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Nanning - Hanoi Trains: T8701/ T8702

Train No.: Nanning (T8701) → Hanoi (MR2); Hanoi (MR1) → Nanning (T8702)
Departures: 18:05 Nanning Railway Station; 21:20 Hanoi Gia Lam Railway Station
Arrivals: 05:30 in Hanoi; 10:07 in Nanning
Durations: 11 hours and 25 minutes (T8701/ MR2); 12 hours and 47 minutes (T8702 / MR1)
Via: China, Vietnam
Length: 246 miles (396 kilometres)
Operator: China Railway Corporation

Nanning-Hanoi Train
Train T8701/ T8702
Nanning Railway Station
Getting Onboard at Nanning Railway Station

Nanning to Hanoi Train Schedule: T8701

(Last update on Nov 6, 2018)

Stations Arrival Departure
Nanning --- 18:05
Fusui 19:01 19:04
Chongzuo 20:11 20:17
Ningming 21:19 21:22
Pingxiang 22:10 23:41
Dong Dang 00:22 02:55+1
Bac Giang 05:33 05:36
Hanoi (Gia Lam) 06:30 ---

Hanoi to Nanning Train Schedule: T8702

(Last update on Nov 6, 2018)

Stations Arrival Departure
Hanoi (Gia Lam) --- 22:20
Bac Giang 23:11 23:14
Dong Dang 01:55 03:50
Pingxiang 04:31 06:15
Ningming 07:01 07:04
Chongzuo 08:04+ 08:10
Nanning 10:07 ---

1. “+1” indicates the second day;
2. All the time listed above is local time;
3. This timetable is for reference only. Passengers should confirm exact time at the railway stations.


The train from Nanning to Hanoi has only soft sleepers, and the ticket price is CNY300 for each berth. Get it either from railway stations' ticket counters or commissioned agencies like Note the short time window of sales prior to departure: tickets for T8701 are available up to 18 days ahead of departure. Another thing to be noted is that one can only buy tickets for a date within the same month of the purchasing date, while tickets for the next month would not be available until the first day of the next month. The good news is that accepts reservation any time no matter how far it is in advance.

Basic Information

Soft Sleeper of Nanning-Hanoi Train
A Soft Sleeper Cabine

T8701/T8702 is the first border-crossing train departing from Nanning. It made its inaugural run on January 1st, 2009. By the year of 2011, it has carried over 13,000 passengers of 100 nationals/regions. The train hauls 8 international carriages: 6 softer sleeper coaches, 1 dormitory coach and 1 dining coach. It hauls 6 domestic hard seat coaches for reducing local travel congestion. By international convention, the dining and the domestic coaches are detached from the locomotive before leaving China in Pingxiang and re-attached when T8702 is on its return journey.


1. One needs a valid Vietnamese visa to buy the ticket;
2. T8701 arrives at Hanoi Gia Lam Railway Station, as distinct from Hanoi Railway Station and is 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the city center;
3. The border scrutiny in Pingxiang China and Dong Dang Vietnam may last 4 hours;
4. One can change currency at Dong Dang station, which is preferably “cheap”;
5. Other than T8701/T8702, there is the Z5/Z6 more or less along the same route. Z5 departs from Beijing West Railway to Nanning daily at 18:10. But on Thursdays and Sundays, 2 international soft sleeper coaches and 1 luggage cart are hooked on. When arriving in Nanning on Fridays and Mondays, the additional 3 coaches are lashed onto T8705 to Dong Dang in Vietnam, which is the final station of Z5 (T8705). Upon arrival in Dong Dang, passengers can transfer to M2 for Hanoi. For return trip, passengers can take M1 departing at 21:20 on Tuesdays and Saturdays from Hanoi to Dong Dang, and then transfer to T8706 back to China. Ticket of Z5 can be booked 40 days ahead of departure. But the cross month boundary ticket cannot be changed or refunded. 

 Vietnam Train: Tickets Booking, Schedule, Railway Stations Introduction

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    Posted on Jun. 25, 2019
    The booking experience was good! I could talk with someone every time I need support mailing or calling you. I don't know if for my train was not possible but it always better to have a e-ticket instead of a paper one. It's more practical than waiting for the delivery the day before the departure. But, you were on time with the delivery and everything went fine. The train experience was great too. You need just to tell customers that people need to jump out of the train during the night 2 times: 1 to exit from China and the other time to enter in Vietnam. It was a lil bit unexpected for us. The train was on time, the soft seat room perfect and the waiting room excellent. Thanks for your help and hope to travel again with your support....More
    Posted on Jun. 11, 2019
    The booking itself was perfect. I was a little scared to transfer the money because you hear so many scary stories, but it all worked wonderful. I think I drove TCG crazy with my questions about the soft sleeper (sorry about that), but they stayed friendly all the way.
    Posted on Jun. 02, 2019
    Our booking experience through TCG booking center was positive. Everything happened as it should. We were very pleased with the service.

    The train was fantastic. We had a great journey. The train station was confusing as we don't speak Chinese but the staffs at the station were helpful. Boarding was straight forward. Customs at the boarder was a little confusing as they took our passports and didn't give them back until we boarded the train again but apart from that there was no discomfort at all....More
    Posted on May. 21, 2019
    Hi, I was really satisfied with the booking service. The delivery of our tickets was quickly made at our hotel. Thanks, Roby
    Mr.traveller from Canada
    Posted on May. 10, 2019
    Excellent personal service, thank you Hillary. We also received a timely response and appropriate advice regarding an additional trip booked only two days before travelling.

    Trains and services were well marked in English signs also in the spacious waiting areas for all three trains. We collected our tickets on the day we reached hotel, easy and good service!

    We appreciated the option of a private cabin. We had understood it was a no smoking train and yet we had to request smokers at the end of the car near our compartment to stop smoking three times. The train crew did make one announcement in the late evening about no smoking but no crew member requested individuals to butt out when we pointed out the infraction nor supported us when we asked individuals to butt out.

    Overall, we enjoyed our three train trips and especially appreciated the G-train services that allowed us to see the terrain at the same time as quickly delivering us to our destination. Regrettably and beyond your control, the view of the splendid countryside was marred by the smog and low visibility.
    Posted on Apr. 27, 2019
    I am now back in Australia, after an amazing train journey across half the world, part of which was through China, from Beijing to Hanoi.
    I did appreciate your service and will recommend anyone I know who wants to make bookings for China train travel to contact you. This is particularly so given that the tickets are not issued until a short time before the date of the journey, therefore not giving you a lot of time to do deliveries. It was extremely helpful to have the tickets waiting for me at my hotel in Beijing when I arrived.
    All the best with your business and once again, thank you.
    Posted on Apr. 21, 2019
    Your service is more than great. Though the train was delayed and I had to wait for three hours, I still think that you were very helpful. Thank you Jessica.

    Posted on Apr. 12, 2019
    The booking procedure was flawless. To be honest, I was a little concerned booking train tickets from the US, but the tickets were delivered as promised to my hotel and all was well. The train station was able to navigate on my own. You provide an excellent service. I'll be sure to recommend to anyone I know that travels to China.
    Posted on Apr. 04, 2019
    I was very pleased with your service. My only suggestion is to keep our passport copies on file and use them when we come back and book again.
    Posted on Mar. 27, 2019
    Many thanks for organising our tickets for our China travel. We were very pleased with your help and efficiency. Our journeys went smoothly and we did not encounter any problems. The high speed train from Guangzou to Nanning was a great experience and very smooth.
    The overnight train fromNanning to Hanoi was resonable and we had a carriage for 4 persons although there were only two of us - and that was very good.. We were not aware that we had to get off the train twice in the middle of the night for passport/visa/baggage checks which made it difficult to sleep - but that delay was immigration problems and not the train company.
    Although we thought that the commission travelchinaguide charged us was a little high, it was a relief to have help from an English speaker (yourself) when our tickets went missing at the hotel in Nanning. Unfortunately non of the staff spoke English so they did not understand when we asked them to find them for us. We were worried that they were mislaid but eventually all was well and they found them for us after you contacted them for us.
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