Shenzhen Metro Line 6 (Guangming Line)


Songgang – Science Museum

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Shenzhen subway line 6, also called Guangming line, measuring around 49 kilometers (30 miles), will open in June, 2020. Running from west to east, it will transport between Songgang and Science Museum via 27 stations. Shenzhen metro line 6 will connect Shiyan, Guangming, Gongming and Songgang Districts. In the future, passengers can take this line to Yangtai Mountain, North Railway Station and Sports Center.

Route of Shenzhen Metro Line 6

Songgang – Xitou – Songgang Park – Shutianpu – Heshuikou – Gongming Square – Nanzhuang – Loucun – Guangming New City – Cuihu – Guangming Street – Guanguang Road – Changzhen – Shangwu – Guantian – Yangtai Mountain East – Yuanfen – Shangfen – Hongshan –North Railway Station – Meilinguan – Hanling – Yinhu – Bagualing – Shenzhen Sports Center – Tongxinling – Science Museum

Transfers along Shenzhen Metro Line 6

 Songgang: Transfer with Line 11
 Shangwu: Transfer with Line 13
 Hongshan: Transfer with Line 4
 North Railway Station: Transfer with Line 4 and Line 5
 Yinhu: Transfer with Line 9
 Bagualing: Transfer with Line 7
 Tongxinling: Transfer with Line 3
 Science Museum: Transfer with Line 1

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Subway Stations of Metro Line 6

('' points out metro transfer stations.)
Surroundings: Bao’an Avenue, Shajiang Road, Songxing Road, Shapuwei Garden Community, Shapu Ercun Community, Songhe Ruiyuan Community, Modern Apartment, Langxia Square, Vienna Hotels, Shaxi Primary School, Jiayu Building
Bus Routes: 142, 656, M255, M291, M490, M494, M512, M513, M541, M542, B933, B941, B978, B980

Surroundings: Songhuan Road, Baoxi 2nd Road, Kengwei Road, Xunye Road, Xitou First Industrial Zone, Xintai Side Industrial Zone, Oceania Science &Technology Park, Kengweicun Community, Mingxinglou Community, Songgang People's Hospital, Xitou Stadium Leisure Park, Hongli Building
Bus Routes: 656, M260, M332, M494, M512, M513, B933, B980

 Songgang Park
Surroundings: Guangweishan Road, Dongfeng Road, Songgang Park, Huaguoshan Park, Kirin Mountain Park, Jinhuawei Community, Jixin Mingcheng Community, Kirin Garden Community
Bus Routes: 362, 655, M260, M255, M260, M332, M494, M540, B941, B980, Chongshen Line 001, Shenguan Line 16 

Surroundings: Shutianpu Road, Keda 1st Road, Keyu Road, Ideemonto Industrial Park, Songming Industrial Zone, Hengbang Technology Park, Citianpu Fifth Industrial Zone, Hongsheng Industrial Park, Guishan Park, Yuhu Park, Catholic Church
Bus Routes: 7, 169, 629, E35, M218, M234, M238, M284, M411, M415, M436, M455, M495, M548

Surroundings: Qiaohui Road, Zhenming Road, Matian Road, Gongming Heshuikou Community, Jiayanglou Community, Hesuikou 2nd Industrial Zone, Xiacun 1st Industrial Zone, Mashantou 3rd Industrial Zone, Matian Primary School, Gongming No.1 Primary School, Street Center Park
Bus Routes: 7, M215, M218, M234, M261, M337, M410, M411, M415, M436, M549, B868

 Gongming Square
Surroundings: Middle Changchun Road, Songbai Road, Fuhao Garden Community, Tianhuicheng Community, Gongming Square, Honghuashan Park, Bestva Mall, Rainbow Mall, Sanhe Department Store, Gongming Coach Station, Xiangtai Building, Gongming Middle School
Bus Routes: 7, 36, E35, M218, M234, M238, M337, M415, M548, M549, K578, B658, B718   

Surroundings: North Gongming Road, Bieshu Road, Shiguan Industrial Zone, Minsheng Industrial Zone, Yongjingcheng Community, Nanzhuang Community, Hongfa Meiyu Community, Honghuashan Sports Center, Shifeng Building, Weiyexuan Building
Bus Routes: 7, 30, 132, 168, 169, 325, 882, E14, E19, E35, M193, M216, M217, M366, M436, M455, M490, K578, B718

Surroundings: Louming Road, Gongguang Road, Xinhelou Community, Chenwenli Industrial Zone, Can Bo Technology Park, Heng Bang Technology Park, Artificial Wetland Park, March Wind Square, Loucun Farmer's Market
Bus Routes: 30, 325, 720, E15, E39, M436, K578

 Guangming New City
Surroundings: Huantong Road, Zhongtai Street, Shifeng Technology Park, Zhongtai Industrial Zone, Fengshengtai Industrial Zone, Loucun Primary School, Shenghua Building
Bus Routes: 7, 18, 33, 169, 720, E28, E39, M215, M217, M218, M366, M490, B901

Surroundings: Guangqiao Road, No.2 Vocational School of Technology, Tenghongxing Technology Park, Xinjianxing Technology Park, Guangsheng Industrial Zone
Bus Routes: 25, 30, 169, 325, E28, M215, M218, M356, M411, M490, B662, B663
 Guangming Street
Surroundings: Guangming Avenue, Guang’an Road, Qinghe Road, Cuihu Park, Dongzhou Cultural Park, Ganshan Industrial Zone, Lebao Industrial Zone, Xindi Central Park Community, Qingyi Community, Guangming Square, Community Health Center of the Guangming Hospital, Dongzhou Community Comprehensive Service Building, Bright Central Kindergarten
Bus Routes: 25, 30, 325, 720, E28, E39, M206, M215, M218, M387, M436, M451, M525, M532, B662, B873, B926, B949, B963, B966
 Guanguang Road
Surroundings: Guangang Road, Fengju Road, Guangming District People's Government, Kaiming Park, Xincheng Park, Longguang Liulongtai Community, Tejianfa Yuefu Plaza, Zhongji Low Orbit Satellite Internet of Things Industrial Park
Bus Routes: M206, M336, M337, M356, M387, M436, M451, M462, M525, M549, B663, B873, B926, B949, B959, B960, B963, B971
Surroundings: Guangqiao Road, Dongchang Road, Dadongming Technology Park, Punai Technology Park, Dagang Industrial Zone, Changzhen 1st Industrial Zone
Bus Routes: 23, 36, 392, M215, M218, M336, M356, M387, M451, M529, B658, B926, B971 

Surroundings: North Shiyan Road, Runteng Shangpai Industrial Zone, Fuda Industrial Zone, Kaipuda Industrial Zone, Lehua Industrial Zone, Huafeng Guantian Technology Park, Yuanjin Community, Haowannian Department Store, Shiyan Forest Park, Labor Museum, Tianxin Kindergarten 
Bus Routes: 316, 767, M551, B934, B935, Inter-Zone Bus Line 316
Surroundings: East Baoshi Road, Shiguan Road, New Age Industrial Zone, Changcheng Industrial Zone, Hongfa Century City Community, Xianyun Community, Gunatian School, Tongan Mingfeng Business Building, Christian Gospel Church
Bus Routes: 10, 31, 332, 316, 759, 789, 791, 866, 882, E18, M193, M233, M243, M244, M257, M262, M310, M341, M372, M378, M379, M395, M415, M548, M551, P604, B935, Inter-Zone Bus Line 316

 Yangtai Mountain East
Surroundings: Bulong Road, Huawang Road, Mount Yangtai Forest Park, Sanhe Overseas Chinese Community, Youshan Meidi Home Community, Dalang Shopping Mall, Longhua District Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital, Shiguan Industrial Zone
Bus Routes: 10, 38, 169, 170, 332, 624, 866, 882, E14, E31, E34, E35, E36, M115, M193, M233, M243, M244, M262, M301, M310, M340, M352, M378, M379, M395, M415, M420, M450, M462, M505, M548, B692, B715, B879, NE31
Surroundings: Longhua Road, Taoyuan Road, Gaofeng Garden Community, Chiling Garden Community, Xiazao New Community, Guanghao Industrial Zone, Yongchuang Technology Park, Gaofeng Middle School, Yuanfeng Primary School, Baolong Building
Bus Routes: 10, 38, 169, 332, 612, 624, 882, E31, E35, E36, M193, M233, M243, M244, M262, M310,  M340, M341, M352, M378, M379, M415, M462, M548

Surroundings: Longsheng Road, Mintang Road, Heping Road, Xitou Xincun Community, Zhonghai Miancheng Community, Xitou Dongyuan Community, Hongrong Yuanshangjun Community, Longwu Community, Shangtang Business Building
Bus Routes: 92, M156, M212, M214, M264, M301, M340, M341, M354, M415, M420, M462, M544, M579, B692, B830, B879, B915

Surroundings: Minbao Road, Xinqu Avenue, Chuangye Garden Community, Dongquan Xincun Community, City Mansion Community, Hongshan 6979 Mall, Jinma Commercial Plaza, Mount Datou
Bus Routes: 43, 74, 119, 150, M201, M340, M352, M360, M365, M369, M405, M462, M504, M554, M579, B830, B831, B917

 North Railway Station
Surroundings: Yulong Road, Mintang Road, Middle Zhiyuan Road, Yulong Road, North Railway Station, Longyueju Community, HBC Huilong Center Building, Xincheng CBD Business Center Building, Yulong Middle School, Vienna International Hotel
Bus Routes: 120, E7, E22, M225, M340, M341, M352, M353, M354, M572, B730, Airport Shuttle Bus 330C, Inter-Zone Bus Line E11
Surroundings: Meiguan Road, Xinghe Danti Community, Fengzehu Mountain Villa, Minle Primary School, Silver Lake Mountain Country Park, Tanglangshan Suburb Park
Bus Routes: 3, 7, 34, 45, 313, 328, 339, 391, E4, N9, M112, M281, M282, M346, M360, M391, M437, M481, M547, B877, Inter-Zone Bus Line 328
Surroundings: Meidong 2nd Road, Huanggang Road, Tehao Mountain Villa, Xinge Community, Sanjiu Garden Community, Shuimulan Shanju Community, Jianjun Garden Community, Hanlin School
Bus Routes: 7, 27, 37, 45, 60, 317, 324, N9, M112, M122, M152, M173, M201, M202, M222, M363, M391, M392, M398, M401, M417, M447, M448, M481, M500, M579, P721, B821, B912, Inter-Zone Bus Line M222

Surroundings: Beihuan Avenue, Jinhu Road, Jinbi Road, Bijiashan Park, Bijiashan Yilan Garden Community, Biqingyuan Communnity, Yinhu Community, Shenzhen Middle School Nigang Campus, Jinhu Building
Bus Routes : 4, 5, 7, 19, 24, 201, 218, 222, 393, N6, E11, E24, M152, M156, M203, M207, M240, M358, M360, M364, M435, M437, M454, M460, M526, B614, Airport Shuttle Bus Shenzhen Line, Inter-Zone Bus Line E11, Inter-Zone Bus Line M203, Inter-Zone Bus Line M358
Surroundings: Bagua 3rd Road, Yishanju Community, Bijiashan Park, 2nd People’s Hospital, Guoanju Decorative Building Materials Market, Linye Building
Bus Routes: 4, 5, 7, 11, 24, 95, 201, 222, 323, 365, 393, E5, N6, E20, M152, M156, M207, M389, M454, M460, M224, M389, Inter-Zone Bus Line 365

 Sports Center
Surroundings: West Sungang Road, North Shangbu Road, Shenzhen Sports Center, Shengshi Pengcheng Community, Yuanling Xinjun Community, Bai Garden Community, Yuanling Sub-district Office Cultural Station, Shenzhen School of the Arts, Futian Yuanling Foreign Language Primary School, Labor and Employment Building
Bus Routes: 4, 8, 9, 11, 79, 102, 107, 111, 213, 218, 222, 363, 375, 385, 393, 899, N6, N17, M132, M207, M389, M460 

Surroundings: Hongli Road, Shangbu Road, Tongxinling Community, Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital, Shenzhen Foreign Languages School, Yuanling Primary School, Shenzhen Experimental School Primary Section, Cultural Center, Children’s Library, Shenkan Building
Bus Routes: 7, 10, 12, 13, 64, 80, 108, 202, 225, 303, 322, 371, N25, M105, M183, M207, M481, M555
 Science Museum
Surroundings: Shennan Avenue, Nanyuan Road, Lizhi Park, Baoshe Dayuan Communiy, Nanyuan Xincun Community, Shenzhen Municipal Committee, New Town Plaza, Liyuan Primary School, Science Museum, Dongfeng Building, Shangbu Building, Gonghui Building
Bus Routes: 3, 4, 8, 9, 12, 14, 23, 29, 62, 75, 113, 202, 203, 214, 377, 393, 836, N3, N4, N17, M112 M132, M133, M191, M383, Airport Shuttle Bus 1, Airport Shuttle Bus 330
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