Ultimate Guide to 15 Shenzhen Ports

All these 15 Shenzhen ports are first class ports for international tourists or goods to enter or exit China, including 1 aviation port, 1 railway port, 6 road ports, and 7 ferry terminals.
Category Port Eligible for
1 Aviation Port Bao’an International Airport 5-Day VOA;
144-Hour Visa-Free Transit;
Regular visa
2 Railway Port  West Kowloon Railway Station Regular visa
3 Road Ports  Luohu Port (Lowu Port) 5-Day VOA;
Regular visa
4 Wenjindu Port Regular visa
5 Huanggang Port 5-Day VOA;
Regular visa
6 Futian Port    Regular visa
7 Shatoujiao Port  Regular visa
8 Shenzhen Bay Port Regular visa
9 Ferry Ports  Shekou Port 5-Day VOA;
Regular visa
10 Yantian Port Freight only
11 Chiwan Port Freight only
12 Mawan Port Freight only
13 Dachan Bay Port Freight only
14 Dayawan Port Freight only
15 Meisha Port Freight only

1. Bao’an International Airport

Shenzhen Bao'an Airport
Shenzhen Bao'an Airport

Bao’an International Airport is the only aviation port among Shenzhen ports and one of the top 4 airports in China. It has opened international flights to/from 52 cities like Osaka, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Cheju, Tokyo, Dubai, Sydney, Los Angeles, Seattle and Siem Reap. In the affiliated Fuyong Port, there are 8 ferries from/ to Macau and 4 from/ to Hong Kong Airport Sky Pier each day.

 Operating Hours: 24 hours
 Average Time for Customs Clearance: 10 – 15 minutes
 Transport with Downtown: Airport shuttle buses 330, 330A, 330B, 330C; metro line 1 and line 11; city buses E16, E21, E29, E31, E32, NE29, NE 30, M387, M416, M472, M527, M528

2. West Kowloon Railway Station

West Kowloon Railway Station in Hong Kong is the terminal station of Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong high speed railway line. Now, about 110 trains leave the station for Shenzhen Futian Railway Station and Shenzhen North Railway Station every day with a travel time of about 15 – 20 minutes. The exit procedures from Hong Kong and entry procedures to Shenzhen are both finished at West Kowloon Railway Station.

Operating Hours: 06:30 – 23:30
Average Time for Customs Clearance: 10 – 15 minutes
1. West Kowloon Railway Station – Hong Kong: MTR West Rail Line, Tung Chung Line and Airport Express Line; City Buses 8, 11, 26, 74, 78, W1, W3, 26A, 74S, 77M, 203E, 215P, 215X, 261B, 270P, 281A, 296D.
2. Shenzhen Futian Railway Station – Downtown: metro line 2, line 3; city bus line 64
3. Shenzhen North Railway Station – Downtown: metro line 4, line 5; city buses 38, 75, M405

3. Luohu Port

Luohu port is an entry and exit road port with the biggest passenger flow among Shenzhen ports. As the first port connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen, it faces New Territories in Hong Kong across a river. The main building has 12 floors and the 2 wing buildings both have 3 floors. The only underground floor in main building is for entry inspection and 1 - 2 F are for exit inspection.

Operating Hours: 06:30 – 24:00
Average Time for Customs Clearance: 10 – 15 minutes
1. Luohu Port – Downtown: metro line 1; city buses 8, 18, 61, 73, 108, 321, M239, M373, M481, B842.
2. Luohu Port – Hong Kong: MTR East Rail Line connects Luohu and Hung Hom. But it also runs to Lok Ma Chau Station, so passengers should pay attention to it.

4. Wenjindu Port

3 kilometers (1.9 miles) east to Luohu Port, Wenjindu Port is another port connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It is also the main channel for imported fruits of Shenzhen. The inspection building has 7 floors with entry inspection hall on the first floor and exit inspection hall on the second floor. There are about 20 self-service check channels and 24 manual check channels.

Operating Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
Average Time for Customs Clearance: 5 minutes
1. Wenjindu Port – Downtown: metro line 9; city bus 2, 5, 312, M172, M360, M445, M468,
2. Wenjindu Port – Hong Kong: Intercity buses run between Wenjindu and Sheung Shui, Tsim Sha Tsui and Sha Tin in Hong Kong with a duration of 8 – 35 minutes and a fare of HKD 22 – 65. 

5. Huanggang Port

Among all Shenzhen ports, Huanggang port is the only road port opening all day. It is also the largest road port for both passengers and goods in China. Huanggang – Lok Ma Chau Bridge in the south of the port leads to Hong Kong. Arrival Hall is in the east of the building and the Departure Hall is in the west.

Operating Hours: 24 hours
Average Time for Customs Clearance: 15 minutes
1. Huanggang Port – Downtown: metro line 7; city buses 23, 26, 225, 235, 313, 326, 338, 357, 362, 366, N25, M433
2. Huanggang Port – Hong Kong: The 24-hour intercity bus Huang Bus travels between Huanggang Port and Kam Sheung Road with a ticket cost of HKD 10 and an interval of 5 – 10 minutes.

6. Futian Port

Futian Port
Futian Port

Futian Port is only 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) east to Huanggang Port. This Shenzhen port is composed of a pedestrian bridge and a traveler inspection building. The Departures Hall is on the second floor and the Arrivals Hall is on the third floor. With 146 entry and exit channels in total, it can accommodate 250,000 person times in one day. The pedestrian bridge links the inspection building and Lok Ma Chau.

Operating Hours: 06:30 – 22:30
Average Time for Customs Clearance: 10 – 30 minutes
1. Futian Port – Downtown: metro line 4; city buses 203, M204, M441, M499, B618, B685, B689, B957.
2. Futian Port – Hong Kong: After crossing the pedestrian bridge, take HK MTR East Rail Line to downtown Hong Kong.

7. Shatoujiao Port

Serving Yantian District, Longgang District and east part of Pearl River Delta, Shatoujiao Port is a subsidiary comprehensive passenger and goods port. The travel inspection building is in the middle of the port with 22 check channels. In the east is exit goods inspection area and the other side is entry goods inspection area.

Operating Hours: 07:00 – 22:00
Average Time for Customs Clearance: 5 minutes
1. Shatoujiao Port – Downtown: City buses 68, 85, 103, 205, 308, 387, B619, M437, M520
2. Shatoujiao Port – Hong Kong: Two intercity buses set out from Shatoujiao Port to HK Kowloon Tong and HK International Airport. The former one operates from 07:15 – 21:30 with a fare of CNY 35 and the latter from 07:30 – 19:30 with a fare of CNY 130.

8. Shenzhen Bay Port

Shenzhen Bay Port is located in Shekou Dongjiaotou. The travel inspection building in the port has 77 self-service check channels and 53 manual check channels.

Operating Hours: 06:30 – 24:00
Average Time for Customs Clearance: 10 – 15 minutes
1. Shenzhen Bay Port – Downtown: City buses 90, E19, N27, M123, M201, M206, M299, M398, M409, M474, M484, M493, M506, M507, M528, B737, B817, Tourists Bus Line 9
2. Shenzhen Bay – Hong Kong: City buses B2P, B2X, B2, B29, B3, B3A, B3M, B3X

9. Shekou Port

Shekou Port has 33 berths for passengers, goods and containers. The passenger flow is about 5 billion each year, the goods throughput is about 10 billion tons and the number of containers is 50,000. There are ships from downtown Hong Kong, Hong Kong Airport and Macau to Shekou. Also, it is the home port for Taizi Bay Cruise.

Operating Hours: Passenger: 07:00 – 22:30; Freight: 24 hours.
Average Time for Customs Clearance: 10 – 20 minutes
Transport with Downtown: Metro line 2; city buses 328, 331, 332, M105, B601

10. Yantian Port

Yantian Port is a natural port between Dapeng Peninsula and Kowloon Peninsula serving cargo ships. Also, it is the largest container terminal with the best economic benefits in the world. Due to the deep water and calm sea, large ships can enter and exit the port freely. Now, it is one of the four important international deep-water ports in China. This Shenzhen port has the most intensive international routes in South China which is up to 80 in one week.

Operating Hours: 24 hours
Transport with Downtown: City buses 68, 85, 103, 205, 308, 358, 387, E26, NE26, M191, M314, M362, M437, M444, M520, B619, B924, B961, B982

11. Chiwan Port

As the second largest port in the western Shenzhen, Chiwan Port is a comprehensive port with waterway, railway, highway and other transportation modes. It is mainly for freight transport, specifically chemical fertilizers and grains. It now has 17 berths and 5 is for containers. It is to the west of Shekou Port.

Opening Hours: 24 hours
Transport with Downtown: City Buses 266, N4, M371, M488, M489

12. Mawan Port

Located in the east of Pearl River Estuary and in the west of Nantou Island, Mawan Port boasts the best position among all the Shenzhen ports. It mainly provides transfer service for the goods from Shenzhen and Pearl River Delta Region.

Opening Hours: 24 hours
Transport: city buses M347, M489

13. Dachan Bay Port

With convenient water and land transportation, Dachan Bay Port is advantageous in handling the goods in Pan-Pearl River Delta. The approach channel is a newly-developed deep-water channel which operates for 24 hours. The barge system has covered more than 50 ports in 10 major cities in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan.

Operating Hours: 24 hours.
Transport: City bus M550

14. Dayawan Port

Located in Dakeng Village, Daya Bay, east of Shenzhen, Dayawan Port is 45 kilometers (28 miles) to Shenzhen and 50 kilometers (31 miles) to Hong Kong. Dayawan Port has four berths and is open to both Chinese and foreign ships.

15. Meisha Port

Meisha Port has been closed from 1985 due to inefficient tourists and other reasons. Located in Meisha Tourism Zone, it used to be a tourists port connecting with Hong Kong and Macau. Now, a ferry terminal and a yacht terminal have been planned here to serving ships from/ to HK, Dapeng Peninsula and Nan’ao Island.

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