Tsuen Wan Line


Tsuen Wan ↔ Central

(Identification Color: red      )


Tsuen Wan – Tai Wo Hau – Kwai Hing – Kwai Fong – Lai King – Mei Foo – Lai Chi Kok – Cheung Sha Wan – Sham Shui Po – Prince Edward – Mong Kok – Yau Ma Tei – Jordan – Tsim Sha Tsui – Admiralty – Central
See subway maps for reference.

Transfers along Tsuen Wan Line:

 Lai King (Transfer with Tung Chung Line)
 Mei Foo (Transfer with West Rail Line)
 Prince Edward (Transfer with Kwun Tong Line)
 Mong Kok (Transfer with Kwun Tong Line)
 Tsim Sha Tsui (Transfer with West Rail Line)
 Admiralty (Transfer with Island Line and South Island Line)
 Central (Transfer with Island Line)

Type: Heavy rail
Length: 16km
No. of stations: 16
Journey time: 30 minutes
Districts: Central and Western, Yau Tsim Mong, Sham Shui Po, Kwai Tsing, Tsuen Wan

The Tsuen Wan Line starts at Central station on Hong Kong Island and runs through western Kowloon to the southwestern New Territories, where it ends at Tsuen Wan station. As it goes under Victoria Harbour from Central to the busy areas on Nathan Road (Tsim Sha Tsui, Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok) and continuing to densely populated Sham Shui Po, it is a very heavily traveled line.

 Time for the first train and last train of Tsuen Wan Line:
Tsuen Wan: 06:00 - 00:30
Central: 06:06 - 00:54

 Service Hours of Each Station along Tsuen Wan Line:

To Central To Tsuen Wan
Station First Train Last Train First Train Last Tain
Tsuen Wan 06:00 00:30 N/A N/A
Tai Wo Hau 06:01 00:31 06:34 01:22
Kwai Hing 06:04 00:33 06:32 01:20
Kwai Fong 06:05 00:35 06:30 01:18
Lai King 06:07 00:37 06:28 01:16
Mei Foo 06:10 00:40 06:25 01:13
Lai Chi Kok 06:11 00:41 06:24 01:11
Cheung Sha Wan 06:13 00:43 06:22 01:10
Sham Shui Po 06:14 00:45 06:20 01:08
Prince Edward 06:08 00:47 06:17 01:06
Mong Kok 06:10 00:48 06:16 01:05
Yau Ma Tie 06:01 00:50 06:14 01:03
Jordan 06:03 00:52 06:13 01:01
Tsui Sha Tsui 06:04 00:54 06:11 00:59
Admiralty 06:08 00:57 06:07 00:56
Central N/A N/A 06:06 00:54

 Train Frequency:
Weekdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (mins.) Saturdays (mins.)
Weekdays Morning Peak Hours Weekdays Evening Peak Hours Weekdays Non-peak Hours / Sundays and Public Holidays Morning Peak Hours Evening Peak Hours Non-peak Hours
Tsuen Wan Line 2.0 2.0 3.5 to 5.5 2.5 ----- 4 to 5.5

Stations along Tsuen Wan Line:

 Tsuen Wan
Panda Hotel (Exit B2); Silka Far East Hotel (Exit B2)
Citistore (Exit B2); City Landmark‚Ö†(Exit B2); City Landmark‚Ö°(Exit B2); Citywalk (Exit A1); Concord Square (Exit B1); Emperor Plaza (Exit B1); Grand City Plaza (Exit A3); Lik Sang Plaza (Exit A1); Luk Yeung Galleria (Exit C); New Town Mall (Exit A1); Tsuen Cheong Centre (Exit B2); Tsuen Kam Centre (Exit A3); Tsuen Wan Plaza (Exit A1)
CDW Building (Exit A3); Mega Trade Centre (Exit A4, D); Nan Fung Centre (Exit A1); Nina Tower (Exit B1); 99 Plaza (Exit A1)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Allway Gardens / Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital Bus 39M / 39A, 30, 30X A4, D / A1
Bayview Garden Bus 34M A4, D
Belvedere Garden Minibus 96B A4, D
Cheung Shan Estate Minibus 82M B1
Chuen Lung Minibus 80 B1
Tso Kung Tam Outdoor Recreation Centre Bus 51 A
Chuk Lam Sin Yuen Minibus 85 B1
Gold Coast Bus 53, 61M A1
Lo Wai / Yuen Yuen Institute  Minibus 81 B1
Riviera Garden Bus 238M A2
Sea Crest Villa Bus 234A, 234B A1
Sham Tseng Minibus 96C A4
Bollagio Minibus 96M B2
Shek Wai Kok Estate Minibus 81M B1
Shing Mun Reservior Minibus 82 B1
Tai Mo Shan Country Park Bus 51 A
Tsing Lung Tau Minibus 96M B2
Tsuen Tak Gardens / Summit Terrace Minibus 95A A4, D
Tsuen Wan Centre Minibus 95M / 39M / 39A, 30, 30X A4, D
Tsuen Wan Plaza Minibus 301 A4, D
Tsuen Wan West Station Minibus 95K, 301M (b) / 
234A, 234 B
A4, D
Yau Kom Tau Village Minibus 96A A4, D
(b) Peak hour only
 Tai Wo Hau
Panda Hotel (Exit B); Dorsett Tsuen Wan (Exit B)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Cheung Shan Estate / Shek Wai Kok Estate Bus 32M B
Lei Muk Shue Estate Bus 36 B
On Yam Estate Bus / Minibus 31, 235 / 83A B / B
Riviera Gardens Bus 38A B
Shek Lei Estate Bus / Minibus 31 / 86, 86M B / B
Shek Yam Estate Bus / Minibus 31, 235 / 
86, 86M, 401
B / B

Kwai Hing
Kwai Chung Centre (Exit A); Star Centre (Exit A); Sun Kwai Hing Plaza (Exit A, E)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Kwai Chung Estate Bus / Minibus 44M / 89P B / E
Kwai Shing Bus 37M B / E
Kwai Shing (North / West) Minibus 89M, 89S / 89 C / B, E
Lei Muk Shue Estate Minibus 94, 94A B, E
Shek Lei Estate Bus 43A B, E
Shek Yam Estate Minibus 94, 94A B, E

 Kwai Fong
Kwai Chung Plaza (Exit D); Kwai Fong Plaza (Exit A); Kwai Tsing Theatre (Exit C); Metroplaza (Exit D, E); Tin Hau Temple (Exit A)
Fook Yip Building (Exit C); Golden Dragon Industrial Centre (Exit A); Prosperity Centre (Exit C); Wyler Centre (Exit A)
Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Cheung Ching Estate Bus / Minibus 43M / 88M A / B
Cheung Hong Estate Bus / Minibus 43M / 88D A / D
Container Port Road South Minibus 87A, 87M D
Greenfield Garden Bus / Minibus 43M / 88B A / B
Hong Kong United Dockyards Minibus 88M B
Kwai Shing North Minibus 89M D
Lei Muk Shue Estate Bus 36M A
Mayfair Garden / Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi) Minibus 88C C
On Yam Estate / Shek Yam Estate Bus 235M A
Princess Margaret Hospital Minibus 407, 407A D
Rambler Crest / Mexan Harbour Hotel / 
Rambler Garden Hotel / Rambler Oasis Hotel
Minibus 88G D
Riviera Garden / Tsuen Wan Chinese 
Permanent Cemetery
Minibus 404M D
Shek Lei Estate Bus 31M A
Tsing Yi Estate Minibus 88 B
Tivoli Garden Minibus 88D D
 Lai King
Mariners' Club (Exit B)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Cho Yiu Chuen Bus / Minibus 269M / 47M, 91A A1
Highland Park Minibus 46M, 90M, 91A A2
Kwai Chung Hospital / Princess Margaret Hospital Minibus 313, 407, 407A A1
Lai Yiu Estate Bus / Minibus 45, 46 / 46M, 90M / 91A A1 / A2
Wah Yuen Chuen Minibus 93 A1
Wonderland Villas Minibus 47M A1

 Mei Foo
Lingnan Garden (Exit A); Mei Foo Plaza (Exit A); Mount Sterling Mall (Exit B, C2, E)
KMB Headquarters (Exit A)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Ching Lai Court Minibus 90A, 90M / 90P, 92M A
Kwai Chung Hospital Minibus 90A A
Lai Yiu Estate Minibus 90M A
Cheung Sha Wan Hoi Lai Estate Minibus 81K C1, D
Princess Margaret Hospital Minibus 90P A
Princess Margaret Hospital 
(Lai King Building)
Minibus 90M A
Wah Yuen Chuen Minibus 92M A

 Lai Chi Kok
Banyan Mall (Exit D3); Cheung Sha Wan Plaza (Exit A); The pacific Mall (Exit D4)
Billion Plaza (Exit A); 909 Cheung Sha Wan Road (Exit A); China United Plaza (Exit B1); Clifford Centre (Exit B1); Edward Wong Tower (Exit C); Elite Industrial Centre (Exit D1, D2); Federal Plaza (Exit B1); Ford Glory Plaza (Exit C); H.K. Industrial Centre (Exit C); H.K. Spinners Industrial Building (Exit B1); Kings Tower (Exit B1); Kowloon Plaza (Exit B1); Laford Centre (Exit D1, D2); 822 Lai Chi Kok Road (Exit A); Lai Sun Commercial Centre (Exit B1); Laws Commercial Plaza (Exit B1); Leroy Plaza (Exit D1, D2); LiFung Tower (Exit B1); Manley Tower (Exit B1); Novel Industrial Building (Exit D1, D2); Park Building (Exit B1); Peninsula Tower (Exit B1); Saxon Tower (Exit A); Sterling Centre (Exit A); Tong Yuen Factory Building (Exit C); Trendy Centre (Exit C); 9 Wing Hong Street (Exit C)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Stonecutters Island Minibus 44M D1, D2
Wonderland Villas Minibus 97A A
Hoi Lai Estate Minibus 44A A

 Cheung Sha Wan
Asia Golf Club (Exit B); Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum (Exit A3); Smiling Plaza (Exit A2)
Au Shue Hung Social Service Building (Exit B); Tins Enterprises Centre (Exit B); Trade Square (Exit B); West Coast International Building (Exit A2)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Caritas Medical Centre Minibus 45M A3
So Uk Estate Bus / Minibus 2, 2A / 45B A3

 Sham Shui Po
Bridal Tea House Hotel (Exit D2); Ovolo Hotel (Exit C2)
Dragon Centre (Exit C1); Golden Computer Arcade (Exit D2); Golden Shopping Centre (Exit D2); Metro Sham Shui (Exit D1); New Capital Computer Plaza (Exit D2); Sham Shui Po Jade Market (Exit A2); Tin Hau Temple (Exit C2)
Garden Bakery (Exit D2); Golden Centre (Exit D2)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Caritas Medical Centre Minibus 45M C2
So Uk Minibus 45B C2

 Prince Edward
Hotel 36 (Exit D); Metropark Hotel Mongkok (Exit C2); Royal Plaza Hotel (Exit B2)
Allied Plaza (Exit B2); Golden Plaza (Exit C1); Grand Century Place (Exit B2); I Do Centre (Exit C1); Pioneer Centre (Exit B2); Yuen Po Street Bird Garden (Exit B1)
Argyle Centre (Exit B2); Belgian Bank Building (Exit C1); Edward Mansion (Exit C1); Hop Ying Commercial Centre (Exit C1); HSH Mongkok Plaza (Exit A); Prince Edward – The Lamma City (Exit C1); Sin Hua Bank Building (Exit A); Union Park Centre (Exit D)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Kowloon Hospital Minibus 17M B2

 Mong Kok
Langham Place Hotel (Exit C3, E1); Metropark Hotel Kowloon (Exit D3); Metropark Hotel Mongkok (Exit A1); Royal Plaza Hotel (Exit B3); Stanford Hotel (Exit E2)
Broadway Mong Kok Theatre (Exit E2); Chong Hing Square (Exit E1); Dynasty Theatre (Exit A2); Gala Place (Exit E2); Grand Century Place (Exit B3); Hong Kong Seibu (Exit C3); King Wah Centre (Exit E2); Langham Place (Exit C3, E1); Mongkok Computer Centre (Exit E2); Mongkok New Town Mall (Exit D2); Pioneer Centre (Exit B1); Sincere Podium (Exit D2)
Argyle Centre (Exit D2); Chung Kiu Commercial Building (Exit E2); Golden Hill Commercial Building (Exit C2); Hang Seng Mongkok Building (Exit C1); Hollywood Plaza (Exit E2); Hua Chiao Commercial Centre (Exit D1); HSBC Building Mongkok (Exit C4); Island Centre (Exit C2); Kai Yue Commercial Building (Exit C4); Mongkok Commercial Centre (Exit C4); Richmond Commercial Building/Plaza (Exit D2); Shanghai Commercial Bank Building (Exit D1); Skyline Tower (Exit C4); Trade and Industry Department Tower (Exit B1); Wai Fung Plaza (Exit D3); Yau Shing Commercial Centre (Exit E2)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Chun Seen Mei Chuen Bus 2A, 9, 203E D2
Cosmopolitan Estates Minibus 12A, 12B D3
Evangel Hospital Bus 2A, 9, 203E D2
Ho Man Tin Estate Bus / Minibus 18, 45 / 27M, 28M B3 / B2
Ho Man Tin South Estate Minibus 27M B2
Eye Hospital Bus 2A, 9, 203E D2
Kowloon Hospital Bus 2A, 9, 203E D2
Lok Man Sun Chuen Minibus 27M B2
Metro Harbour View Minibus 12B D3
Oi Man Estate Bus 18, 45 B3
Park Avenue Minibus 79K D3
The Open University of HK Minibus / Bu 27M, 28M B2
Waterloo Hill Minibus 5M D3
Wai Hang Cheong Sun Chuen Minibus 28M B2

 Yau Ma Tei
Booth Lodge (Exit C); Bridal Tea House Hotel (Exit C); Dorsett Seaview Hotel (Exit C); Eaton Hotel (Exit C); Grand Palace Hotel (Exit C); Metropark Hotel Kowloon (Exit D); Stanford Hotel (Exit A2); The Cityview (Exit A2)
Broadway Cinematheque (Exit C); Chong Hing Square (Exit A1); Dundas Square (Exit A2); Gala Place (Exit A2); Ginza Square (Exit A1); In's Point Shopping Arcade (Exit A2); Jade Hawker Bazaar (Exit C); Jade Street (Exit C); Omega Plaza (Exit A1); Shanghai Street Artspace (Exit A1); TWGHs Tung Wah Museum (Exit A2); Wholesale Fruit Market (Exit B2)
Chow Tai Fook Centre (Exit A2); CTMA Centre (Exit A2); Full Win Commercial Centre (Exit A1); Hip Kwan Commercial Building (Exit A1); Kowloon Building (Exit A1); Nathan Tower (Exit D); No.8 Waterloo Road (Exit B2); Park-in Commercial Centre (Exit A2); Sino Centre (Exit A2); Tung Nam Commercial Centre (Exit A1)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Charming Garden Minibus 43M B2
Ho Man Tin Hill Road Minibus 74S C

BP International House (Exit C2); Eaton Hotel (Exit B1); Largos Hotel (Exit B2); Nathan Hotel (Exit B1); New San Diego Hotel (Exit B2); Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon (Exit B1); Prudential Hotel (Exit E); San Diego Hotel (Exit C2); Shamrock Hotel (Exit C1); The Lodge (Exit A); West Hotel (Exit A)
Chuang's London Plaza (Exit C1); Jade Hawker Bazaar (Exit A); Jade Street (Exit A); JD Mall (Exit C1); Jordan Shopping Plaza (Exit D); Majestic Centre (Exit B1); No.225 Nathan Road (Exit C1); 238 Nathan Road (Exit E); Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard (Exit C1); Prudential Centre (Exit E); Ritz Plaza (Exit D); Wing On Kowloon Centre (Exit A); Yue Hwa Emporium (Exit A)
Breakthrough Centre (Exit C2); Champion Building (Exit A); Fourseas Building (Exit D); Hanford Fashion (Exit C1); Hong Kong Scout Centre (Exit C2); HSH Kowloon Centre (Exit D); India Club (Exit B2); Manulife Provident Funds Place (Exit A); National Court (Exit B1); No.102 Austin Road (Exit D); Sino Cheer Plaza (Exit A)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Airport Express Kowloon Station Bus K1 (1) B2
Ma Tau Wai Estate Bus 11, 14 B2
Parc Palais Minibus 80M B1
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Minibus 57M B1
Wyler Garden / Kowloon City Ferry Pier Bus 2E B2
(1) Passengers who intend to take Airport Express bus will be asked to provide proof of eligibility before boarding

Tsim Sha Tsui Subway Station
Tsim Sha Tsui Subway Station
 Tsim Sha Tsui
Butterfly On Prat (Exit A2, N2); Guangdong Hotel (Exit A2, N1, N2); Holiday Inn Golden Mile (Exit N5); Hotel Nikko (Exit P1); Hotel Panorama by Rhombus (Exit N1); Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, T.S.T. (Exit N3, N4); Imperial Hotel (Exit D1, L1, N5); InterContinental Grand Stanford (Exit P1); Kimberley Hotel (Exit B1, N1, N2); Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel (Exit P1); Langham Hotel (Exit C1, L5); Mariners' Club (Exit K); Park Hotel (Exit B2, P3); Ramada Hotel Kowloon (Exit B2, P3); Regal Kowloon Hotel (Exit P2); Sheraton Hotel (Exit D1, L1, K); Stanford Hillview Hotel (Exit B2, N1, N2); The Kowloon Hotel (Exit E, L3, L4); The Luxe Manor (Exit B1, N1, N2); The Mira Hong Kong (Exit B1, N5); The Peninsula (Exit E, L3); The Royal Garden (Exit P2); The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers (Exit A1, L5); YMCA (Exit L6)
Avenue of Stars (Exit J); Cameron Plaza (Exit B2, N1, N2); Carnarvon Plaza (Exit B2, N1, N2); China Hong Kong City (Exit A1, L5); CKE Shopping Mall (Exit D1, L1, N5); Harbour City (Exit A1, L5); Health Education Exhibition Centre (Exit A1, N5); Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Exit L6); Heritage Discovery Centre (Exit A1, N5); Museum of Art (Exit J); Museum of History (Exit B2, P2); Science Museum (Exit B2, P2); Space Museum (Exit J); Lippo Sun Plaza (Exit C1, L5); Miramar Tower (Exit B1, N5); 26 Nathan Road (Exit D1, L1); Ocean Theatre (Exit C1, E); One Peking (Exit C1, L5); Park Lane Shoppers' Boulevard (Exit A1, N5); Peninsula Centre (Exit P2); Sogo (Exit J); Wing On Plaza (Exit P1); DFS Galleria  on Canton Road (Exuit N5)
Cameron Centre (Exit B2, P3); Cheong Hing Building (Exit A2, N5); Chungking Mansions (Exit D1, L1, N5); Grand Centre (Exit A2, N1, N2); Hang Seng Tsimshatsui Building (Exit B2, N1, N2); Hermes House (Exit L1); Pacific Centre (Exit C1, N5); Humphrey Plaza (Exit A2, N5); Manson House / Shama Tsim Sha Tsui (Exit A2, N5); Mirador Mansion (Exit D1, N5); Mirror Tower (Exit P2); Ocean Centre (Exit C1, L5); Ocean Terminal (Exit C1, L5); Prestige Tower (Exit E, L3); Silvercord (Exit A1, L5); Star House (Exit L6); Tsim Sha Tsui Centre (Exit P1)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Kowloon City (Wyler Garden) Minibus 7 D2, K

Conrad HK (Exit F); Island Shangri-La Hong Kong (Exit F); JW Marriott (Exit F); Ozo Wesley (Exit F); The Upper House (Exit F)
City Hall (Exit B); Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware (Exit C1); Fleet Arcade (Exit D); Hong Kong Arts Centre (Exit D); Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (Exit C1); Jockey Club Drug InfoCentre (Exit C1); Pacific Place (Exit F); Queensway Plaza (Exit C1); MTR Travel (Exit B)
Admiralty Centre (Exit A); Asian House (Exit D); Bank of America Tower (Exit B); Bank of China Tower (Exit B); British Consulate-General (Exit C1); China Hong Kong Tower (Exit F); Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building (Exit B); Citibank Tower (Exit B); CITIC Tower (Exit D); Fairmont House (Exit B); Far East Finance Centre (Exit B); Harcourt House (Exit D); Hutchison House (Exit B); Legislative Council Complex (Exit A); Lippo Centre (Exit B); MassMutual Tower (Exit D); One/Two/Three Pacific Place (Exit F); The Hong Kong Club Building (Exit B); United Centre (Exit D)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Aberdeen Bus 70, 70M(#) D
Cyberport Minibus 10 A
Deep Water Bay Bus 6A (#), 6X, 260 C1
Hong Kong Park / Lower Peak Tram Terminus Bus 12A B
MacDonnell Road Bus 12A B
Ma Hang Estate Bus 66, 6X C1
Mount Bulter Minibus 24M A
Ocean Park Bus 629 B
Repulse Bay Bus 6, 6A (#), 66, 6X, 260 C1
Robinson Road Minibus 56, 56A C1
Scenic Villas / Sandy Bay Road Minibus 10 A
Shiu Fai Terrace Minibus 24A A
Stanley Bus 6, 6A (#), 6X, 260 C1
The Peak Bus 15 C1
The University of Hong Kong Bus 23, 40 C1
Tin Wan Minibus 11, 31 A
Wah Fu Estate Bus 40 C1
(#) No service on Sundays or public holidays.

Four Seasons Hotel (Exit A); Hotel LKF by Rhombus (Exit D2); Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Exit F); The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Exit G)
City Hall (Exit K); Hong Kong Fringe Club (Exit D1); IFC Mall (Exit A); Lan Kwai Fong (Exit D2); LKF Tower (Exit D2); Lower Peak Tram Terminus (Exit J2); SoHo (Exit D2); The Hong Kong Planning & Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery (Exit J2); The Landmark (Exit G)
Alexandra House (Exit H); AIA Central (Exit J3); Aon China Building (Exit D1); Bank of America Tower (Exit J3); Bank of China Tower (Exit J2); Bank of East Asia Building (Exit G); Central Building (Exit G); Central Tower (Exit G); Charter House (Exit E); Cheung Kong Center (Exit J2); Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building (Exit K); Chong Hing Bank Centre (Exit C); 59 Connaught Road Central (Exit A); Crawford House (Exit D2); Entertainment Building (Exit D2); Euro Trade Centre (Exit A); Exchange Square (Exit A); Gloucester Tower (Exit G); Government House (Exit K); Hang Seng Bangk Headquarters (Exit B); Hip Shing Hong Centre (Exit B); HK Chinese Bank Building (Exit B); HSBC Main Building (Exit K); Hutchison House (Exit J3); Jardine House (Exit A); Man Yee Building (Exit C); Nexxus Building (Exit A); One IFC (Exit A); Pedder Building (Exit D1); Prince's Building (Exit K); 100QRC (Exit D2); SAR Government Headquarters (Exit K); Standard Chartered Bank Building (Exit K); St. George's Building (Exit F); Takshing House (Exit C); The Center (Exit D1); The Centrium (Exit D2); The Hong Kong Club Building (Exit J3); Two IFC (Exit A); Universal Trade Centre (Exit D2); Wheelock House (Exit D1); Wing On House (Exit B); World-wide House (Exit B)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Aberdeen Bus 70 A
Ap Lei Chau Estate Bus 90, 590 A
Bonham Road / The University of Hong Kong / University Museum & Art Gallery Bus / Minibus 3B / 40M / 8 A / D2 / K
Bowen Road Minibus 9 A
Chi Fu Fa Yuen Bus / Minibus 37A / 22 G / A
Chinese Cuisine Training Institute Bus 37A G
Pokfulam Training Centre Complex Bus 40M D2
Cyberport Bus / Minibus 30X A
Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum Bus H1 A
Garden Road (Lower Peak Tram Terminus) Bus 15C K
Kennedy Town Bus 5B, 10 G
Lei Tung Estate Bus 91, 94(#), 97 A
Mount Davis Road Bus / Minibus 5 / 54 G /A
Noah's Ark Ferry To Park Island Pier 2 A
Park Road Bus 12M D2
Po Shan Road Minibus 3 K
Police Museum Bus 15 A
Queen Mary Hospital Minibus 54, 55 A
Repulse Bay / Stanley Bus 6, 6A(*), 6X, 66, 260 A
Residence Bel-Air Bus 30X A
Robinson Road Bus 12 A
The Peak Bus / Minibus 15 / 1 A / K
Wah Fu Estate Bus 40M D2
Wong Chuk Hang Bus 71, 75 A
(*) Peak hour only, no service on Sundays and public holidays.

1. Yau Ma Tei Station is an unannounced interchange station. There is no cross-platform interchange. The platforms for the Kwun Tong Line and Tsuen Wan Line in Yau Ma Tei station are on separate levels.
2. Mong Kok Station and Mong Kok East Station of the East Rail Line are not transfer stations, but they are connected with a footbridge which takes 10 to 15 minutes.
3. Tsuen Wan Station and Tsuen Wan West Station of West Rail Line are not transfer stations, but green minibus route 95K (free transfer with an immediate West Rail journey record on the Octopus Card) runs between the two stations. It generally takes 15 to 20 minutes to walk to Tsuen Wan West Station.
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Questions & Answers on Hong Kong MTR - Tsuen Wan Line
Asked by Maria from PORTUGAL | Aug. 03, 2018 02:08Reply
We will arrive to Hong Kong (Hung Hom Station) and we will stay during 5 days in HK,
leaving this city by airport. During our stay we want to visit the most important things and go to Macau during a day. What is the best way to do all these things? Has HK a Transportation Card that allows to use the different transportations. For how much days and what are the fares? Can we get a pass?
Answers (1)
Answered by Betty from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 06, 2018 23:48

Taking metros and buses is the best way. Yes, you can buy Octopus Cards which can be used in all the buses and metros. You need to deposit at least HKD 150. If you use up, you can deposit more in any subway station, you can also get refund when you plan to leave.
Asked by Gnirk from KUWAIT | Jul. 14, 2018 10:17Reply
What is the transport going to jas guest house hotel from Hong Kong airport?
The cheapest way.
Answers (1)
Answered by Betty from FINLAND | Jul. 16, 2018 00:25

The cheapest way is to take Bus line A21 from the Airport to Middle Road, Nathan Road and the fare is HKD 33.
Asked by Jim from USA | Mar. 10, 2018 08:28Reply
Metro Rail directions from the Kowloon Ocean Pier to the Chi Lin Nunnery in New Kowloon.
Answers (1)
Answered by Chris from UK | Mar. 12, 2018 19:59

Take Tsuen Wan Line to Mong Kok and transfer to Kwun Tong Line to Diamond Hill. Leave from Exit C2 and walk northeast for 10mins to get there.
Asked by Paul from NEW ZEALAND | Oct. 05, 2017 05:53Reply
How long by metro train from central station to ocean park?
Answers (1)
Answered by Donna from SINGAPORE | Oct. 10, 2017 02:50

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