Tuen Ma Line


Tuen Mun ↔ Wu Kai Sha

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The Tuen Ma Line, one of the ten lines of Hong Kong MTR, is composed of the original West Rail, Ma On Shan Line, and the connecting section in the middle. It links Tuen Mun in western New Territories and Wu Kai Sha in Sha Tin District, traversing Hong Kong in west-east direction. There are 27 stations, but only 10 of them were built underground, with the others above ground.

Hong Kong Subway
Hong Kong Subway
Length: 56.5km (35.1mi)
No. of stations: 12
Journey time: about 80 minutes
Districts: Sha Tin, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon City, Yau Tsim Mong, Sham Shui Po, Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long, Tuen Mun


Tuen Mun – Siu Hong – Tin Shui Wai – Long Ping – Yuen Long – Kam Sheung Road – Tsuen Wan West – Mei Foo –Nam Cheong – Austin – East Tsim Sha Tsui – Hung Hom – Ho Man Tin – To Kwa Wan – Sung Wong Toi – Kai Tak – Diamond Hill – Hin Keng – Tai Wai – Che Kung Temple – Sha Tin Wai – City One – Shek Mun – Tai Shui Hang – Heng On – Ma On Shan – Wu Kai Sha
See subway maps for reference.


 Tuen Mun / Siu Hong / Tin Shui Wai / Yuen Long (Transfer with Light Rail)
 Mei Foo (Transfer with Tsuen Wan Line)
 Nam Cheong (Transfer with Tung Chung Line)
 Hung Hom (Transfer with East Rail Line
 Ho Man Tin / Diamond Hill (Transfer with Kwun Tong Line)
 Tai Wai (Transfer with East Rail Line)

Tuen Ma Line Service Hours

Tuen Mun: 05:35 - 01:20
Hung Hom: 05:20 - 01:25
Wu Kai Sha: 05:28 - 01:35

Tuen Ma Line Timetable

To Tuen Mun To Hung Hom To Wu Kai Sha
Station First Train Last Train First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Tuen Mun N/A N/A 05:45 00:15 05:45 00:09
Siu Hong 06:17 01:17 05:48 00:18 05:48 00:12
Tin Shui Wai 06:12 01:03 05:52 00:22 05:52 00:16
Long Ping 06:09 01:00 05:55 00:25 05:55 00:19
Yuen Long 06:07 00:58 05:57 00:27 05:57 00:21
Kam Sheung Road 06:03 00:54 06:01 00:31 06:01 00:25
Tsuen Wan West 06:09 00:48 06:07 00:37 06:07 00:31
Mei Foo 06:04 00:43 06:12 00:42 06:12 00:36
Nam Cheong 06:01 00:40 06:15 00:45 06:15 00:39
Austin 05:58 00:37 06:18 00:48 06:18 00:42
East Tsim Sha Tsui 05:55 00:34 06:01 00:50 06:01 00:45
Hung Hom 05:53 00:32 N/A N/A 06:04 00:47
Ho Man Tin 06:14 00:30 06:14 00:50 06:06 00:49
To Kwa Wan 06:12 00:27 06:12 00:47 06:08 00:51
Sung Wong Toi 06:10 00:25 06:10 00:45 06:10 00:53
Kai Tak 06:08 00:23 06:08 00:43 06:12 00:55
Diamond Hill 06:05 00:21 06:05 00:41 06:14 00:58
Hin Keng 06:00 00:16 06:00 00:36 06:18 01:02
Tai Wai 05:58 00:14 05:58 00:34 05:40 01:05
Che Kung Temple 05:56 00:12 05:56 00:32 05:42 01:07
Sha Tin Wai 05:53 00:09 05:53 00:29 05:44 01:09
City One 05:51 00:07 05:51 00:27 05:46 01:12
Shek Mun 05:49 00:05 05:49 00:25 05:48 01:14
Tai Shui Hang 05:45 00:01 05:45 00:21 05:52 01:18
Heng On 05:43 23:59 05:43 00:19 05:54 01:20
Ma On Shan 05:41 23:57 05:41 00:17 05:56 01:22
Wu Kai Sha 05:38 23:54 05:38 00:14 N/A N/A


Weekdays Morning Peak Hours 2.7 - 3 minutes
Evening Peak Hours 3.3 - 3.5 minutes
Non-peak Hours 6 - 7 minutes
Saturdays 4.7 - 7.3 minutes
Sundays and Public Holidays 6 - 7.3 minutes

Surroundings & Bus Routes near Stations along the Line:

 Tuen Mun
 Surroundings: Hotel COZi Resort, pentahotel HK, K-Point, The Trend Plaza Shopping Arcade, Tin Hau Temple, Tin Hau Temple Plaza, Chelsea Heights Shopping Arcade, Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Tuen Mun Parklane Square, Tuen Mun Cultural Square, Tuen Mun District Health Center, Tuen Mun Park
 Bus Routes
Destination Routes Exit
Butterfly Beach / Lung Kwu Tan MTR Feeder Bus K52, K52A C2
Butterfly Estate / Sun Tuen Mun Center MTR Feeder Bus 506 B
Castte Peak Bay MTR Feeder Bus K53, K51, K51A / MTR Feeder Bus K58 (peak hours only, with no service on Sun. & public holidays) C2 / C1
Chi Lok Fa Yuen MTR Feeder Bus K52, K53, K51, K51A C2
Gold Coast MTR Feeder Bus K53, K51, K51A C2
Goodview Garden / Tuen Mun Ferry Pier Light Rail Line 507 B
So Kwun Wat MTR Feeder Bus K53, K51A / Minibus 43 C2 / F2
Tai Hing Garden Minibus 45 F2
Tai Lam MTR Feeder Bus K51 C2

 Siu Hong
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Fu Tai Estate / Lingnan University MTR Feeder Bus K58 (e), K51 / Minibus 46 A
Tsing Chuen Wai Minibus 42 E
Wo Tin Estate / Ching Tin Estate MTR Feeder Bus K54 E
(e) Peak hours only, no service on Sundays and public holidays.

 Tin Shui Wai
 Surroundings: Harbour Plaza Resort City Hotel, Ping Shan Heritage Trail, Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda, Kingswood Richly Plaza, Tin Shui Wai Park, Tin Shui Wai Health Centre
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Ha Pak Nai Minibus 33 B
Ha Tsuen MTR Feeder Bus K75, K75A,K75P / Minibus 34A B
Hong Kong Wetland Park / TWGHs Tin Sau Bazaar Light Rail 705 / 706 E1 / E3
Hotel COZi Wetland / Hung Fuk Estate / Hung Shui Kiu / Lau Fau Shan MTR Feeder Bus K75P / MTR Feeder Bus K65 B
Sha Kiu Minibus 35 B
Shenzhen Bay Port Bus B2P B

 Long Ping
 Surroundings: Yuen Long Plaza, One North, Lai Sun Yuen Long Centre, Yuen Long Centre, Jockey Club Town, Long Ping Sports Center
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Shing Uk Tsuen / Ng Uk Tsuen / Tai Tseng Wai / Tung Tau Wai Minibus 74 E
Sung Shan New Village Minibus 73 B1
Tai Tong Wong Nai Tun Tsuen / Tai Lam Country Park MTR Feeder Bus K66 B1
Yuen Long Industrial Estate MTR Feeder Bus K68 / Minibus 74 E
Yuen Long Park / Yuen Long Theatre MTR Feeder Bus K68 B1
Yuen Long Town Hall MTR Feeder Bus K66, K68 B1

 Yuen Long
 Surroundings: YOHO Mall, AG Yuen Long Gospel Center, Pok Oi Hospital
 Bus Route:
Destination Routes Exit
Fairview Park Minibus 36 / Bus NR93 G1
Fung Kat Heung Minibus 603 G1
Kwan Lok Lane Minibus 611B (morning peak only) G2
Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Public Transport Interchange Bus B1 / Minibus 75 G1
Mai Po Bus 76K / Minibus 75, 76 G2 / G1
Pak Wai Tsuen Minibus 601 G1
Park YOHO Bus 68, 68F G2
Pok Oi Hospital MTR Feeder Bus K74 / Bus 54, 64K, 76K, 77K / Minibus 609 G2 / G2 / G1
Shan Ha Tsuen Minibus 604 G1
Shenzhen Bay Port Bus B2 G1
Tai Shang Wai Rural Office Minibus 36 G1
Tai Kong Po Minibus 602 G1
Tan Kwai Tsuen Minibus 32 G1
Lau Fau Shan MTR Feeder Bus K65 G1
The Parcville Minibus 611A (morning peak only), 611 G2
Tong Yan San Tsuen Minibus 31 G1
Yau Tam Mei Village Office Minibus 37 G1
Wang Toi Shan Minibus 608 G2

 Kam Sheung Road
 Surroundings: The Richfield, ELCHK Kam Sheung Life Lutheran Church, MTR Kam Tin Building, S.K.H. St. Joseph's Church
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Fong Ma Po (Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree) / Kadoorie Farm Bus 64K C
Kam Tin Town Bus 54, 77K / Bus 251B / Minibus 602, 608 C
Lok Ma Chau (San Tin) Public Transport Interchange Minibus 78 C
Lui Kung Tin Minibus 72, 72M (peak hours only, with no service on Sun. & public holidays) C
Pak Wai Tsuen / Shui Tau / Shui Mei Minibus 601, 601B (peak hours only) C
Pat Heung Wang Toi Shan Bus 77K / Minibus 608 C
Shek Wu Tong (Ho Pui) Minibus 71, 71A C
Sheung Tsuen Bus 54, 251A, 251B / Minibus 72 C
Tai Kong Po Minibus 602 C
Park YOHO Minibus 620 C

 Tsuen Wan West
 Hotels: Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West, Panda Hotel, Sillka Far East Hotel 
 More Surroundings: Citywalk, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Nina Mall, Skyline Plaza, Nina Fossil Garden, Tsuen Wan Park, Tsuen Wan Pier, Tusen Wan Riviera Park, Waterfront Walkway
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Bayview Garden / Belvedere Garden Bus 34 / Minibus 96P (Peak hours only) A1, E1, C3 / A1
Kwai Shing Circuit Minibus 87K E2
Ma Wan Park / Park Island Bus NR331S / Ferry to Park Island D
Riviera Gardens Minibus 99 E2
Sea Crest Villa / Sham Tseng Bus 53, 234A, 234B / Minibus 96 A1, E1, C3
Shek Lei / Shek Yam Estate Bus 31 / Minibus 86 A1, E1, C3 / E2
Shek Wai Kok / Cheung Shan / Lei Muk Shue Bus 36 A1, E1, C3
Shing Mun Country Park Bus 94S (Sundays & public holidays only) E2
Tai Mo Shan Country Park Bus 51 D
Tsing Lung Tau / Hong Kong Garden Bus 53 / Minibus 96 D / E2
Tsuen Wan Centre Minibus 95 E2
Tsuen Wan Station Minibus 95K / Minibus 301M (peak hours only) E2 / A1
Yan Chai Hospital Bus 39A A1, E1, C3
Ting Kau Bus 234B / Bus 53 / Minibus 96 A1, E1, C3 / D / E2

 Mei Foo
 Surroundings: Heritage Lodge, Lingnan Garden, Mei Foo Plaza, Mount Sterling Mall, Nob Hill Square, KMB Headquarters, Kwai Chung Hospital, Lai Wan Market, Post Office
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Ching Lai Court Minibus 90A, 90M, 90P, 92M A
Kwai Chung Hospital Minibus 90A A
Cheung Sha Wan Hoi Lai Estate Minibus 81K C1, D
Princess Margaret Hospital Minibus 90P A
Lai Yiu Estate / Princess Margaret Hospital 
(Lai King Building)
Minibus 90M A
Wah Yuen Chuen Minibus 92M A

 Nam Cheong
 Surroundings: Dragon Center, Nam Cheong Place, Sham Shui Po Fabric Market, Nam Cheong Park
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Hoi Lai Estate Bus 12, 701, 702, 914, 971 A1

 Hotels: BP International, Prince Hotel, The Harbourview Place, The Lodge, The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers, W Hong Kong, West Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton HK
 Leisure/Shopping: Broadway Cinematheque, China Hong Kong City, Elements, Harbour City , HK Heritage Discovery Centre, Jade Hawker Bazaar
 More Surroundings: International Commerce Centre, The Gateway Tower, Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal, West Kowloon Cultural District

 East Tsim Sha Tsui
Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Hyatt Regency T.S.T, Imperial Hotel, InterContinental Grand Stanford, Kimberley Hotel, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, Langham Hotel, Chelsea Hotel, Best Western Plus Hotel Kowloon, Regal Kowloon Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Stanford Hillview Hotel, The Kowloon Hotel, The Luxe Manor, The Peninsula, The Royal Garden, The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers
Avenue of Stars, Cameron Plaza, Carnarvon Plaza, China Hong Kong City, CKE Shopping Mall, fhp Shopping Centre, Harbour City, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Heritage Discovery Centre, Museum of Art, Museum of History, Science Museum, Space Museum, Lippo Sun Plaza, Victoria Dockside, Park Lane Shoppers' Boulevard
 More Surroundings:
Hong Kong Pacific Center, Humphrey Plaza, Mirror Tower, Prestige Tower, Silvercord, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Kowloon City (Wyler Garden) Minibus 26 C2, R

 Hung Hom
 Hotels: Harbourfront Horizon All-suite Hotel, Harbourview Horizon All-suite Hotel, Harbour Plaza Metropolis, Bridal Tea House Hotel, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hotel
 More Surroundings:
Kwun Yum Temple, HK Science Museum, Chinachem Golden Plaza, Concordia Plaza, East Ocean Centre, Empire Centre, New Mandarin Plaza, The Metropolis Tower, Hong Kong Coliseum

 Ho Man Tin
Bridal Tea House Hotel-Gillies Avenue South, Kwun Yum Temple, Homantin Plaza, Oi Man Plaza, Chung Yee Street Garden, Ho Man Tin Park
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Cascades / Chun Man Court / Oi Man Estate / Ho Man Tin Estate Minibus 8M B2
HKMU Main Campus / Pui Ching Primary School Minibus 27M A1
Wyler Gardens Minibus 28MS B2

 To Kwa Wan
 Surroundings: O'Hotel, iclub To Kwa Wan Hotel, Cattle Depot Artist Village, BMW House, Hoi Sham Park, Kowloon City Ferry Pier, To Kwa Wan Recreation Ground, To Kwa Wan Sports Center, To Kwa Wan Baptist Church

 Sung Wong Toi 
 Surroundings: Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees, Regal Oriental Hotel, Kowloon City Plaza, Carpenter Road Park, HKSKH Holy Trinity Cathedral, Sung Wong Toi Garden
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Hong Kong Children's Hospital / Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Bus 22 / Bus 22M B2 / D
Kowloon City Ferry Pier Minibus 49 D
La Salle College Minibus 25A B2

 Kai Tak
pentahotel HK Kowloon, Ching Long Shopping Center, Richland Gardens Shopping Center, Yue Xiu Plaza, Kai Tak Avenue Park, Kai Tak Community Hall, Kai Tak Station Square
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Kowloon City Ferry Pier Minibus 49 B
Kowloon City Magistrates' Courts / Hospital Authority Building Bus 20 B
Hong Kong Children's Hospital Bus 22 B
Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Bus 22M A

 Diamond Hill
 Surroundings: Plaza Hollywood, Maxgrand Plaza, Diamond Hill Baptist Church, Nan Lian Garden
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Diamond Hill Cemetery / Tsz Wan Shan Minibus 19, 19M C2
Fung Tak Estate / Hilltop Gardens Minibus 33A C2
Grand View Garden Minibus 19A C2
HK UNESCO Global Geopark-High Island Geo Trail Bus 96R (Sun. & public holidays only) C2
King Tung Street Minibus 79M A2
Po Kong Village Road School Village Minibus 19M, 33A C2
San Po Kong Minibus 19 C2

 Hin Keng
 Surroundings: Hin Keng Shopping Center, Hin Keng Sports Center, Hin Tin Playground
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
World-Wide Gardens Bus 281M (m) / Bus 80, 85B (m), 87B A
Julimount Garden Minibus 68S A
(m) Service in peak hours only; No service on Staur., Sun., and public holidays.

 Tai Wai
 Surroundings: Che Kung Temple, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Grandeur Shopping Arcade, Sun Chui Shopping Centre, Tasang Tai UK, Sha Tin Park, Tai Wai Social Service Building
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Carado Garden / Lung Hang Estate Minibus 68K / Bus 46X, 88K / Bus 286X B / B / D
Fu Shan Minibus 64K A, D
Granville Garden / Parkview Garden Minibus 63B A, D
May Shing Court Minibus 63A A, D
Mei Lam Estate Minibus 63A, 63B, 63K / Bus 286X A, D / F
Parc Royale / Julimount Garden / Union Hospital Minibus 68K B
Tai Wai New Village Minibus 64A, 64K A, D
Tung Lo Wan Hill Minibus 481B B
Worldwide Garden Minibus 61M B

 Che Kung Temple
Che Kung Temple, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Tsang Tai UK, HK JEBN Group Center
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Hong Kong Heritage Museum Bus 282 / Minibus 68K D
Sun Tin Wai Estate Bus 281M, 87B, 81K B

 Sha Tin Wai 
Regal Riverside Hotel, Tsang Tai UK, HK Education City, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sha Lek Corner
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Garden Riviera / Greenwood Garden /
Lai Shing Garden / Regal Riverside Hotel / Shatin Park / Tsok Pok Hang Village
Minibus 809K D
Shui Chuen O Estate Bus 287X, 288, 288A / Minibus 812, 812A D / B

 City One
Fortune City One, Fortune City One Plus, Citimark Plaza, Crown Worldwide Building, Goldlion Holidings Centre, Hong Kong School of Motoring, Swire Coca-Cola HK Ltd.
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Castello / Hong Lam Court / Kwong Lam Court / Kwong Yuen Estate / Wong Nai Tau Bus 49X, 86, 281A, 83K / Minibus 804 / Minibus 65A, 65K D / B / D
Shatin Hospital Minibus 808, 808P (Morning peak hours only, having no service on Sun. & holidays) B

 Shek Mun
 Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin, Alva Hotel by Royal
 More Surroundings:
Shek Mun Shopping Center, CLP HK Ltd. Shatin Centre, Metropole Square, New Commerce Centre, New Trade Plaza, Technology Park, Topsail Plaza, On King Street Park
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Shatin Hospital Minibus 813A (Sperific time or day only) B
Wong Nai Tau Minibus 65M B

 Tai Shui Hang
 Surroundings: We Go Mall, City Farm, STSA Cycling Park
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
La Costa / Ocean View Minibus 810 B
Shatin Hospital Minibus 803, 808, 808P (c), 811S (morning peak hours only) B
(c) It's available in morning peak hours only, having no service on Sundays & public holidays.

 Heng On
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Chung On Estate / Kam Fung Court Minibus 807A C
Yiu On Estate Bus 43X, 81C, 85K, 89C C

 Ma On Shan
 Surroundings: Horizon Suite Hotel, Ma On Shan Plaza, MOSTown, Ma On Shan Park, Ma On Shan Recreation Ground, Ma On Shan Divisional Police Station
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Kam Ying Court / Saddle Ridge Garden / Lee On Estate Bus 40X, 85M, 86K, 87D, 87K, 89D / Minibus 803, 808 A1, A2
Nai Chung / Symphony Bay Bus 299 / Minibus 807B, 807K A1, A2
Park Belvedere Minibus 803, 807K A1, A2
Sai Sha Road / Wong Chuk Wan / Shui Long Wo Bus 99 / Minibus 807B A1, A2
Sai Kung Bus 99 A1, A2
Tseng Tau Minibus 807K A1, A2

 Wu Kai Sha
 Bus Routes:
Destination Routes Exit
Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly / Nai Chung / Symphony Bay Bus 99 / Minibus 807B, 807K B
Sai Kung Bus 99 B
Shui Long Wo / Sai Sha Road / Wong Chuk Wan Bus 99 / Minibus 807B B
Tseng Tau Minibus 807K B

Tusen Wan West Station of the West Rail Line and Tsuen Wan Station of Tsuen Wan Line are not connected. But green minibus route 95K serves between the two stations. Moreover, it is a 15 to 20 minutes' pedestrian transfer.
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Questions & Answers on Hong Kong MTR - Tuen Ma Line
Asked by netz from HONG KONG | May. 11, 2021 09:09Reply
how to get to wu kai sha beach from the mtr?

Answers (1)
Answered by Lincoln | May. 17, 2021 01:27

Can you provide the detailed starting point?
Asked by Terrence lau from HK | Nov. 23, 2018 03:19Reply
How much time it take from hung hom to yuen long?
Answers (1)
Answered by Carl from USA | Nov. 25, 2018 18:49

About 50 minutes.
Asked by Carmen from USA | Oct. 01, 2018 20:26Reply
How do I travel from Lam Tin to Long Ping with luggages?
We would like to travel from Lam Tin to Long Ping but with 3 medium-sized luggage. I know A22 airbus allow passengers with luggage. If we take A22, where should we get off and get on West Rail from Hunghom Station? Is this a possible route? Please suggest alternatives.
Answers (2)
Answered by Kelly from USA | Oct. 09, 2018 01:36

I searched the bus online and it is not a suitable route by A22 from the Lan Tin to Long Ping. You don't need to take any buses. You just need to take the MTR(Kwun Tong Line) at Lam Tin station and get off at Long Ping station. Then at the same station, transfer to take the MTR (West Rail Line). The Long Ping station is one stop of the West Rail Line.
Answered by Carmen Lee from USA | Oct. 12, 2018 08:18

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your help.
Asked by Gangadhara from USA | Sep. 09, 2018 04:06Reply
How do I get to Hilton Garden Inn on Soy street/Kowloon from HKG airport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from HUNGARY | Sep. 11, 2018 20:36

You can take the Bus Line A21 to Sino Center, Nathan Road and then walk west about 8 minutes to get to the hotel.
Asked by Kelly from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 18, 2016 05:06Reply
How to get from Hong Kong Airport to HK Best and Western Plus Hotel?
What train line and what station?

Thanks so much!
Answers (1)
Answered by Isaac from UNITED KINGDOM | Nov. 18, 2016 19:58

Upon landing, it's suggested to take bus no.A12 from Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) to Water Street. The trip takes around 45 mins. And the ticket fare is 45 HKD per person. Then walk southeast around 50 yards.
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