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Erlian - Ulaanbaatar Trains

2 Erlian to Ulaanbaatar trains are in service now. Vice versa, 4 Ulaanbaatar to Erlian trains serve passengers. They are running between Erlian Railway Station and Ulaanbaatar Railway Station, with the travel time of about 13.5-14.5 hours. A hard sleeper on the Ulaanbaatar to Erlian train costs CNY 388/ USD 55.

Erlian to Ulaanbaatar Train Schedule

(Last update on October 9, 2019)
Train No.  Departure Date Departure - Arrival Travel Time
K3 Every Wed. 0:59 – 14:35 14h36m
K23 Every Fri. 0:59 – 14:35 14h36m

Ulaanbaatar to Erlian Train Schedule  

(Last update on October 9, 2019)
Train No. Departure Days Departure - Arrival Travel Time
K4 Every Sun.  07:30 – 21:00 13h30m
K24 Every Thurs. 07:30 – 21:00 13h30m
K22 Every Mon., Thurs., Fri., Sun. 20:45 – 10:25+1 13h40m
K34 Every Mon., Fri. 20:45 – 10:25 +1 13h40m

1. “+1” means the second day.
2. The time mentioned in the above table is the local time.
3. The timetable is only for reference.

Ulaanbaatar to Erlian Train Ticket Fare

Hard Sleeper  CNY 388 / USD 55

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1. Check if you need a visa or not to travel to Mongolia before taking the trains. If a visa is required, please make sure your visa for Mongolia is valid when passing through the China-Mongolia border.

2. When the train to Ulaanbaatar stops at Zamyn Uud in Mongolia, the Mongolia’s customs will take your passport away and return it with the entry stamp of Mongolia.

3. Due to the different track width of China and Mongolia, the wheels of the train will be changed before passing the border. The whole process takes about 2 hours, during which passengers can either stay onboard or get off to have a stroll at the designated area. 

Erlian Railway Station

Erlian Railway Station is only 5 km (3 mi) away from China – Mongolia border. A taxi ride to the China National Gate scenic area costs about CNY10-15. In addition to the trains to/from Ulaanbaatar, it also operates trains to/from Moscow, the capital of Russia and Beijing, the capital of China. 

Ulaanbaatar Railway Station

Located in the southwest of the city, Ulaanbaatar Railway Station is the largest railway station in Mongolia and the center of Mongolia’s railway network. It not only has trains to/from other places in the country, but also has several trains to/from Moscow in Russia and Beijing and Hohhot in China. There is a Mongolian Railway Museum outside the station and 6 trains are displayed in the open air for tourists to visit. From the station, there is city bus no. T4 to Genghis Khan's Square and buses no. 6 and 42 to Dragon Bus Terminal. 

Erlian Travel Guide

Erlian is located in the north central part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northeast of China and borders Mongolia in the north. Due to its special geographical location, the National Gate and Boundary Tablet are unique tourist attractions here. One can also visit Erlian Dinosaur Geological Park, rich in dinosaur fossils. If you have enough time, you can go to Yulong Inn, Erlian Yanchi and Dongshan Cemetery.


Ulaanbaatar Travel Guide

As the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar is located in the north central part of the Mongolian Plateau. With a more than 300 years history, Ulaanbaatar is the political, economic, cultural, transportation, industrial, and technological center in Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar is a modern city and one of the youngest cities in the world.

Top Attractions:

The National Museum of Mongolia: It is the earliest and best preserved museum in Mongolia introducing the Mongolian culture, science and education from ancient times to this day.

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park: It is a good place for tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of Mongolia, especially grasslands. The best time to visit is July and August.

Bogd khaan Palace: It is in Tibetan style and displays the gorgeous costumes and daily necessities of the Mongolian nobles.

Zana Bazar Museum of Fine Art: It houses Mongolian art works from prehistoric to early 20th century. There are about 10,000 works including paintings and sculptures of Zana Bazar in the museum.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit is from May to August, when it is not too cold. Even though, bring some warm clothes for night time because Ulaanbaatar belongs to continental climate and the temperature varies widely from day to night.

Travel Tips:

Mongolia’s currency is Tugrik (MNT). Shops and restaurants accept credit cards, and some stores accept Union Pay. Five star hotel include Best Western Premier Tuushin, The Corporate Hotel and Convention Center, The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower and so on. Other cheap hotels are available, but the facilities are not so complete. Take care of your belongings and do not go outside alone at night.

Where Else to Go in Mongolia:

Sainshand: Gobi Desert;
Karakorum: Erdeni Dzu Monastery, ruins of the ancient town of Karakorum

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