Zhaolin Park

Ice Pagoda, Zhaolin Park
Ice Pagoda in the Park
Located at the bank of Songhua River, and the northern end of Zhaolin Street in Daoli District, Harbin City, Zhaolin Park is the first park in the city, built in memory of the General Li Zhaolin. Set up in 1900, it was originally named "Daoli Park" and changed to present name "Zhaolin Park" in 1946.

After improved in 1985, the park has become a nice place with enchanting scenery. In the east, there is Huaguo Mountain (Flower and Fruit Mountain). In the west, there lies Meigui Mountain (Rose Mountain). Xiaonan Islet is located in the south and glass flower cellar is found in the north. A man-made lake flows around in the center with five small bridges cleverly link the water area. In the park, there are Yingyue Garden, Dingxiang Garden, arbors, the open-air theatre, children's playground, skate land and flower and fish exhibition hall.

In spring and summer, the flowers in Zhaolin Park are in full bloom, the birds are twittering, it is a good summer resort. In winter, the park becomes a silver world with ice and snow.

The 34th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival officially opened on January 1, 2018. Its trial operation was started from December 22, 2017. The Lantern show (formerly Ice Lantern Garden Party) in Zhaolin Park was started in Dec. 20, 2017.

The 44th Ice Lantern Garden Party presented many pieces of delicate ice and snow sculptures. The major exhibits and activities were held in eight scenic areas in the park, including Dreams of Ice and Snow, Ice Fine Arts Area, Amusement Land, Middle East Memory, Food Court, Christmas Maze, Rhythm of Ice, Dreaming of returning to Southern China. Tourists especially children can also enjoy themselves on the dancing machine, forest small train, UFO stunt car and kart race.

The ice festival and ice lantern show renowned at home and abroad are held every winter here. When the night fell, the ice lanterns in the park combine light, sound and action in one, resplendent with a great variety of colors. The vivid and fanciful designs collect the beautiful scene in the world. By taking the nature-endowed advantage of ice and snow,  and using modern science and technology, the wise and industrious people make a number of exquisitely-carved ice and snow art work in different forms and shapes. They are praised as three-dimensional paintings solidifying notes and colorful poems. The charming scenery makes visitors immerse in fantasies and forget to return home.

Normally, the snow festival is held every early January to the late February. Every year, new changes and surprises are presented before visitors, complimented as "the non-repetitive fairy tales".

How to get to Zhaolin Park

Take bus 8, 23, 29, 52, 53, 83, 114, 132, 136, 201, or 206, and get off at Zhaolin Gongyuan (Zhaolin Park) Station.
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Entrance Fee During the Ice Lantern Garden Party (from the end of December to early March):
CNY 150 per adult; free for children under 1.2m (3.9 feet).

Usual time: free
Opening Hours During the Ice Lantern Garden Party: 10:00-21:00
Usual time: 07:00 – 18:00
Ice Sculpture of Dragon King
Ice Sculpture of Dragon King
Ice Sculpture in the Zhaolin Park
Ice Sculpture in the Park

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