Kwun Tong Line


Whampoa ↔ Tiu Keng Leng

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Hong Kong Subway Station
Hong Kong Subway Station

Whampoa – Ho Man Tin – Yau Ma Tei – Mong Kok – Prince Edward – Shek Kip Mei – Kowloon Tong – Lok Fu – Wong Tai Sin – Diamond Hill – Choi Hung – Kowloon Bay – Ngau Tau Kok – Kwun Tong – Lam Tin – Yau Tong – Tiu Keng Leng

See subway maps for reference.

Journey time: 45 minutes
Districts: Yau Tsim Mong, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon City, Wong Tai Sin, Kwun Tong, Sai Kung


Transfers along Kwun Tong Line:

 Mong Kok & Prince Edward & Yau Ma Tei (Transfer with Tsuen Wan Line)
Kowloon Tong (Transfer with East Rail Line)
Yau Tong & Tiu Keng Leng  (Transfer with Tseung Kwan O Line)

Kwun Tong Line Timetable:

Station To Tiu Keng Leng To Kwun Tong To Whampoa
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Whampoa 06:10 00:40 06:10 01:00 N/A N/A
Ho Man Tin 06:12 00:42 06:12 01:02 06:14 00:52
Yau Ma Tei 06:14 00:44 06:14 01:04 06:11 00:50
Mong Kok 06:16 00:46 06:16 01:06 06:10 00:48
Prince Edward 06:18 00:47 06:18 01:07 06:08 00:46
Shek Kip Mei 06:19 00:49 06:19 01:09 06:06 00:45
Kowloon Tong 06:21 00:51 06:21 01:11 06:04 00:42
Lok Fu 06:23 00:53 06:23 01:13 06:02 00:41
Wong Tai Sin 06:24 00:54 06:24 01:14 06:00 00:39
Diamond Hill 06:26 00:56 06:26 01:16 05:59 00:37
Choi Hung 06:15 00:58 06:15 01:18 05:57 00:35
Kowloon Bay 06:16 01:00 06:16 01:20 06:03 00:33
Ngau Tau Kok 06:02 01:02 06:02 01:22 06:01 00:31
Kwun Tong 06:04 01:04 N/A N/A 06:00 00:30
Lam Tin 06:05 01:05 06:12 01:20 06:12 00:28
Yau Tong 06:07 01:08 06:09 01:18 06:09 00:26
Tiu Keng Leng N/A N/A 06:07 01:15 06:07 00:22


Weekdays, Sundays and Public Holidays  Morning Peak Hours 2.1 minutes
Evening Peak Hours 2.4 minutes
Non-peak Hours / Sundays and Public Holidays 2.8 to 5.9 minutes
Saturdays  Morning Peak Hours 2.5 minutes
Evening Peak Hours --
Non-peak Hours 4 to 5.3 minutes

Surroundings & Bus Routes near Stations along the Line:

 Hotels: Harbor Grand Kowloon, Hotel SAV, Harborview Horizon, Harbor Plaza Metropolis
 Leisure/Shopping: Hung Hom Shopping Mall, Whampoa Plaza, Tai Wan Shan Park, Hutchison Park 
 Major Buildings: Ho Wing Building, Whampoa Garden Bauhinia Mansions, Whampoa Garden Cherry Mansions, Whampoa Garden Palm Mansions, Whampoa Garden Lily Mansions
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Whampoa Garden Bus Terminus 5D, 8A, 8P, 12A, E23, 30X, 115, 115P, 212, 230X
Tak Man Street 2, 2M,  5D, 6, 6A, 8A, 8P, 11X, 12A,13, 26M, 30X, 85S, 85X, 115, 212, 230X, 297, 796X, E23

 Ho Man Tin
 Hotels: Bridal Tea House Hotel Hung Hom (Gillies Avenue South Branch), LongWin Hotel
 Leisure/Shopping: Chung Yee Street Garden, King's Park High Level Service Reservoir Playground, Fat Kwong Street Garden
 Major Buildings: Wei King Building, Hing Fat Building, Cheong Lok Mansion, How Shing Building, Marigold Mansion
 Nearby Bus Stops:

Boarding Site Bus Routes
Valley Road Hung Hom 5, 11, 13X, 14, 14X, 26, 28, 108, 116, 215X, 219X, 224X, 296D

 Yau Ma Tei
Booth Lodge, Bridal Tea House Hotel, Eaton, Hong Kong, Grand Palace Hotel, Metropark Hotel Kowloon, Stanford Hotel, The Cityview
Broadway Cinematheque, Chong Hing Square, Dundas Square, Gala Place, Ginza Square, In's Point Shopping Arcade, Jade Hawker Bazaar, Jade Street, Omega Plaza, Shanghai Street Artspace, TWGHs Tung Wah Museum, Wholesale Fruit Market
Major Buildings:
Chow Tai Fook Centre, CTMA Centre, Full Win Commercial Centre, Hip Kwan Commercial Building, Kowloon Building, Nathan Tower, No.8 Waterloo Road, Park-in Commercial Centre, Sino Centre, Tung Nam Commercial Centre
Nearby Bus Stops:

Boarding Site Bus Routes
Charming Garden 43M
Ho Man Tin Hill Road 74S

 Mong Kok
Langham Place Hotel, Metropark Hotel Kowloon, Metropark Hotel Mongkok, Royal Plaza Hotel, Stanford Hotel
Broadway Mong Kok Theatre, Chong Hing Square, Dynasty Theatre, Gala Place, Grand Century Place, Hong Kong Seibu, King Wah Centre, Langham Place, Mongkok Computer Centre, Mongkok New Town Mall, Pioneer Centre, Sincere Podium
Major Buildings:
Argyle Centre, Chung Kiu Commercial Building, Golden Hill Commercial Building, Hang Seng Mongkok Building, Hollywood Plaza, Hua Chiao Commercial Centre, Island Centre, Kai Yue Commercial Building, Mongkok Commercial Centre, Richmond Commercial Building/Plaza, Shanghai Commercial Bank Building, Skyline Tower, Trade and Industry Department Tower, Wai Fung Plaza, Yau Shing Commercial Centre
Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Chun Seen Mei Chuen 2A, 9, 203E
Cosmopolitan Estates 12A, 12B
Evangel Hospital 2A, 9, 203E
Ho Man Tin Estate 18, 45 / 27M, 28M
Eye Hospital 2A, 9, 203E
Kowloon Hospital 2A, 9, 203E
Lok Man Sun Chuen 27M
Metro Harbour View 12B
Oi Man Estate 18, 45
Park Avenue 79K
The Open University of HK 27M, 28M
Waterloo Hill 5M
Wai Hang Cheong Sun Chuen 28M

 Prince Edward
Hotel 36, Metropark Hotel Mongkok, Oriental Lander Hotel, Royal Plaza Hotel
Allied Plaza, Golden Plaza, Grand Century Place, I Do Centre, Pioneer Centre, Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
 Major Buildings:
Argyle Centre, Belgian Bank Building, Edward Mansion, Hop Ying Commercial Centre, HSH Mongkok Plaza, Prince Edward – The Lamma City, Sin Hua Bank Building, Union Park Centre
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Route
Kowloon Hospital 17M

 Shek Kip Mei
Maintown Plaza
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Chak On Estate 2D / 30B
Beacon Heights / Dynasty Heights 32M
Nam Shan Estate 41A
Pak Tin Estate 9M
Yau Yat Tsuen 41A, 41M

  Kowloon Tong
Festival Walk
 Major Buildings:
Business Environment Council, EPD Indoor Air Quality Information Centre, Hong Kong Productivity Council, InnoCentre
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Broadcast Drive / Hong Kong Baptist Hospital /
Hong Kong Baptist University - Ho Sin Hang Campus
Beacon Hill 29B
HKIVE (Lee Wai Lee)
Hong Kong Baptist University - Shaw Campus
Baptist University Road Campus
Tung Tau Estate
San Po Kong 85

 Lok Fu
Hau Wong Temple (Junction Road), Kowloon City Plaza, Lok Fu Plaza (UNY), Lok Fu Plaza Zone
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Broadcast Drive 13, 13A
Chuk Yuen Estate 7M
Kowloon Walled City Park 11D / 75X, 85, 85A, 85B
Tin Ma Court 53M
Tin Wang Court 7M
To Kwa Wan / Ma Tau Wai / Kowloon City Ferry Pier 75X, 85, 85A, 85B
Tung Tau Estate 39M

 Wong Tai Sin
Hsin Kuang Centre, Lung Cheung Plaza, Wong Tai Sin Plaza
 Major Buildings:
Lung Cheung Office Block
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Chuk Yuen North Estate 38M
Fu Shan Estate 33M
King Tung Street 79M
Kowloon City Ferry Pier 61X
San Po Kong 61X / 20M
Tsui Chuk Garden 211
Tsz Wan Shan 2F, 3C / 18M, 37A, 37M
Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre 3C / 37A, 37M

 Diamond Hill
Plaza Hollywood
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Diamond Hill Cemetery 19M
Fu Shan Estate 19, 19M
Fung Tak Estate 33A
Grand View Garden 19A
Hilltop Gardens 33A
Hong Kong National Geopark - High Island Geo Trail 96R (f)
King Tung Street 79M
Po Kong Village Road School Village 19M, 33A
San Po Kong 19
Tse Wan Shan 19M
(f)  Service on Sundays and public holidays only
 Choi Hung
Infinity Eight 
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Aria 16A, 16s
Choi Wan Estate 3M, 3P(t), 10 / 16
Choi Fai Estate 16
Choi Fook Estate / Choi Tak Estate 83A
Clear Water Bay 91
Fung Shing Street Disciplined Services Quarters 16A
Kowloon City Ferry 49
Sai Kung 92, 96R(f) / 1A
San Po Kong 29M
Scenic View 16A, 16B
Shun Lee Disciplined Services Quarters 26, 27 / 29M / 54S
Shun Lee Estate 26, 27, 42 / 26M, 29M / 54M / 54
Shun On Estate / Shun Tin Estate 26, 27/ 26M / 54M / 54
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 91, 91M / 11
Wong Shek Pier 96R (f)
(t) Peak hours and service from Mondays to Fridays only
(f) Service on Sundays and public holidays only

 Kowloon Bay
Amoy Gardens, MegaBox, Telford Plaza I, Telford Plaza, Telford Recreation Club, MCL Telford Cinema
 Major Buildings:
Chevalier Commercial Centre, Clothing Industry Training Authority, CICTA Training Centre, Dah Chong Hong (MSC) Ltd, EMSD Headquarters Building, Enterprise Square, Enterprise Square Two, Enterprise Square Three, Enterprise Square Five, Exchange Tower, Hang Seng Tower, Lee Kee Building, Manhattan Place, Metra Centre I, Metra Centre, MTR Headquarters Building, One Kowloon, Skyline Tower, Sunshine Kln Bay Cargo Centre, Telford House, VTC Training Centre
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Kowloon Bay Health Centre / Kowloon Bay Sports Ground / Richland Gardens 51M
Kowloon City Ferry Pier 11B
Oi Man Estate 17
Sai Kung 1
To Kwa Wan / Ma Tau Wai 5D (k), 15
(k) Peak hours only, no service on Sundays

 Ngau Tau Kok
Newton Place Hotel
Major Buildings:
Cheung Fai Industrial Building, Gee Luen Factory Building, Grandeur Factory Building, Manufacturing Building, Hsin Chong Center, Johnson Industrial Building, Kwun Tong Factory Estate, Landmark East, Maxwell Industrial Building, Meyer Industrial Building, Millennium City 1, Millennium City 2, Millennium City 3, Millennium City 6, No.1 Hung To Road, Prosperity Center, Shiu Fat Industrial Building, Singapore Industrial Building, Standard Chartered Tower, Wharf T&T Square, Yat Sang Industrial Building, Yeung Yiu Chung No.5 Industrial Building
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Choi Ha Estate 35
Hong Lee Court 35
Kowloon Bay business Area 106
Lok Wah Estate 23M
Sau Mau Ping 13M, 95M / 13D
Shun Lee Estate 23M
Tsui Ping Estate 13M
United Christian Hospital 95M / 13D

 Kwun Tong
apM, Kwun Tong Plaza, Silver Theatre
 Major Buildings:
BEA Tower, Camelpaint Building, EGL Tower, HK Public Records Building, 78 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong 223, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, Landmark East, Millennium City 5, Yen Sheng Centre
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Cheung Wo Court 50
Hing Tin Estate 16M
Hiu Lai Court 1A / 34M
Hong Lee Court 36A
Kwun Tong Ferry 28A
Lok Wah Estate 28A / 22M
Po Tat Estate / Sau Mau Ping Estate 13M
Shun Lee Estate 47
Tsui Ping Estate 13M / 59
United Christian Hospital 50
Wan Hon Estate 23

 Lam Tin
Kai Tin Shopping Centre, Laguna Plaza, Sceneway Plaza
Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Cha Kwo Ling 23B
Kai Tin Estate 38, 277X / 15, 15A, 215X, 216M
Kwong Tin Estate 215X, 216M
Laguna City 23B, 23C, 23M
Ping Tin Estate 38, 277X / 15, 15A
Po Tat Estate 71A
United Christian Hospital 76B
Sau Mau Ping Estate 71B

 Yau Tong
Lei Yue Mun Plaza
 Major Buildings:
Lei Yue Mun Municipal Services Building
 Nearby Bus Stops:
Boarding Site Bus Routes
Kwong Tin Estate / Ping Tin Estate / Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry / Tak Tin Estate 24

 Tiu Keng Leng
Choi Ming Shopping Centre

1. Yau Ma Tei Station is an unannounced interchange station. There is no cross-platform interchange there. The platforms for the Kwun Tong Line and Tsuen Wan Line in Yau Ma Tei station are on separate levels.
2. Mong Kok Station and Mong Kok East Station of the East Rail Line are not transfer stations, but they are connected with a footbridge which takes 10 to 15 minutes.
- Last updated on Jun. 20, 2022 -
Questions & Answers on Hong Kong MTR - Kwun Tong Line
Asked by thet from PHILIPPINES | Jun. 11, 2016 19:43Reply
what bus im going to ride from Lei yue mun road, lei on court, going to kwun tong mtr station?
Answers (2)
Answered by Joe from GERMANY | Jun. 11, 2016 20:56

They are quite near to each other. By bus, no. 23B or 23M would help. Walk from Lei On Court to Sin Fat Road, Outside Creative Kindergarten and take either of them. Get off at Kwun Tong (Tung Yan Street) Temporary GMB Terminus and you can find the MTR station nearby.
Answered by Nathalie from NEW ZEALAND | Jun. 11, 2016 20:57

Hey, you can also take MTR. Walk to Lam Tin and take the Kwun Tong Line to reach your destination by passing only one station.
Asked by zi yu from SINGAPORE | May. 05, 2015 23:29Reply
hello, what's the number of car in the kwun tong line extension train, 3-cars train or 4-cars train?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tracy from USA | May. 06, 2015 03:29

Oh, as far as I know, each subway has 8 cars. :-)
Asked by candy from PHILIPINES | Jan. 07, 2015 20:45Reply
what exit of MTR should we go to go to wong tai sin temple, hong kong?
Answers (1)
Answered by Smith from USA | Jan. 07, 2015 21:10

Leave through exit B2 of this station and turn left to walk around 3min to the temple.
Asked by judy from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 25, 2014 08:25Reply
may i know the way going to festival walk using mtr from tsim sha tui, hong kong? thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Leny from FRANCE | Nov. 25, 2014 19:43

Walk from where you are to East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, and get off at Hung Hom Station. Then transfer to East Rail Line to Kowloon Tong Station, Exit C1. After arriving, just walk to the destination.

Or you can take public bus no. 7 at Middle Road Tsim Sha Tsui, and get off at Dorset Crescent. After arriving, walk to the destination directly.
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