Shenzhen Metro Line 8


Liantang – Xiaomeisha (Yantian Line)

Shenzhen metro line 8, covering 24 kilometers (15 miles), will transport between Liantang and Xiyong in southwest – northeast direction. The first phrase from Liantang to Yantian Road will open in June, 2020 which will provide much convenience for people living in Liantang and Yantian Districts. Shenzhen subway line 8 will connect with line 2 at Liantang Station. In addition, its second phase from Hong’an to Xiaomeisha is scheduled to put into service in 2024.

Route of Shenzhen Subway Line 8

 Phase One: Liantang – Mount Wutong South – Shatoujiao – Haishan – Yantian Port West – Shenzhen Foreign Languages High School – Yantian Road
 Phase Two: Hong'an – Shatoucun – DameishaXiaomeisha

Transfer along Metro Line 8

 Liantang: Transfer with Line 2

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Subway Stations of Metro Line 8

('' Subway Transfer Stations)

Phase One:

Surroundings: Yanshan Road, Guowei Road, Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Luohu District High-Tech Industry Park, Panshan Garden Community, Liantang Garden Community, Jingfu Garden Community, Luohu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Luohu Foreign Language School, Shirble Department Store, Asia Hotel, KFC
Bus Routes: 27, 111, 113, 205, 214, 308, M133, M348, M468, M555, B621

 Mount Wutong South
Surroundings: Luosha Road, Changling Road, Xiantong Sports Park, Wutongshan National Park, Yuyaju Community, Huiming Garden Community, Liancheng Middle School, Xiantong Experimental Primary School, Changling Building
Bus Routes: 27, 57, 69, 85, 103, 111, 113, 205, 214, 308, 387, M133, M191, M364, M437, M468, M520, M555, B621, Inter-Zone Bus Line M468

Surroundings: Shashen Road, Yuanlin Road, Yunshen Road, Qunli Staff Home Community, Shafu Community, Banshan Yuehai Garden Community, Linyuan Primary School, Donghe Industrial Building, Shanquan Building, 7 Days Inn, Baohua Drug Store
Bus Routes: 68, 85, 103, 205, 308, 387, N21, M437, M520, B619, B902

Surroundings: Haishan Road, Shenyan Road, Yihaicheng Community, Penghai Garden Community, Haidu Garden Community, Haishan Park, Yantian District Administrative Center Building, 7th People’s Hospital, Yantian Library, Tiandong Middle School, Guangfu Deaprtment Store, Vanguard Supermarket, Baoruide Bread Store, Starbucks
Bus Routes: 69, M444, B619, B902, B924, B961, B982

 Yantian Port West
Surroundings: Haijing 2nd Road, Shangwutong Road, Eastern Sunshine Garden Community, Haipengyuan Community, Shenzhen Open University Shatoujiao Campus, Yantian Technology Building, Chow Tai Fook Group Building, Haoyouduo Market
Bus Routes: 5, 19, 58, 68, 85, 103, 200, 205, 308, 358, 387, N21, P59, P100, M191, M362, M437, M444, M520, B701, B924, B961, B982, Inter-Zone Bus Line 358, Inter-Zone Bus Line 387

 Shenzhen Foreign Languages High School
Surroundings: Zhongqing Road, Wutongshan Avenue, Shenzhen Foreign Languages High School, Yujingtai Yayuan Community, Haitongju Community, Baohui Cold Chain Logistics Park, Yunhai School, Runhe Supermarket, Kaixin Tea Restaurant
Bus Routes: M348, M444, M465, B925, B982

 Yantian Road
Surroundings: Yantian Road, Mingzhu Avenue, Donghai Avenue, Donghai Lijing Garden Community, Yuhongyuan Community, Migang International Community, Yantian Experimental School, Lequn Primary School, Jingang Shengshi Building, Mingzhu Cultural Park, 2nd People’s Hospital
Bus Routes: 68, 205, 358, M180, M290, M348, M396, M444, M465, B626, B843, B925, Inter-Zone Bus Line 358

Phase Two:

Surroundings: Hong’an Road, Beishan Avenue, South Pearl Garden Community, Yishan Shidai Community, Huaqiao Xincun Community, Yangang Middle School, Yantian Beishan Industrial Zone, Shuangyong Park, City Plaza, Baitai Building
Bus Routes: 68, 85, 205, 358, P59, M180, M290, M348, M396, M444, M465, B626, B701, B843, B924, B925, Inter-Zone Bus Line 358

Surroundings: Yanmei Road, Shangdong Hotel, Shuxiang Wenyuan Community, Haibing Jiari Community, Yantian Seafood Wholesale Market, Jufeng Grocery Store, Yantian Farmer’s Market
Bus Routes: 68, 85, 205, 358, 387, M290, M348, M465, B626, B843, B961, Inter-Zone Bus Line 358

Surroundings: Aimei Road, Songcai Avenue, Dameisha Seaside Park, Outlets Shopping Mall, OCT East Resort, Sheraton Resort, Vanke International Convention Center, Yantian Sports Center, Dameisha Community, Shenzhen Yantian Foreign Languages School, Meisha Hospital
Bus Routes: 5, 12, 58, 103, 308, 387, PJ8, T61, M180, M191, M362, M437, M438, M465

Surroundings: Yankui Road, Haiqin Road, Xiaomeisha Hotel, Xiaomeisha Ocean Parks, Vanke Tianqin Bay Villa, Xiaomeisha Xinju Community, Guangjing Holiday Hotel, Hongxing Hai’an Hotel
Bus Routes: 103, 287, M180, M396, Xiaomeisha Holiday Line 2
- Last updated on Aug. 31, 2020 -
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