Ma On Shan Line


Tai Wai ↔ Wu Kai Sha

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Tai Wai – Che Kung Temple – Sha Tin Wai – City One – Shek Mun – Tai Shui Hang – Heng On – Ma On Shan – Wu Kai Sha
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Transfers along Ma On Shan Line:

 Tai Wai (Transfer with East Rail Line)

Type: Heavy rail
No. of stations: 9
Length: 11.4km
Journey time: 16 minutes
Districts: Sha Tin

The Ma On Shan Line, a branch line of the East Rail Line, was originally operated by Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation and now run by MTR Corporation as one of the ten lines of Hong Kong MTR. The fare for a trip on the line varies from HK$3.0 to HK$5.6 depending on the distance traveled. The fare from Ma On Shan to East Rail Line stations in Kowloon varies from HK$4.9 to HK$10.4.

 Time for the first train and last train of Ma On Shan Line:
Tai Wai: 05:40 - 01:05
Wu Kai Sha: 05:40 - 00:39

 Service Hours of Each Station along Ma On Shan Line: 

To Wu Kai Sha To Tai Wai
Station First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Tai Wai 05:40 01:05 N/A N/A
Che Kung Temple 05:41 01:06 05:55 00:54
Sha Tin Wai 05:43 01:08 05:53 00:52
City One 05:45 01:10 05:51 00:50
Shek Mun 05:47 01:12 05:49 00:48
Tai Shui Hang 05:50 01:15 05:46 00:45
Heng On 05:52 01:17 05:44 00:43
Ma On Shan 05:54 01:19 05:42 00:41
Wu Kai Sha N/A N/A 05:40 00:39

 Train Frequency:

Weekdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (mins.) Saturdays (mins.)
Weekdays Morning Peak Hours Weekdays Evening Peak Hours Weekdays Non-peak Hours / Sundays and Public Holidays Morning Peak Hours Evening Peak Hours Non-peak Hours
Ma On Shan Line 3 4 5 to 8 3 4 5 to 7

Stations along Ma On Shan Line:

 Tai Wai
Che Kung Temple (Exit B); Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Exit A, D); Sun Chui Shopping Centre (Exit C); Tasang Tai Uk (Exit B)
 Public Transport:

Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Carado Garden Minibus / Bus 68K / 46X, 86B, 88K B
Fu Shan Minibus 64K A, D
Granville Garden / Park View Garden Minibus 63B A, D
Hin Keng Estate Minibus 803K B
Ka Tin Court / Ka Keng Court Bus 46X, 86B, 88K B
Lung Hang Estate Minibus / Bus 68K / 46X, 86B, 88K B
Mei Chung Court / May Shing Court Minibus 63A D
Mei Lam Estate Minibus / Bus 63A, 63B, 63K A, D
Parc Royale / Julimount Garden Minibus 68K B
Tai Wai New Village Minibus 64A, 64K A, D
Union Hospital Minibus 68K B
Worldwide Garden Minibus 61M B

 Che Kung Temple
Che Kung Temple (Exit B); Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Exit A); Tsang Tai Uk (Exit D)
 Major Building:
HK JEBN Group Center
 Public Transport: 
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Hong Kong Heritage Museum Minibus / Bus 282 / 68K D
Sun Tin Wai Estate Bus 81M, 87B / 81K B

 Sha Tin Wai 
Regal Riverside Hotel (Exit C)
Tsang Tai Uk (Exit A)
 Public Transport:

Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Garden Riviera / Greenwood Garden /
Lai Shing Garden / Regal Riverside Hotel / Shatin Park / Tsok Pok Hang San Tsuen
Minibus 809K D

 City One
Fortune City One (Exit C); Fortune City One Plus (Exit C)
 Major Buildings:
Bus Depot (Exit D); Chiaphua Center (Exit D); Chiaphua Industries Building (Exit D); Citimark Plaza (Exit D); Crown Worldwide Building (Exit D); Goldlion Holidings Centre (Exit D); Hong Kong School of Motoring (Exit D); Koon Wah Mirror Group Building (Exit D); Shatin Industrial Center (Exit D); Swire Coca-Cola HK Ltd. (Exit D); Town Health Technology Centre (EXit D)
 Public Transport:

Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Castello / Hong Lam Court / Kwong Lam Court / Kwong Yuen Estate / Wong Nai Tau Minibus / Bus 49X, 82M, 86, 281A / 83K / 804 / 65A, 65K B, D
Shatin Hospital Minibus 808, 808P (C) B
(c) Morning peak only, no service on Sundays and public holidays.

 Shek Mun
 Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin
 Major Buildings:
CLP HK Ltd. Shatin Centre (Exit C); Corporation Park (Exit C); Delta House (Exit C); Ever Gain Building (Exit A); Ever Gain Centre (Exit A); Grandtech Centre (Exit C); Li Fung Centre (Exit C); Metropole Square (Exit C); New Commerce Centre (Exit C); New Trade Plaza (Exit C); Technology Park (Exit C); Topsail Plaza (Exit C)

 Heng On
 Public Transport
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Chung On Estate / Kam Fung Court Minibus / Bus 286M / 807A C
Yiu On Estate Minibus / Bus 43X, 81C, 85K, 89C / 801 C

 Ma On Shan
Horizon Suite Hotel (Exit A)
Ma On Shan Plaza (Exit A); Sunshine City Plaza (Exit B)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Kam Ying Court / Saddle Ridge Garden Minibus / Bus 40X / 85M  / 86K / 87D / 87K / 89D/ 808 A
Lee On Estate Bus / Minibus 40X, 85M, 86C, 86K, 87D, 87K, 89D / 803, 808 A
Nai Chung Bus 299 A
Symphony Bay Minibus 807B / 807K A
Park Belvedere Minibus 803 / 807B, 807K A
Sai Sha Road Bus 299 A
Wong Chuk Wan Minibus 807B A
Sai Kung Bus 299 A
Tseng Tau Minibus 807K A

 Wu Kai Sha
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly Bus 99 B
Nai Chung / Symphony Bay Minibus 807B / 807K B
Sai Kung Bus 99 B
Shui Long Wo / Sai Sha Road / Wong Chuk Wan Bus / Minibus 99 / 807B B

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