Xiaomeisha Beach

Located in the east of Shenzhen, Xiaomeisha Beach is 28 km (17 miles) from the city center and 4 km (2.5 miles) from Dameisha Beach. The crescent shaped Xiaomeisha Beach is surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea is known as the 'Oriental Hawaii'. Here you can enjoy all kinds of water fun like swimming, surfing, and diving. In addition to that, Xiaomeisha Sea World nearby also attracts many visitors since its opening.


Xiaomeisha Sea WorldWhat to Do in Xiaomeisha Beach

With a flourishing coconut forest and clean waters, the beach is a popular place in summer. Besides the pleasing scenery, all kinds of exciting entertainment projects attract visitors.

Walking along the crescent beach, you are surrounded by the green hills and blue waters. With your toes playing in the soft sand and ankles touched by the gentle waves, you can have a wonderful time during the fine days. Even you can’t swim; you can have fun here by searching crabs among the rocks, collecting shells, or burying yourself with sand.

If you want close communication with the blue water, just jump into it and wonder at all the sea creatures.

Jet skis will carry you the vast sea, while boats provided include motorboats, banana boats, and small yachts. Thai parasailing gives you another thrilling experience as you overlook the blue sea and the mountains just like a seabird crossing the sky. In addition, the African strop brings you to the 300 meters (980 feet) high to experience a stimulating gliding.

After those sky-high adventures, the diving tour is waiting for you. The professional diving instructors will guide you side by side, leading you to explore the amazing underwater world and play with various marine animals. When you tire of your activities and wish to wash off the sand and salt from the sea, you can take a shower in the bathroom which can hold hundreds of people at the same time.

When night comes, you are welcomed to the biggest barbecue site in Shenzhen, which can accommodate over 1,000 people. All the tools and materials are provided, allowing you a relaxing break with your family and friends. At night on the weekend, the Xiaomeisha Happy Night Show that includes modern song and dance, pop music, swimwear, magic and acrobatic shows, is another great event you can attend.

If you want a quiet break by yourself, a plank road in Xiaomeisha Beach is perfect for you. This section of plank road is part of the Eastern Costal Plank Road. The plank road is special for its being built on rocks. Walking along the road and with breeze brushing, you can have a comfortable experience. As well as the plank road, Lover’s Lane is also quiet. As its name implies, it’s a place for lovers or couples.

Whatever activity you desire beside, in, on or under the sea Xiaomeisha Beach welcomes you.


Left luggage lockers and shower facilities are provided in the beach. It costs CNY 25 for a locker and CNY 18 for a warm water shower and CNY12 for a cold water shower.

How to Get to Xiaomeisha Beach

1. Take bus 103/380a/380b/387 and get off at Xiaomeisha Bus Terminal (Xiaomeisha Gongjiao Zongzhan) Station.
2. Take bus m207/m362 and get off at Xiaomeisha Station.
Opening Hours All day
Admission Fee Usual time: CNY30
Holidays and July & August: CNY50

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