Island Line


Kennedy Town ↔ Chai Wan

(Identification Color: blue      )


Kennedy Town - HKU  -  Sai Ying Pun - Sheung Wan - Central - Admiralty - Wan Chai - Causeway Bay - Tin Hau - Fortress Hill - North Point - Quarry Bay - Tai Koo - Sai Wan Ho - Shau Kei Wan - Heng Fa Chuen - Chai Wan
See subway maps for reference.

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 Admiralty (Transfer with Tsuen Wan Line & South Island Line)
 Central (Transfer with Tsuen Wan Line)
 North Point & Quarry Bay (Transfer with Tseung Kwan O Line)

Type: Heavy rail
Length: 10 miles (16 kilometers)
No. of stations: 17
Journey time: 40 minutes
Districts: Central, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

 Time for the first train and last train of Island Line:
Kennedy Town: 06:00 - 00:50 the next day
Chai Wan: 05:55 - 00:35

 Service Hours of Each Station

Station To Chai Wan To Kennedy Town
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Kennedy Town 06:00 00:50 N/A N/A
HKU (Hong Kong University) 06:01 00:52 06:13 01:10
Sai Ying Pun 06:03 00:54 06:11 01:08
Sheung Wan 06:05 00:56 06:09 01:06
Central 06:07 00:58 06:07 00:58
Admiralty 06:10 01:00 06:05 00:56
Wan Chai 06:11 01:01 06:03 00:54
Causeway Bay 06:13 01:04 06:01 00:52
Tin Hau 06:15 01:06 06:09 00:50
Fortress Hill 06:16 01:07 06:08 00:48
North Point 06:19 01:09 06:06 00:47
Quarry Bay 06:21 01:11 06:04 00:45
Tai Koo 06:22 01:13 06:03 00:43
Sai Wan Ho 06:23 01:15 06:01 00:41
Shau Kei Wan 06:25 01:17 05:59 00:40
Heng Fa Chuen 06:29 01:19 05:58 00:37
Chai Wan N/A N/A 05:55 00:35

Weekdays, Sundays/Public Holidays Weekdays Peak Hours 2 minutes
Weekdays Non-peak Hours /
Sundays and Public Holidays
4 - 6 minutes
Saturdays Morning Peak Hours 3 minutes
Evening Peak Hours 3 minutes
Non-peak Hours 4 - 5 minutes
Note: In the early morning and late night, the frequency will be reduced to every 12 minutes.


 Kennedy Town
 Hotels: Dorsett Regency Hotel, Mia Casa Hotel, Jockey Club Mt. Davis Youth Hostel, Sing Ho Hotel
 Leisure/Shopping: Watsons, Kennedy Town Amusement Park, Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine Grill & Bar, Bulldog's Bar
 Major Buildings: Luen Yau Apartments, Luen Hong Apartment, Smithfield Court, Luen Hing Apartment, Smithfield Municipal Services Building, Kin Liong Mansion, Kwun Lung Lau Block, Po Tak Mansion, Sun Fat Building, Poksmith Villa, Lungga Mansion
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Forbes Street 43X
New Federal Building 1, 5B, 5X, 5, A10, 10S, 10, 18P, 47P, M47, 101, 104, 113, 811, 904
North Street A10, 47P, M47, 12, 13, 58A, 58, 971
Davis Street 1, 5B, 5P, 5X, 5, 10S, 10, M47, 12, 54, 43X
Cadogan Street 18P, 18, 113, 904

 HKU (Hong Kong University)
 Hotels: Cosco Hotel, Hotel Jen HK, Courtyard Hotel, Ramada Hotel
 Leisure/Shopping: Lung Fu Shan Country Park, Starbucks, Pacific Coffee, KFC, McDonald’s, Junk Yard Dog Bar Café, Babu's Malay Kitchen, Mercy Café, Jen Bar, Pacific Plaza, HK Plaza Shopping Mall, Wau Ming Center Plaza, Top Hit Plaza, The Westwood
 Major Buildings: HKU, Yam Park Building, Hillview Garden, Chiu Sheung School, Kai Fung Building, Cheong Wan Mansion, Hai Kwang Mansion, Yen Oi Garden, St Anthong’s Catholic Church, Shek Tong Tsui Municipal Services Building
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
HKU 8, 10X, 22S, 22, 55
Chiu Sheung School 3B, 23, 40M, 40P, 40
University Hall 11
HKU West Gate 3A, 3B, 4X, 4, 7, 23, 30X, 37A, 40M, 40, 46X, 71, 90B, 91, 94, 103, 970X, 970, 973
The Belcher's 8, 22S, 22
Lady Ho Tung Hall 3A, 3B, 4X, 4, 7, 23, 37A, 37B, 37X, 40M, 40P, 40, 46X, 71P, 71, 90B, 91, 93, 93A, 93C, 103, 970X, 970, 973P, 973

 Sai Ying Pun
 Hotels: Iclub Sheung Wan Hotel, Butterfly on Hollywood, Butterfly on Waterfront Boutique Hotel, CHI Residences 138, 60 West Suites Hotel
 Leisure/Shopping: Wing On Department Store, Infinitus Plaza (Vicwood Plaza), Sasa, 7-Eleven, Vanguard Convenience Store, Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre, Starbucks, Coffee Book, Lan Kwai Fong, McDonald’s, Gingers Catering, Liquid Lounge Bar & Restaurant, Magnum Club, Side Walk Bar
 Major Buildings: Tong Nam Mansion, Wealth Building, Fook Moon Building, Hang Sing Mansion, Sun Luen Building, Grand Home, High House, Yee Shun Mansion, Goodwill Garden, HKSPC Thomas Tam Nursery School, Prince Philip Dental Hospital
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Ning Yeung Terrace 3B, 8, 10X, 22, 23, 40M, 40P, 40, 45A, 56, 93, 93A, 93C, 103
Bonham Road 8, 10X, 12, 22, 22S, 56
Centre Street 1, 3A, 3B, 4X, 4, 5B, 5C, 5, 7, 10, 10S, 12, 18, 23,  37A, 37B, 40M, 40, M47, 71P, 71, 90B, 91, 94, 101, 103, 104, 113, 811, 905, H1
Eastern Street 1, 3A, 3B, 4, 5B, 5C, 5S, 5, 7, 10, 10S, 12M, 13, 18, 23B, 23, 37B, 40M, 40P, 40, M47, 55, 71, 91, 94, 101, 103, 113, 905, H1
Babington Path 45A, 56A, 56

 Sheung Wan
Butterfly on Hollywood (Exit A2); Holiday Inn Express HK SoHo (Exit A2); Ibis HK Central & Sheung Wan Hotel (Exit C); Lan Kwai Fong Hotel (Exit E2); Ovolo Hotel (Exit A2); Ovolo Serviced Apartment (Exit A2); SOHOTEL (Exit A2); The Bauhinia Hotel and Apartments (Exit B); The Mercer (Exit A2); Treasure View Sheung Wan (A2)
Blake Garden (Exit A2); Central and Western District Promenade - Sheung Wan Section (Exit D); Central Pier Waterfront (Exit E4); Hollywood Road Park (Exit A2); Museum of Medical Sciences (Exit A2); Man Mo Temple (Exit A2); Sincere Department Store (Exit E3); SoHo (Exit E2); Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park (Exit D); Western Market (Exit C)
 Major Buildings:
Arion Commercial Center (Exit A2); C Gold & Silver Exchange (Exit A2); Centre Mark‖(Exit A2); China Insurance Group Building (Exit E3); China Merchants Tower (Exit D); Chu Kong Shipping Tower (Exit C); Cosco Tower (Exit E2); C.T.S.House (Exit E4); Golden Center (Exit E1); Grand Millennium Plaza (Exit E2); Guangdong Investment Tower (Exit C); Hing Yip Commercial Centre (Exit A1); Ka Wah Bank Center (Exit A1); Kam Sang Building (Exit B); Li Po Chun Chambers (Exit E3); Nan Fung Tower (Exit E3); OTB Building (Exit B); Plaza 168 (Exit E1); Shun Tak Centre (Exit D); Shum Tower (Exit A1); Teda Building (Exit A2); The Center (Exit E1); The Centre Mark (Exit A2); The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of HK (Exit E3); The Pemberton (Exit A2); Tung Ning Building (Exit B); Tung Hip Commercial Building (Exit A1); Unicorn Trade Centre (Exit E3); Wing Hang Bank Building (Exit E2); Wing On Centre (Exit E3); Yue Thai Commercial Building (Exit C)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Ap Lei Chau Estate 91
Chi Fu Ya Yuen 37A
Chinese Cuisine Training Institute / Pokfulam Training Centre Complex / The University of HK (West Gate) 4, 7, 37A, 91, 90B, 94 (#)
Kennedy Town 1, 5B, 18
Lei Tung Estate 91, 94 (#)
Mount Davis Road 5
Queen Mary Hospital 55
Shek Pai Wan Estate 7
South Horizons 90B
The University of HK Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine M47
Tung wah Hospital 26
Wah Fu Estate M47, 4
Wong Chuk Hang 71
(#) Morning peak only, no service on Sundays and public holidays.

Four Seasons Hotel (Exit A); Hotel LKF by Rhombus (Exit D2); Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Exit F); The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Exit G)
City Hall (Exit K); Fringe Club (Exit D1); IFC Mall (Exit A); Lan Kwai Fong (Exit D2); LKF Tower (Exit D2); Lower Peak Tram Terminus (Exit J2); SoHo (Exit D2); The Planning & Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery (Exit J2); The Landmark (Exit G)
 Major Buildings:
Alexandra House (Exit H); AIA Central (Exit J3); Aon China Building (Exit D1); Bank of America Tower (Exit J3); Bank of China Tower (Exit J2); Bank of East Asia Building (Exit G); Central Building (Exit G); Central Tower (Exit G); Charter House (Exit E); Cheung Kong Center (Exit J2); Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Building (Exit K); Chong Hing Bank Centre (Exit C); 59 Connaught Road Central (Exit A); Crawford House (Exit D2); Entertainment Building (Exit D2); Euro Trade Centre (Exit A); Exchange Square (Exit A); Gloucester Tower (Exit G); Government House (Exit K); Hang Seng Bangk Headquarters (Exit B); Hip Shing Hong Centre (Exit B); HK Chinese Bank Building (Exit B); HSBC Main Building (Exit K); Hutchison House (Exit J3); Jardine House (Exit A); Man Yee Building (Exit C); Nexxus Building (Exit A); One IFC (Exit A); Pedder Building (Exit D1); Prince's Building (Exit K); 100QRC (Exit D2); SAR Government Headquarters (Exit K); Standard Chartered Bank Building (Exit K); St. George's Building (Exit F); Takshing House (Exit C); The Center (Exit D1); The Centrium (Exit D2); The Club Building (Exit J3); Two IFC (Exit A); Universal Trade Centre (Exit D2); Wheelock House (Exit D1); Wing On House (Exit B); World-wide House (Exit B)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Aberdeen 70
Ap Lei Chau Estate 90, 590
Bonham Road / The University of HK / University Museum & Art Gallery 3B / 40M / 8
Bowen Road 9
Chi Fu Fa Yuen 37A / 22
Chinese Cuisine Training Institute 37A
Pokfulam Training Centre Complex 40M
Cyberport 30X
Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum H1
Garden Road (Lower Peak Tram Terminus) 15C
Kennedy Town 5B, 10
Lei Tung Estate 91, 94(#), 97
Mount Davis Road 5 / 54
Noah's Ark To Park Island Pier 2
Park Road 12M
Po Shan Road 3
Police Museum 15
Queen Mary Hospital 54, 55
Repulse Bay / Stanley 6, 6A(*), 6X, 66, 260
Residence Bel-Air 30X
Robinson Road 12
The Peak 15 / 1
Wah Fu Estate 40M
Wong Chuk Hang 71, 75
(*) Peak hour only, no service on Sundays and public holidays.

Conrad HK (Exit F); Island Shangri-La HK (Exit F); JW Marriott (Exit F); Ozo Wesley (Exit F); The Upper House (Exit F)
City Hall (Exit B); Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware (Exit C1); Fleet Arcade (Exit D); Arts Centre (Exit D); Visual Arts Centre (Exit C1); Jockey Club Drug InfoCentre (Exit C1); Pacific Place (Exit F); Queensway Plaza (Exit C1); MTR Travel (Exit B)
 Major Buildings:
Admiralty Centre (Exit A); Asian House (Exit D); Bank of America Tower (Exit B); Bank of China Tower (Exit B); British Consulate-General (Exit C1); China HK Tower (Exit F); Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Building (Exit B); Citibank Tower (Exit B); CITIC Tower (Exit D); Fairmont House (Exit B); Far East Finance Centre (Exit B); Harcourt House (Exit D); Hutchison House (Exit B); Legislative Council Complex (Exit A); Lippo Centre (Exit B); MassMutual Tower (Exit D); One/Two/Three Pacific Place (Exit F); The Club Building (Exit B); United Centre (Exit D)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Aberdeen 70, 70M(#)
Cyberport 10
Deep Water Bay 6A (#), 6X, 260
HK Park / Lower Peak Tram Terminus 12A
MacDonnell Road 12A
Ma Hang Estate 66, 6X
Mount Bulter 24M
Ocean Park 629
Repulse Bay 6, 6A (#), 66, 6X, 260
Robinson Road 56, 56A
Scenic Villas / Sandy Bay Road 10
Shiu Fai Terrace 24A
Stanley 6, 6A (#), 6X, 260
The Peak 15
The University of HK 23, 40
Tin Wan 11, 31
Wah Fu Estate 40

 Wan Chai
Empire Hotel (Exit B1); Grand Hyatt (Exit A5); Harbourview (Exit A5); Gloucester Luk Kwok (Exit C); Metropark Hotel Wanchai (Exit B1); Novotel Century (Exit A1); Renaissance Harbour View Hotel (Exit A5); The Burlington (Exit A2); The Fleming HK (Exit A1); V wanchai serviced apartments (Exit A2); Wharney Guang Dong Hotel (Exit C)
Cathay 88 (Exit A3); Environmental Resource Centre (Exit A3); Arts Centre (Exit C); Convention & Exhibition Centre (Exit A5); HKCEC New Wing (Exit A5); Exhibition Centre (Exit A5); Tai Yau Plaza (Exit A3); Wan Chai Computer Centre (Exit A4)
 Major Buildings:
Asian House (Exit B1); Beverly House (Exit C); Causeway Centre (Exit A5); Central Plaza (Exit A5); China Overseas Building (Exit C); China Resources Building (Exit A5); Dah Sing Financial Centre (Exit A1); Duke of Windsor Social Service Building (Exit B1); East Town Building (Exit C); Emperor Group Centre (Exit A3); Empire Land Commercial Centre (Exit C); Fraser Suites (Exit B2); Great Eagle Centre (Exit A5); Hang Seng Wanchai Building (Exit A4); Harbour Center (Exit A5); Harcourt House (Exit C); Hopewell Centre (Exit B2); Immigration Tower (Exit A5); Lucky Centre (Exit A3); MassMutual Tower (Exit C); 248 Queen's Road East (Exit A3); QRE Plaze (Exit B2); Revenue Tower (Exit A5); Shui On Centre (Exit A5); Siu On Centre (Exit A1); Southorn Centre (Exit B1); Sun Hung Kai Centre (Exit A5); Tai Tung Building (Exit A4); Tai Yau Building (Exit A3); Tai Yip Building (Exit A4); Telecom House (Exit A5); The Broadway (Exit C); Wanchai Tower (Exit A5); Wu Chung House (Exit A3); Yue Xiu Building (Exit A1)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Aberdeen / Shek Pai Wan 4B
Ap Lei Chau 90
Chi Fu Fa Yuen 37B, 37X (^)
Lei Tung Estate 97
Sham Wan / Wong Chuk Hang 75
Shiu Fai Terrace 24A
South Horizons 590A
Stanley 6, 6A, 6X, 66
The Peak 15
(^) No service available on Sundays and public holidays. 

 Causeway Bay
Causeway Corner (Exit C); Cosmopolitan Hotel/Cosmo Hotel (Exit A); Crowne Plaza Causeway Bay (Exit A); Excelsior Hotel (Exit D1); Hotel Bonaparte by Rhombus (Exit A); JIA Boutique Hotel (Exit F1); Lanson Place Hotel (Exit F1); Regal Hongkong Hotel (Exit F1); Rosedale on the Park (Exit F1); Shama Causeway Bay (Exit A); South Pacific Hotel (Exit A); The Charterhouse Causeway Bay (Exit A); The Park Lane (Exit E); V causeway bay serviced apartments (Exit E)
Causeway Bay Plaza (Phase 1) (Exit B); Causeway Bay Plaza (Phase 2) (Exit C); Causeway Square (Exit E); Fashion Walk (Exit E); Goldmark (Exit F1); Island Beverley (Exit E); JFT (Exit A); Laforet (Exit D1); Lee Theatre Plaza (Exit A); President Shopping Centre (Exit D1); President Theatre (Exit D1, D4); SOGO (Exit D3); The Lee Gardens (Exit F1); Times Square (Exit A); DFS Galleria Beauty in Causeway Bay (Exit F1, F2)
 Major Buildings:
Bank of Communications Tower (Exit C); Capitol Centre (Exit F1); Circle Tower (Exit B); CIGNA Tower (Exit C); East Point Centre (Exit D2); Elizabeth House (Exit C); Hang Lung Centre (Exit E); Kyoto Plaza (Exit C); Leighton Centre (Exit A); Sino Plaza (Exit C); Sunning Plaza (Exit F1); Top Glory Tower (Exit C); W SQUARE (Exit A); Wellable Commercial Building (Exit B); Windsor House / ACE Tower (Exit E)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Aberdeen 38, 42, 72
Ap Lei Chau 36X
Braemar Hill 25A / 25
Chi Fu Fa Yuen 38
Cyberport 69X
Deep Water Bay / Repulse Bay / Stanley 40, 40X
Grantham Hospital 4C
Happy Valley 30
Jardine's Lookout 11 / 14M
Lai Tak Tsuen 23A, 26 / 21A
Lei Tung Estate 96
Sham Wan 72A
Shek Pai Wan 4A, 4C
South Horizons 592
Tai Hang 21M
Tin Wan 77
Wah Fu (South) 42
Wah Kwai Estate 72
Wong Chuk Hang 4A, 4C, 5, 69X
No access to other exits from Exit D-F after passing through the exit gates.

 Tin Hou
Butterfly on Victoria (Exit A1); Empire Hotel HK, Causeway Bay (Exit A1); Equinox Mercury (Exit A1); L’hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View (Exit A1); Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay HK (Exit A1); Rosedale on the Park (Exit B)
Causeway Bay Market (Exit A2); Chinese Recreation Club (Exit B); Chinese Rhenish Church Wanchi (Exit A1)
 Major Buildings:
Citicorp Centre (Exit A2); 148 Electric Road (Exit A2); Park Commercial Centre (Exit B); SUP Tower (Exit A1)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Blue Pool Road 19
Braemar Hill 49M / 25, 25C
Happy Valley 19
Lei Tung Estate 39M
The Peak 15B (f)
Yue On Court 39M
(f) Service is available on Sundays and public holidays only.

 Fortress Hill
City Garden Hotel (Exit B); Empire Hotel HK, Causeway Bay (Exit A); Harbour Grand (Exit A); Newton Hotel (Exit A)
Shama Fortress Hill (Exit A); Maxi Mall (Exit B); New Trend Plaza (Exit B); Olympia Plaza (Exit B)
 Major Buildings:
AIA Tower (Exit A); Citicorp Centre (Exit A); Electric Centre (Exit B); 148 Electric Road (Exit A); Fortress Tower (Exit B); Greenwich Centre (Exit B); Sea View Estate (Exit A); Seven Seas Shopping Centre (Exit A); Sing Pao Building (Exit A); SUP Tower (Exit A)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Route
Braemar Hill 49M
Cyberport 69

 North Point
Printemp Hotel Apartment (Exit A1); City Garden Hotel (Exit A1); Ibis (Exit A1); Newton Inn (Exit A2); The South China Hotel (Exit A1)
Chinese Goods Centre Ltd. (Exit B1); Maxi Mall (Exit A1); Metropole Department Stores (Exit A1); Odeon Plaza (Exit A3); Olympia Plaza (Exit B1); Sunbeam Theatre (Exit B1)
 Major buildings:
China United Centre (Exit A4); Java Commercial Centre (Exit A1); K.Wah Centre (Exit A1); North Point ASIA-PAC Commercial Centre (Exit A1); North Point Industrial Building (Exit B3); Two Chinachem Exchange Square (Exit B1)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Braemar Hill 27, 529
Lai Tak Tsuen / Tai Hang 41A

 Quarry Bay
Harbour Plaza North Point (Exit C)
 Major buildings:
Cambridge House (Exit A); Cornwall House (Exit A); Devon House (Exit A); Dorset House (Exit A); Eastern Harbour Center (Exit C); Kodak House (Exit C); Manly Plaza (Exit A); One Island East (Exit A); PCCW Tower (Exit A); Prosperity Millennia Plaza (Exit C); Somerset House (Exit A); Tung Chong Factory Building (Exit C); Warwick House (Exit A); Westlands Centre (Exit A)

 Tai Koo
EAST Hotel (Exit D1); Kornhill Apartments (Exit B)
Cityplaza (Exit D2, E1); Fireboat A.G. Exhibition Gallery (Exit E1); Aquarium Plaza (Exit B); Jusco (Exit C); Kornhill Plaza (Exit A2)
 Major Buildings:
Cityplaza One (Exit D2); Cityplaza Three (Exit E1); Cityplaza Four (Exit E1); Eastern Centre (Exit A1); Kornhill Plaza-Office Tower (Exit A2); One Island East (Exit A2); Westlands Centre (Exit A1); Zung Fu Industrial Building (Exit A1)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Kornhill 33M / 32
Mount Parker Lodge 32A
Nam Fung Sun Chuen 32, 32A

 Sai Wan Ho
 Major buildings:
Marina House (Exit B); Marine Headquarters (Exit A)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Yiu Tung Estate / Hing Tung Estate 50 / 2A, 77, 99, 722
Stanley 14
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital 65

 Shau Kei Wan
Shing Wong Temple (Exit B1); Smiling Shau Kei Wan Plaza (Exit A3); Tam Kung Temple (Exit D1); Tin Hau Temple (Exit B2); Tsung Tsin Church (Exit B2); Yuk Wong Temple (Exit B2)
 Major Buildings:
Galaxy Plaza (Exit C); Marine House (Exit A3)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defense 85
Lei Yue Mun Park & Holiday Village 81, 82 / 66, 66A
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital 66, 66A
Shek O 9
Stanley Fort 14

 Heng Fa Chuen
Heng Fa Chuen Club / Swimming Pool (Exit A1); Paradise Mall (East) (Exit A2); Paradise Mall (West) (Exit A1)
 Major Buildings:
Citybus Depot (Exit A2); Government Logistics Centre (Exit A2); NWFB Depot (Exit A2)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort) 62A / 85
Siu Sai Wan (Cheerful Garden) 62

 Chai Wan
Law Uk Folk Museum (Exit B); New Jade Shopping Arcade (Exit A)
 Major Buildings:
Chai Wan Industrial Centre (Exit C); Chai Wan Industrial City (Exit C); Chung On Industrial Building (Exit C); Eltee Building (Exit C); Fook Hing Industrial Building (Exit B); Hong Mun Industrial Centre (Exit B); Kantone Centre (Exit C); Kut Shing Building (Exit B); Shell Industrial Building (Exit C); Sze Hing Industrial Building (Exit C); Trend Centre (Exit B)
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Routes
Cape Collinson 18M
Chai Wan Industrial City / Hing Man Estate 20M
Chung Hom Kok / Fung Wah Estate / Hing Wah Estate 43M
Harmony Garden 47S
Island Resort 82M (m)
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital 48M
Siu Sai Wan Estate 82M (m) / 47M
Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground 47M
Stanley 16A, 16M / 16X
Chung Hom Kok 16A, 16M
(m) No service on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
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Questions & Answers on Hong Kong MTR - Island Line
Asked by Billy from SINGAPORE | Apr. 05, 2018 11:51Reply
How to travel to Hong Kong Airport from Sai Ying Pun Mtr station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Clair from USA | Apr. 08, 2018 02:52

Take bus 973 to Water Street and interchange to bus A12 to the airport.
Asked by J from INDIA | Sep. 22, 2016 08:34Reply
What is the best way to go from Wong Chuk Hang Road to HK Exhibition Convention Centre?
Answers (3)
Answered by Eugene from CANADA | Sep. 22, 2016 20:54

You are advised to take bus no.37A from Yan's Tower, Wong Chuk Hang Road to Hennessy Road Government Primary School, Hennessy Road. The duration is about 25 mins. And the ticket fare is 4.7 HKD per person. After arriving, walk north around 350 yards to find the destination.
Answered by j from INDIA | Sep. 23, 2016 02:07

Hi, Thanks for the reply.
Is there any train service? As per my guess, train would be much faster

Please advise.
Answered by Eugene | Sep. 26, 2016 00:58

I am sorry that there is no train service between them. You are advised to take a bus. Have a nice trip! :)
Asked by HKU Student from INDIA | Aug. 06, 2016 05:17Reply
Will be staying at North Point. MTR frequency Pokfulham HKU Campus & is it convenient ?
Hi, I'm a non-local student.
Would be travelling everyday from North Point to Pokfulam HKU Campus.
What is the frequency of MTR service and estimated cost of a one way trip. Also, please help me with the distance and time it can take. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lucy from USA | Aug. 10, 2016 01:23

Yes! It is very convenient for you to take MTR Island Line between North Point and HKU Station. The distance is about 5.6 miles (9km). The fare is HKD 8.2 for a single trip, and the trip takes about 30 minutes. The frequency is about 10 minutes. Have a great time!
Asked by william casselman from CANADA | Jan. 02, 2016 19:46Reply
What is the easiest way to get from the airport to Hong Kong University?
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 03, 2016 00:35

Hi, take Airport Express to HK Station. Walk to Central to trasnfer to Island Line and get off at HKU Station. Leave from exit A2 and move east to find the university on Bonham Road.
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