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Beijing to Erlian Train

On every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 1 Beijing to Erlian train is in service from Beijing Railway Station to Erlian Railway Station, taking about 13 hours to complete the travel distance which is 707 kilometers (439 miles) in length. The ticket price for a hard sleeper is CNY 147.

Basic Facts of Beijing to Erlian Train

Travel Time: About 13 hours
Travel Distance: 707 kilometers (439 miles)
Top Speed: 120 km/h (75 mph)
Operated at: Beijing Railway Station, Erlian Railway Station
Stations along the Way: Beijing, Jining South and Erlian

Beijing to Erlian Train Tickets Booking

Train Dep. Arr. Duration
K23 07:27 20:18 12h51m


Where to Go in Erlian

Cretaceous Dinosaur Geological Park

Cretaceous Dinosaur Geological Park is famous for the fossil groups of Dinosaurs from late Cretaceous. In the geological park, tourists can also see stratigraphic remains and granite forest. For kids, this is the very place where they can know everything about dinosaurs like their types and shapes. Most of the dinosaur fossils are quite unique for they are only excavated in Erlian.

The geological park is divided into three parts: Erlian Yanchi Scenic Area of Dinosaur Fossil Groups, Erenhot Port Cultural Scenic Area and Baode’er Granite Forest Scenic Area. Tourists can see the fossils of dinosaurs and mammalian in different time periods. Most importantly, there is the living scene of dinosaurs living long time ago, contributing to tourists’ understanding of dinosaurs.

Erlian Gate of the China Scenic Area

In this place, tourists can cross the board and get to Zamyn-Uud of Mongolia if they have Mongolia passport. The gate of China to Mongolia is also an important part of Eurasian Continental Bridge. If one plan to visit the attractions in Erlian, this place which links two counties is also suggested.

Ilin Posthouse Museum

Ilin Posthouse Museum is the first museum to show the culture of posthouse of China. In ancient times, tea businessmen and Mongolian businessmen travel on this road for thousands of times. The museum shows the difficulty that these businessmen need to encounter on the road. The Posthouse Museum includes Preface Hall, Posthouse Culture Hall, Yulong Zhan Hall, Ilin Posthouse Hall and Salt Culture Hall. Here, one can know more about the road of north tea and silk, Zhangku Road and Eurasian Continental Bridge through the exhibition items articles in the hall. For one who is interested in the posthouse culture of ancient China, the Ilin Posthouse Museum is highly recommended.  


Zamyn-Uud Port is the largest Port of Mongolia. There is only nine kilometers (6 miles) between Erlian and Zamyn-Uud. The main scenic spots there include station buildings in the style of China and western countries, station square in European style, Mongolian yurt groups and so on. If tourists are interested in Mongolian customs and Mongolian people’s way of life, they can go to a vacation village just a few miles away from the city center. In the vacation village, tourists can ride horses, go hunting and watch bonfire at night.  

Erlian to Beijing Train

There is no Erlian to Beijing train available. Passengers need to transfer at Jining South Railway Station to get to Beijing.

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Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:

Major Rail Line from Erlian to:
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Questions & Answers on Beijing to Erlian Train
Asked by Paloma from HUNGARY | Jan. 22, 2020 18:53Reply
How can I book a train from Erlian to Beijing?
I heard K4 and K24 stop at Erlian before back to Beijing.
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Jan. 30, 2020 22:11

Thank you for your inquiry.

However, we are sorry that we cannot book ticket for this trip. China Railway Company do not sale tickets for this trip online. You may have a try for ticket at Erlian Station on the day of travel. If you want to book tickets online in advance, you may consider a transfer option at Jining [Inner Mongolia] South.
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