Beijing - Harbin High Speed Train

At present, there are 8 pairs of high speed trains running between Beijing and Harbin, passing through major cities including Qinhuangdao, Jinzhou, Shenyang, Tieling and Changchun. Travel time is 6.5-8.5 hours and the running distance is 1,241 kilometers (about 770 miles). Ticket price for a cheapest second class seat is CNY 306.5.

The opening of this rail line has brought great convenience for passengers to northeast China, especially for those attending the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.


Beijing-Harbin High Speed Railway Map
Beijing - Harbin High Speed Railway Map

Beijing to Harbin Bullet Train Schedule

(Last Update on Jul 5, 2021)
BeijingHarbin WestD2906:3414:428h8m
Beijing SouthHarbin WestG38107:5414:316h37m
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 (Last Update on Jul 5, 2021)
Harbin WestBeijingD2806:5614:517h55m
Beijing SouthG38216:0923:387h29m
Beijing SouthG39412:5220:347h42m
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Note: The above timetable is for reference only. Please search with the tool on top of this page for real-time schedule.

Ticket Price of Beijing - Harbin High Speed Train

(Last Update on Jul 5, 2021)
VIP Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
G/C trainsCNY 1,019 - 1,024.5
USD 157 - 158
CNY 882 - 886.5
USD 136
CNY 541.5 - 544
USD 83 - 84
D trains---CNY 490.5 - 501.5
USD 75 - 77
CNY 306.5 - 313.5
USD 47 - 48

A Beijing-Harbin High Speed Train
A First Class Carriage
A First Class Carriage

Which Station to Choose/ How to go:

 Beijing Railway Station:
Compared to the South Railway Station, it is closer to the city center and other attraction sites. Also, it operates more bullet trains to/from Harbin. Around the station, there are city buses and subways for passengers.
1. By Subway: Line 2
2. By Bus: 9, 20, 24, 29, 39, 44, 52, 59, 122, 126, 403, 619, 622, 637, 638, 639, 666, 668, 673, 674, 804, 805, 938, 957;  Airport Night Line, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 3; Night line 5, 10, 17, 19, 21, 24, 28

 Beijing South Railway Station:
Although located a little farther from the city center and some attraction sites, transportation here is very convenient and includes coaches, subway, city buses and airport shuttle buses. Besides, high speed trains to/from Shanghai and Tianjin operate here; hence it is more convenient for transfer passengers to use this station.
1. By Subway: line 4, line 14
2. By Bus: 20, 84, 102, 106, 133, 343, 381, 458, 485, 529, 652, 665;  Airport Shuttle Bus Line 10; Te 5, 14, 18; Night Line 15, 17, 18, 24

 Harbin West Railway Station:
1. By Subway: Line 1
2. By Bus: 11, 31, 64, 83, 87, 96, 120, 124, 203, 220, 364, 379, 602, airport shuttle bus line 2

Regular Trains along the Way

There are more than 10 pairs of them running between Beijing Railway Station and Harbin Railway Station/ East Railway Station and West Railway Station.

Beijing to Harbin Train Schedule:

(Last Update on Jul 5, 2021)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
Z15705:58 - 16:5510h57m
T29712:28 - 02:01+13h33m
T1716:40 - 06:02+13h22m
T4718:59 - 06:18+11h19m
Z1721:15 - 07:12+9h57m
12 departures in total: departure time from 05:58 to 22:13; duration from 9h57m to 19h30m.

Harbin to Beijing Train Timetable:

(Last Update on Jul 5, 2021)

Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
Z15810:51 - 21:0810h17m
K34017:04 - 09:58+16h54m
K38419:00 - 12:53+17h53m
K38419:35 - 12:53+17h18m
Z1621:20 - 07:27+10h7m
T1822:12 - 09:48+11h36m
13 departures in total: departure time from 10:51 to 22:12; duration from 10h7m to 21h32m.

1. "+" means the second day;
2. The above timetable is for reference only. Please search with the tool on top of this page for real-time schedule.

Beijing - Harbin Train Ticket Fare

(Last Update on Jul 5, 2021)
Soft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
CNY 426.5 - 470.5
USD 66 - 72
CNY 279.5 - 307.5
USD 43 - 47
CNY 152.5 - 168.5
USD 23 - 26

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