying dealers at the train station is expensive :-) so be prepared.

    Be quick to get a seat and enjoy the trip with the S2 line through scenic landscape. For the return train you need to buy a seperate ticket at the ticket counter. Yikatong card is not accepted from BaDaLing to Huangtudian station. Even here it was very crowdy.

    All in all to get there with the train was a special experience and when you have luck you will find new chinese friends.
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