Xili Lake Holiday Resort

In the modern hustle and bustle of prosperous Shenzhen, you may wonder where you may find a tranquil place in which to relax and feast your eyes on the beauty of nature, a place with luxuriant trees and charming bird song. Undoubtedly, you need look no further than the Xili Lake Holiday Resort at the foot of Qilin (Kylin) Mountain in the Nanshan District. The charming natural scenery of Xili Lake has provided an ideal setting for the resort that has been established here and has been seen continuous improvement. Being one of Shenzhen's best-preserved natural settings, Xili Lake Holiday Resort boasts vitality in its natural springs that are surrounded by blossom and picturesque falls that are a joy to behold. As you roam around the various places of interest, you will be totally fascinated by the beautiful lake and the imperial style architectures. Of these, the long corridor encircling the lake is worthy of particular mention. This corridor exceeds three quarters of a mile or 1,280 meters in length and is the longest of its kind in China. Built to provide comfortable walkways with shelter from the sun and inclement weather such corridors are a unique feature in Chinese gardens and are beautifully decorated; the Xili corridor is a fine example.

The Xili Lake Holiday Resort, erected in the fall of 1979, was the first to be built following the reform and opening up of China to foreign visitors and was soon to be recognized as Shenzhen's prime scenic spot. The fresh air coupled with its elegant ambience arouses people's desires to take holidays here. The Xili Lake Holiday Resort also offers the opportunity to cultivate their minds. In 1986, it was the chosen venue for the Eighth Asian Table Tennis Championships. Since the 1980s, many of the top Chinese leaders and other celebrities have visited the resort and have been warmly entertained there.

Xili Lake Holiday Resort is adjacent to the Safari Park Shenzhen and Shenzhen University City, so it is convenient for you to get close to the wild life or enjoy the studious atmosphere of modern university life. In the Xili Lake Holiday Resort, you will have no worries about a lack of entertainment programs. Apart from the well-equipped facilities that you would expect to find in a holiday resort, this holiday resort provides visitors with an abundance of activities such as fishing, canoeing, firework displays, swimming, picnicking and other wonderful entertainments.

Don't forget to climb the Xili Pagoda or visit the Qilin (Kylin) Mountain pavilion. With a bird's eye view from these two places, you can see a wonderful panorama of the entire resort.

The Xili Lake Holiday Resort is an excellent place to spend a holiday with your family or beloved.

How to get to Xili Lake Holiday Resort

1. Take Subway line 7 to Xili Lake Station and walk northwest around 850 meters (900 yards) to there.
2. Take bus 49, 66, B736, B797, M460 or M492 to Xili Bus Station.
3. Take bus 36, 101, 104, 226, B796, or M203 to Xili Dongwuyuan Bus Station.
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