Badaling Railway Station

Badaling Railway Station, only about 800 meters (870 yards) to the Badaling Great Wall, is connected with downtown Beijing via S2 trains. A single trip takes 1.5 hours or so and the ticket fare is CNY7 per person. Next to this station, is the Badaling Great Wall Railway Station for high speed trains with travel time of 20-30 minutes to/from downtown Beijing.

Address: At the junction point of Provincial Highway No. 216 and National Highway No. G6, close to Badaling Great Wall

The station only has a one-storey terminal building and three ticket windows. Passengers can buy tickets there and then enter the station to wait for train departure. Free shuttle buses are provided here to connect the station with the Badaling Great Wall and the Safari Park. The bus is available between 8:30 - 16:00 from the safari park and 7:00 to 17:30 from Cableway North Section.
Badaling Railway Station
Badaling Railway Station
Waiting Hall
Waiting Hall

S2 Train Schedule at Badaling Railway Station

Badaling Railway Station operates S2 trains to/from Beijing Huangtudian, Nankou, Kangzhuang, Shacheng, and Yanqing.

Badaling to Beijing S2 Train Schedule

(Last Update on Jul. 31, 2023) 
No. Badaling Departure Beijing Huangtudian Arrival
Each Mon. Fri. Sat. Sun. & Public Holidays
S202 -- 08:10
S252 09:22 / 09:34 10:55
S204 11:30 / 11:34 12:48
S288 13:22 / 13:24 14:37
S254 13:53 / 13:56 15:19
S206 16:35 / 16:41 17:54
S208 18:15 / 18:18 19:31
 Each Tue. Wed. & Thu.
S204 11:30 / 11:34 12:48
S206 16:35 / 16:41 17:54

Beijing to Badaling S2 Train Timetable

(Last Update on Jul. 31, 2023) 
No. Beijing Huangtudian Departure Badaling Arrival
Each Mon. Fri. Sat. Sun. & Public Holidays
S251 07:15 08:25 / 8:28
S201 08:40 09:54 / 10:04
S287 10:00 11:11 / 11:14
S253 11:15 12:25 / 12:27
S203 13:08 14:17 / 14:20
S207 14:54 16:00 / 16:02
S205 18:16 19:31 / 19:39
Each Tue. Wed. & Thu.
S201 08:40 09:54 / 10:04
S203 13:08 14:17 / 14:20
S205 18:16 19:31 / 19:39

Tips for traveling by S2 trains:

1. The S2 trains stop in Huangtudian Railway Station in downtown Beijing. It is close to Huoying subway station along subway line 8 and line 13.

2. The tickets cannot be booked online or bought in advance. It is advised to go to Huangtudian early, especially when traveling in a peak season.

3. Seats on the train are not numbered. Passengers should get on as quickly as possible. Otherwise, no seat will be left and they may need to stand all the way to the destination.

4. Passengers holding a Transportation Smart Card with a balance of more than CNY 18 can take this train by swiping the card. No paper ticket will be required then. The transportation card can be bought at many subway stations in Beijing.

Ticket Office
Ticket Office

How to get to the Badaling Great Wall from Badaling Railway Station

After getting out of the station, passengers can follow the direction boards and walk 800 meters (870 yards) southeastward to the destination. The walk is about 15 – 20 minutes.

Or passengers can take the free shuttle bus and get off at the climbing entrance of the Great Wall. It takes about 15 minutes.

 see more Get to Beijing Great Wall of China by Train

How to get to the Badaling Safari Park from this station

Passengers can take the free shuttle bus to the Safari Park. It takes about 15 minutes.

How to get to the Ming Tombs from this station

From the station, take the free shuttle bus to Badaling Safari Park, then walk southwestward to the bus stop of 919. Take bus 919 to Shuitun stop, walk across the road to take bus 872 and get off at Nanxin Village, the ticket office of Ming Tombs is on the south.

Or passengers can take bus no. 879 and get off Dingling to the Ming Tombs directly. The bus stop is on the southwest of the east gate of Badaling Great Wall, about 350 meters (383 yards) away. The duration is about 2 hours and it costs CNY7.

A taxi ride takes 45 minutes and costs CNY120-170.
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