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Nanning - Hanoi Trains: T8701/ T8702

Train No.: Nanning (T8701) → Hanoi (MR2); Hanoi (MR1) → Nanning (T8702)
Departures: 18:05 Nanning Railway Station; 21:20 Hanoi Gia Lam Railway Station
Arrivals: 05:30 in Hanoi; 10:07 in Nanning
Durations: 11 hours and 25 minutes (T8701/ MR2); 12 hours and 47 minutes (T8702 / MR1)
Via: China, Vietnam
Length: 246 miles (396 kilometres)
Operator: China Railway Corporation

Nanning-Hanoi Train
Train T8701/ T8702
Nanning Railway Station
Getting Onboard at Nanning Railway Station

Nanning to Hanoi Train Schedule: T8701

(Last update on Nov 6, 2018)

Stations Arrival Departure
Nanning --- 18:05
Fusui 19:01 19:04
Chongzuo 20:11 20:17
Ningming 21:19 21:22
Pingxiang 22:10 23:41
Dong Dang 00:22 02:55+1
Bac Giang 05:33 05:36
Hanoi (Gia Lam) 06:30 ---

Hanoi to Nanning Train Schedule: T8702

(Last update on Nov 6, 2018)

Stations Arrival Departure
Hanoi (Gia Lam) --- 22:20
Bac Giang 23:11 23:14
Dong Dang 01:55 03:50
Pingxiang 04:31 06:15
Ningming 07:01 07:04
Chongzuo 08:04+ 08:10
Nanning 10:07 ---

1. “+1” indicates the second day;
2. All the time listed above is local time;
3. This timetable is for reference only. Passengers should confirm exact time at the railway stations.


The train from Nanning to Hanoi has only soft sleepers, and the ticket price is CNY300 for each berth. Get it either from railway stations' ticket counters or commissioned agencies like Note the short time window of sales prior to departure: tickets for T8701 are available up to 18 days ahead of departure. Another thing to be noted is that one can only buy tickets for a date within the same month of the purchasing date, while tickets for the next month would not be available until the first day of the next month. The good news is that accepts reservation any time no matter how far it is in advance.

Basic Information

Soft Sleeper of Nanning-Hanoi Train
A Soft Sleeper Cabine

T8701/T8702 is the first border-crossing train departing from Nanning. It made its inaugural run on January 1st, 2009. By the year of 2011, it has carried over 13,000 passengers of 100 nationals/regions. The train hauls 8 international carriages: 6 softer sleeper coaches, 1 dormitory coach and 1 dining coach. It hauls 6 domestic hard seat coaches for reducing local travel congestion. By international convention, the dining and the domestic coaches are detached from the locomotive before leaving China in Pingxiang and re-attached when T8702 is on its return journey.


1. One needs a valid Vietnamese visa to buy the ticket;
2. T8701 arrives at Hanoi Gia Lam Railway Station, as distinct from Hanoi Railway Station and is 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the city center;
3. The border scrutiny in Pingxiang China and Dong Dang Vietnam may last 4 hours;
4. One can change currency at Dong Dang station, which is preferably “cheap”;
5. Other than T8701/T8702, there is the Z5/Z6 more or less along the same route. Z5 departs from Beijing West Railway to Nanning daily at 18:10. But on Thursdays and Sundays, 2 international soft sleeper coaches and 1 luggage cart are hooked on. When arriving in Nanning on Fridays and Mondays, the additional 3 coaches are lashed onto T8705 to Dong Dang in Vietnam, which is the final station of Z5 (T8705). Upon arrival in Dong Dang, passengers can transfer to M2 for Hanoi. For return trip, passengers can take M1 departing at 21:20 on Tuesdays and Saturdays from Hanoi to Dong Dang, and then transfer to T8706 back to China. Ticket of Z5 can be booked 40 days ahead of departure. But the cross month boundary ticket cannot be changed or refunded. 

 Vietnam Train: Tickets Booking, Schedule, Railway Stations Introduction

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Questions & Answers on Nanning - Hanoi Trains: T8701/ T8702
Asked by HB from CHINA | Sep. 14, 2018 06:57Reply
I am a US citizen, do Visa to enter Hanoi by train from Nanning visiting for only 3 days?
I am working in Nanning and would like to visit Hanoi for a few days. As a US citizen do I need an visa before entering Vietnam?
Answers (1)
Answered by Beatriz | Sep. 18, 2018 18:10

It seems you need to prepare the visa in advance
Asked by Chris from FRANCE | Aug. 08, 2018 08:21Reply
About visa to board the T8701
Are you sure about the part about visa is up to date? Before to leave, I asked the Vietnamese Embassy in Paris and told them I was going to Vietnam by train from China and they told me that as French, as long as I stay less than 14 nights in Vietnam, I don't need visa, regardless the way I enter the country (plane, boat, train…).
Answers (1)
Answered by Stella | Aug. 10, 2018 02:38

For French passport holders, you can enjoy a visa free stay in Vietnam. Therefore, you would not need visa for buying a ticket. If a travelers need visa to enter Vietnam, then he or she need to apply the visa in advance and then be able to buy the ticket
Asked by Gerry from UK/CHINA | Aug. 04, 2018 18:39Reply
Buying International Tickets in China
Can I buy tickets for the Nanning - Hanoi train at my local train station in Nanjing, Jiangsu? If not from where?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr. Faisal | Aug. 05, 2018 01:42

I suppose you could only buy at departure station, Naning station.
Asked by Tapan Kumar Das from INDIA | Jul. 15, 2018 10:57Reply
how much cost ? ai i perches the ticket ?
i am indian, cycling aroiund the world. i want to travel from hanoi to nanning by train with my cycle. how much ticket cost ? approve by indian pass port. plaese inform me quickly.
Tapan Kumar Das
Kolkata, India
Answers (1)
Answered by Jeannie from FRANCE | Jul. 20, 2018 01:56

The price is around USD62 to USD70. But I am not sure if you can take the cycle with you and how much extra will that costs.
Asked by Annie from BULGARIA | Apr. 06, 2018 00:35Reply
Travel with a cat + e-visa
Is it possible to take the cat with me? (with all vaccines, proper paperwork, kennel..)

and the other part of the question is - If I apply for the e-visa and my request would be approved. Could I enter the Vietnam by this train or should I do it at other air\land\sea ports?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tankard | Apr. 13, 2018 06:03

well, as I know the pet is not allowed to get on the train... But possible to go as checked luggage. However, as an international trip, it is indeed very hard to see if will follow the same way as other domestic routes. It can be very risky.

As I know that the e visa seems works for some airport ports and highway port. The railway ports is not included.
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