East Rail Line


Hung Hom ↔ Lo Wu / Lok Ma Chau

(Identification Color: light blue         )

The East Rail Line, one of the 10 MTR lines in Hong Kong, used to be one of the three lines of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR) network. First known as the KCR British Section, it is now called KCR East Rail. It starts at Hung Hom Station in Kowloon and terminate at Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations, both of which are boundary crossing points into Shenzhen. Through trains starting from Hung Hom to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing also use this railway. Custom facilities are available at Hung Hom (for Through Train passengers) and Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau (for border interchange passengers).

Inside the Subway Train
Inside the Subway Train

Length: 34km
No. of stations: 14
Journey time: 45 minutes
Districts: Yau Tsim Mong, Kowloon City, Sha Tin, Tai Po, North, Yuen Long


Hung Hom – Mong Kok East – Kowloon Tong – Tai Wai – Sha Tin – Fo Tan /  Racecourse – University – Tai Po Market – Tai Wo – Fanling – Sheung Shui – Lo Wu / Lok Ma Chau (Futian Port)
See subway maps for reference.

Transfers along East Rail Line

  Hung Hom (Transfer with West Rail Line)
  Kowloon Tong (Transfer with Kwun Tong Line)
  Tai Wai (Transfer with Ma On Shan Line

East Rail Line Service Hours

Hong Hom: 05:30 - 00:25
Lo Wu: 05:55 - 00:30
Lok Ma Chau: 06:38 - 22:55

East Rail Line Schedule

To Lo Wu To Lok Ma Chau To Hung Hom To Sheung Shui
Station First Train Last Train First Train Last Train First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Hung Hom 05:30 23:07 05:35 21:35 N/A N/A 05:30 00:25
Mong Kok East 05:33 23:10 05:28 21:38 05:47 01:07 05:28 00:28
Kowloon Tong 05:36 23:13 05:30 21:41 05:45 01:04 05:30 00:31
Tai Wai 05:40 23:17 05:35 21:45 05:40 00:59 05:35 00:35
Sha Tin 05:35 23:20 05:37 21:48 05:38 00:57 05:35 00:38
Fo Tan 05:37 23:23 05:40 21:51 05:59 00:54 05:37 00:41
Universtiy 05:41 23:27 05:44 21:55 05:56 00:51 05:41 00:45
Tai Po Market 05:47 23:33 05:50 22:01 05:50 00:45 05:47 00:51
Tai Wo 05:49 23:35 05:52 22:03 05:47 00:42 05:49 00:53
Fanling 05:54 23:41 05:58 22:08 05:42 00:37 05:54 00:59
Sheung Shui 05:57


06:00 22:11 05:40 00:35 N/A N/A
Lo Wu N/A N/A N/A N/A 05:55 00:30 05:55 00:30
Lok Ma Chau N/A N/A N/A N/A 06:38 22:55 06:38 22:55


Weekdays, Sundays and Public Holidays Saturdays
Morning Peak Hours Evening Peak Hour Non-peak Hours / Sundays and Public Holidays Morning Peak Hours Evening Peak Hours Non-peak Hours
Hung Hom - Sheung Shui 2.6 to 8 minutes 4 to 8 3.5 to 8 2.6 to 8 4 to 8 4 to 8
Hung Hom - Lo Wu 6 to 8 6 to 8 5.5 to 8 6 to 8 6 to 8 6 to 8
Hung Hom - Lok Ma Chau 10 to 12 10 to 12 10 to 14 10 to 12 10 to 12 12 to 14
Note: In the early morning and late night, train frequency will be reduced to every 12 minutes.

Stations along East Rail Line:

 Hung Hom
Harbourfront Horizon All-suite Hotel, Harbourview Horizon All-suite Hotel, Harbour Plaza Metropolis, Hotel Nikko Hong Kong, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hotel
Auto Plaza, Chinachem Golden Plaza, China Travel Hip Kee Godown, Concordia Plaza, East Ocean Centre, Empire Centre, Energy Plaza, Harbour Crystal Centre, MTR Hung Hom Building, New East Ocean Centre, New Mandarin Plaza, Peninsula Centre, South Seas Centre, The Metropolis Tower, Hong Kong Science Museum
Destination Routes Exit
Ho Man Tin Estate Bus 8 / Minibus 8 A3 / A3
Ka Wai Chuen Bus 5C, 8, 11K, 21 / Minibu 8 A3 / A3
MTR Kowloon Station (Airport Express) Bus K1 (#) C2
Oi Man Estate Bus 8 A3
The Opening University of HK Minibus 8 A3
To Kwa Wan Bus 5C, 11K, 11X, 21 A3
Whampoa Estate Bus 8A A3
Whampoa Garden Minibus 6A, 6, 26 A3
(#) Airport Express Shuttle Bus passengers are asked to provide proof of eligibility before boarding.

 Mong Kok East
Langham Place Hotel, Metropark Hotel Kowloon, Metropark Hotel Mongkok, Royal Plaza Hotel, Standford Hotel 
Bird Garden, Chong Hing Square, Flower Market, Grand Century Place, Grand Tower Shopping Centre, King Wah Centre, Langham Place, Mongkok Computer Centre, Pioneer Centre, Sincere Podium
Allied Plaza, Argyle Centre, Bank Centre, Chow Tai Fook Centre, CTMA Centre, Ginza Square, Hollywood Plaza, HSBC Building Mongkok, Mongkok City Centre, Park-in Commercial Centre, Sino Centre
Destination Routes Exit
Argyle Street Jockey Club School Dental Clinic
Chun Seen Mei Chuen
Evangel Hospital
Hong Kong Eye Hospital
Hospital Authority Building
Kowloon Hospital 
Bus 24 C
Cosmopolitan Estate Minbus 12B, 12A C
Metro Harbour View Minibus 12B C
Park Avenue Bus 79K B
Tai Kok Tsui Minibus 21K C

 Kowloon Tong

Kowloon Tong Station
Kowloon Tong Station

Festival Walk
Business Environment Council, EPD Indoor Air Quality Information Centre, Hong Kong Productivity Council,  InnoCentre

Destination Routes Exit
Broadcast Drive / Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
Hong Kong Baptist University - Ho Sin Hang Campus
Minibus 29A E, F
Beacon Hill Minibus 29B E, E
Hong Kong Baptist University - Shaw Campus / 
Baptist University Road Campus
Tung Tau Estate
Minibus 25M E, F
San Po Kong Bus 85 C1, C2

 Tai Wai
Che Kung Temple, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Sun Chui Shopping Centre, Tsang Tai UK
Destination Routes Exit
Carado Garden Minibus 68K / Bus 46X, 86B, 88K B
Fu Shan Minibus 64K A, D
Granville Garden / Park View Garden Minibus 63B A, D
Hin Keng Estate / Ka Tin Court / Ka Keng Court Bus 803K, 46X, 86B, 88K B
Lung Hang Estate Minibus 68K / Bus 46X, 86B, 88K B
Mei Chung Court / May Shing Court Minibus 63A A, D
Mei Lam Estate Minibus 63A, 63B, 63K A, D
Parc Royale / Julimount Garden Minibus 68K B
Tai Wai New Village Minibus 64A, 64K A, D
Union Hospital Minibus 68K B
Worldwide Garden Minibus 61M B
 Sha Tin
Regal Riverside Hotel, Royal Park Hotel
Grand Central Plaza, Leisure and Cultural Services Headquarters, New Town Tower
Destination Routes Exit
Greenwood Terrace / Ville De Jardin Minibus 69K A1, B
HKGGA Pok Hong Camp Site Minibus 809K A1, B
Hong Kong Heritage Museum Bus 282 / Minibus 68K A1, A3, B
Science Park Minibus 27 A1, B
Kau To Minibus 66K A1, B
Shatin Lodge Minibus 62K A1, B
Sui Wo Court Bus 80M, 81K / Minibus 69K A1, A3, B
Villa Athena, Ma On Shan Minibus 810 A3

 Fo Tan
Jubilee Square, Metropole, Plaza Ascot, Plaza Ascot, Topsail Plaza
CLP Power, Corporation Centre, Delta House, Ever Gain Centre, Fo Tan Industrial Area, Fo Tan Railway House, Grandtech Centre, Li Fung Centre, Ngan Shing Commercial Centre, Shatin Galleria, Sui Fai Factory Estate, Watson, Immigration Department
Destination Routes Exit
Fo Tan Industrial Area Minibus 801, 811, 811A A
Royal Ascot Bus 88K A
Sui Wo Court / Greenwood Terrace Minibus 811, 811A A

Hyatt Regency, Sha Tin 
Bio-Informatics Centre, Biotech Centre 1 & 2, Car Park Building, Charles K. Kao Auditorium, Core Building 1 & 2, Enterprise Place, Green 18, Harbour View 1 & 2, HK Institute of Biotechnology, IC Development Centre, Lakeside 1 & 2, Marine Science Laboratory, Phillips Eletronics Building, Photonics  Centre, SAE Technology Centre, Wireless Centre
 Bus & Ferry
Destination Routes Exit
Science Park Bus 272K B
National Geopark - Ping chau Country TRail Ferry B
Lai Chi Chong Ferry B
Sham Chung Ferry B
Tap Mun Ferry B
Tung Ping Chau Ferry (#) B
(#) Service on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays only

 Tai Po Market 
Destination Routes Exit
Classical Gardens / Ma Wo Minibus 20S A3
Eightland Gardens MTR Bus K12 / Bus 20A, 20B, 20C, 20K A3
Fu Heng Estate / Chung Nga Court Bus 71A, 71K / Minibus 20A A3
Fu Shin Estate / Ming Nga Court MTR Bus 71K A3
HK Institue of Education Bus 74K A3
Hong Kong Railway Museum Minibus 20A, 20C, 20K A3
Kerry Lake Egret Nature Park Bus 74A / Minibus 28K A3
Kwong Fuk Estate / Wang Fuk Court MTR Bus 71K A3
Sam Mun Tsai Bus 74K, 20K A3
Sheung Tsuen / Kadoorie Farm / 
Fong Ma Po
Bus 64K A3
Tai Mei Tuk Bus 75K / Minibus 20C A3
Tai Po Centre / Tai Po Plaza MTR Bus K12 A3
Tai Po Industrial Estate Bus 74K, 75K A3
Tai Po Nethersole Hospital Bus 71K / Minibus 20A A3
Tai Po Waterfront Park Bus 275R (#) A3
Tai Yuen Estate Bus 75K / Minibus 20A, 20B, 20C, 20K A3
Tung Tsz Bus 20B A3
Wan Tau Tong Estate Minibus 20S, 23K A3
Wu Kau Tang Bus 275R (#) / Minibus 20C A3
Wun yiu / San Uk Ka Minibus 23K A3
Yee Nga Court MTR Bus 74K, 75K, 275 / Bus 20B, 20C, 20K A3
(#) Service on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays only

 Tai Wo
Buddhist Cheung Ha Temple, Hong Kong Railway Museum, King Low Ka Shuk Ancestral Hall, Man Mo Temple, Tai Wo Plaza, Tin Hau Temple
Destination Routes Exit
Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital Bus 71K A
Chung Nga Court Bus 71K A
Fong Ma Po (Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree) /
Kadoorie Farm
Bus 64K A
Fu Heng Estate Bus 71K, 73 A
Kau Lung Hang Bus 73, 73A, 25B A
Nam Wa Po Minibus 25A A
Ng Tung Chai Minibus 25K A
Parc Versailles Minibus 21K A
Sheung Tsuen Bus 64K A
Tai Hang Bus 25A, 25B, 73, 73A A
Tai Po Garden Minibus 21K A
Tai Po Industrial Estate Bus 73 A
Wai Tau Tsuen Minibus 21K A

Hong Leong Plaza, Kerry Godown, Sun Ling Plaza
Destination Routes Exit
Avon Park / Dawning Views / Flora Plaza /
King Shing Court / Wah Sum Estate
Bus 76K, 273, 273A / Minibus 501K B / C
Belair Monte / Regentville /
Wing Fai Centre / Wing Fok Centre
Minibus 52A, 54A, 56A A
Cheerful Park / Glamour Garden / 
Greenpark Villa / Vienna Garden
Bus 76K, 273A B
Lau Shui Heung / Hok Tau Minibus 52B C
Luen Wo Hui / Union Plaza Bus 278K / Minibus 52A, 54A, 56A A / A
Luk Keng Minibus 56K C
Lung Yeuk Tau Minibus 54K C
Ping Che / Wan Chuen Sin Koon Minibus 52K C
Sha Tau Kok Bus 78K A
Siu Hang Tsuen Minibus 56C C
Tan Chuk Hang Minibus 56B C
Wah Ming Estate / Yung Shing Court Bus 76K, 273, 273A / Minibus 501 A B / C
Yan Shing Court Bus 273A / Minibus 501K B / C

 Sheung Shui
Advanced Technology Centre, Cambridge Plaza, Hi Tech Centre, Landmark North
Destination Routes Exit
Cheerful Park / Greenpark Villa Bus 76K, 273A A2, C
Ching Ho Estate Bus 273B A3, D1
Kwu Tung (South) / Europa Garden Minibus 50A A3, D1
Hang Tau Minibus 50K A3, D1
Ho Sheung Heung Minibus 51K A3, D1
Ki Lun Tsuen Minibus 605 A3, D1
Lin Ma Hang Minibus 59K A3, D1
Man Kam To Bus 73K A4
North District Hospital / Tai Ping Estate Bus 73, 273A, 276A A2, C
Tai Ping Estate Minibus 58K A3, D1
Ping Kong Minibus 58K A3, D1
Sha Tau Kok Bus 78K / Minibus 55K A2, C / A3, D1
Ta Kwu Ling / Wan Chuen Sin Koon Bus 79K A4
Tin Ping Estate / On Shing Court Bus 270 / Minibus 55K A3 / D1
Tong Kung Leng / Tsiu Keng Minibus 57K A3, D1
Tsui Lai Garden Bus 270 A3, D1

1. Mong Kok East Station and Mong Kok Station (Tsuen Wan Line and Kwun Tong Line), are not interconnected stations. Take a 10 to 15 minutes pedestrian transfer by a footbridge.
2. Fo Tan and Racecourse are parallel stations. Racecourse is reached when horseracing or a special event is on at Sha Tin Racecourse.
3. The Information Centers at MTR stations on the East Rail Line handle general customer inquiries and souvenirs sale. Here below is about their opening hours:
Lo Wu: 08:00 to 17:00   Lok Ma Chau: 09:00 to 12:00
- Last updated on Jun. 20, 2022 -
Questions & Answers on Hong Kong MTR - East Rail Line
Asked by Rich from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 09, 2020 23:25Reply
How many hours travel from fanling to central station
Answers (1)
Answered by Anthony from UKRAINE | Feb. 12, 2020 16:59

Take East Rail Line from Fanling Station to Kowloon Tong Station and transfer to Kwun Tong Line to Mong Kok Station. Then take Tsuen Wan Line to Central Station. In general, it takes around 65 mins on the way with the fare of 22HKD per person.
Asked by uvex from HONG KONG | Jun. 25, 2018 22:10Reply
From Tuen Mun to East Rail Stations
I am in Tuen Mun, at 6am is there any type of public transportation for going from Tuen Mun to any of the East Rail Stations? I need to get to Lok Ma Chau at 7:30am.
Thank you for your help.
Answers (1)
Answered by Pine from PANAMA | Jun. 26, 2018 22:07

You can take west railway line from Tuen Mun at 6am. to Yuen Long. Get out of the exit E and walk about 200m to take bus line B1 to Lok Ma Chau. It takes about 1 hour to get there.
Asked by Urs Ehrbar from SWITZERLAND | Sep. 11, 2017 12:22Reply
Hongkong via Shenzhen to Guilin with train
Hello all
I want to travel from Wan Chai (Hongkong Island) to Guilin via Shenzhen North with the highspeed train (leaving at 11:45hrs).
My questions:
1) at what time I have to leave on a Sunday morning ( 8th of October) at Wan Chai?
2) With what means of Transport should I travel to Shenzhen North?
3) How much time do I have to calculate for the immigration procedure at Fution Port (with valid Visum)?

My plan: take Island line to Admiralty, change to Tsuen Wan line until Mong Kok, Change to Kwun Tong line until Kowloon Tong and there continue with East Rail Line to Fution Port. There it should be possible to transfer to line 4 towards Shenzhen North Train Station (?)
Thank you very much for your tips.
Best Regards
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen from CANADA | Sep. 12, 2017 02:39

Well, your plan is right, and the metro in HK takes about 80 minutes, generally, the immigration procedure takes 15-20 minutes, and the metro line 4 of Shenzhen takes about 20 minutes to North Station.

You are suggested to Shenzhen North 1 hour earlier, so you can depart around 08:00-08:30.
Asked by Phil from USA | May. 24, 2017 18:07Reply
Kowloon Station to Hung Hom by Taxi
Hello, just to make sure I have enough time. I will leave Kowloon station to Hung Hom to take the East rail line to Lok Ma Chau, cross border, and take the 2:43 pm train to Guangzhou. It that enough time?

Would taci from Kowloon station to Hung Hom faster than metro?
Thank you very much
Answers (1)
Answered by Jim from GERMANY | May. 27, 2017 03:49

1. May I know when you will start your trip from Kowloon station?
2. Generally speaking, the taxi will be faster than the metro without any traffic jam.
Asked by Phil from USA | May. 20, 2017 20:53Reply
Transportation from Kowloon Station to Hung Hom Station
Hello, beside taxi, what are the quickest way to get there with one luggage? Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Paul from CANADA | May. 24, 2017 04:55

You can take Tung Chung Line at Kowloon Station to Nam Cheong Station and transfer West Rail Line to Hung Hom Station directly. This trip will take around 25 minutes. The ticket fare is HK$6.2/person.
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