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China - Pakistan Railway

Two China - Pakistan Railways have been planned. In China, they will start from Kashgar Railway Station in the westernmost city of Kashgar of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. In Pakistan, both lines will be extended to the ports along Arabian Sea; one is the deep-sea Gwadar Port and the other is Karachi.

China - Pakistan Train Running Route

 Kashgar - Gwadar Train: Kashgar- Gwadar Railway Project is planned to be built through the undeveloped north part of Pakistan, where no rail lines have been laid before. The Gwadar Port has been put into use on November 13, 2016, but the rail line is still at the planning stage and  the aim is for it to be completed by 2030.

 Kashgar - Karachi Train: They will run through the more prosperous cities in the east of the country, such as Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, and Karachi. A rail line has already existed between Karachi and Peshawar  known as Pakistan First Railway Main Line. However, it needs to be renovated and upgraded. This work began in January, 2016 and is expected to be completed by 2019. In the future, the line will be extended to Kashgar. The whole line is a major part of China - Pakistan Economic Corridor and Silk Road Economic Belt.

Benefits China - Pakistan Railway Project will Bring

This railway will boost the international trade between the two countries. Currently, Karakorum Highway is the only land link between the two countries. Due to the harsh environment and the fact that the road is only open between March and November, freight volume is very limited. When the railways are put into use, more products can be transported, greatly increasing the economic growth of both western China and Pakistan. In addition, as the railroads will go all the way to ports along Arabian Sea, they will connect the two countries with other South and West Asia countries by sea, such as India, Iran, Turkey and even the Middle East Countries, hence contributing to the international trade with these countries. 

Once Sino - Pakistan Economic Corridor is built, 70% of China's imported oil from Middle East and Africa will no longer have to pass through the Strait of Malacca but will reach reach the country by land with a valuable saving of both time and cost.

The railways can also create more employment opportunities for locals and improve their transportation options.

The most important is that they will be a good way to consolidate China - Pakistan friendship.

Difficulties Need to Be Conquered

Obviously, this project will be a tough mission because the railroad will pass through the Pamir Plateau and Karakoram Mountains, where the harsh environment will be the first hard nut to crack. Due to the terrible geological conditions, landslides and mud avalanches may occur frequently.

Additionally, it involves a huge investment. To make the railroad safe and protect local environment, numerous tunnels and bridges will need to be built. It is hard to imagine how much it will cost, let alone its maintenance after.

How to travel between the two countries currently

Up to now, you can travel between the two countries either by flight or by coach:
Needless to say, air travel t is the most convenient way. Direct flights operate between Islamabad and Urumqi and Beijing with duration of 2.5 hours and 6hours/6.5 hours respectively; the cost is approximately CNY 2,000 and CNY 3,500 for economy class respectively.

In addition, traveling by international coach between the two countries along Karakorum Highway is a popular choice for budget travelers. Karakorum Highway is one of the most inspiring highways. It provides a chance to experience the grandeur of nature and to marvel at human creativity. However, due to the climatic conditions and complicated terrain, this highway is also one of the most dangerous. International coaches can only operate from March to November. Even this is not guaranteed as extremes in the weather may cause cancellations.

The first step is to take a coach from Kashgar to Khunjerab Pass in Tashkurgan where you can take international coach to Sost Port in Pakistan. The ticket fare is about CNY 100-120 per person and duration is about 8-10 hours. The next step is to take international coach from Khunjerab port to Sost port. This costs CNY 225 per person for a 6.5-hour journey. The ticket fares we have indicated are for reference only and may vary.

Other International Trains between China and nearby Countries

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Harbin - Vladivostok

K9795/K9796: Urumqi - Almaty
K9797/K9798: Urumqi - Astana

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Erlian - Ulaanbaatar D887/D888:
Kunming - Vientiane

 International railways under construction/planning from China to:
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Questions & Answers on China - Pakistan Railway
Asked by saima | Apr. 12, 2023 01:03Reply
tashkurgan to nanning
can you please provide road travel link from tashkurgan to Nanning
Answers (1)
Answered by Paul | Apr. 12, 2023 20:59

It's really a long journey. First, travel from Tashkurgan to Kashgar by bus; then it's advised to travel by flight or train to Nanning. You need to make several transfers in Xi'an, Chengdu or other places if travel by train.
Asked by M.N from USA | Oct. 04, 2018 04:39Reply
Train from Beijing to Tashkurgan
Is there a direct train sevice from Beiging to Tashkurgan and if yes, what is the total fare in US $.

Answers (1)
Answered by sugiri | Oct. 05, 2018 01:57

There is no train to Tashkurgan, you could take train from Beijing to Urumqi, then connect another train from Urumqi to Kashgar, then it is close to Tashkurgan.
Asked by Abdul from PAKISTAN | Dec. 03, 2016 05:57Reply
Rail connection.
When will 1st train run between China and Pakistan ?
Answers (6)
Answered by Miss Justin from SINGAPORE | Dec. 03, 2016 21:45

I think no one has exact idea now.
Answered by Karrar from SPAIN | Oct. 31, 2017 18:23

Answered by salim from PAKISTAN | May. 08, 2018 03:02

Answered by salim from PAKISTAN | May. 08, 2018 03:04

survey and feasibility report is in under process, but expected time is 2030 hopefully
Answered by Muhammad Ali from PAKISTAN | Nov. 03, 2018 07:17

i think this railway project (havelian to kashgar) was canceled
Answered by Atiqa from PAKISTAN | Mar. 13, 2019 12:08

What are the international rail link of Pakistan?
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