Hong Kong Light Rail

Light rail is a very important transport means in the northwest of New Territories, Hong Kong. The system now covers 68 stops. There are 12 light rail routes – Route 505, 507, 610, 614, 614P, 615, 615P, 705, 706, 751, 751P, and 761P, which are operated by the Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTR).

505: Sam Shing – Siu Hong         
507: Tuen Mun Ferry Pier – Tin King
610&614&615: Tuen Mun Ferry Pier – Yuen Long 
614P&615P: Tuen Mun Ferry Pier – Siu Hong
705&706: Tin Shui Wai Circular
751: Yau Oi – Tin Yat
751P: Tin Shui Wai – Tin Yat
761P: Tin Yat – Yuen Long
See subway maps for reference.

Ticket Information
You can use the Octopus Card or buy a single ticket to take the light rail. Tickets may be inspected inside light rail compartments, at stops or on platforms. The Light Rail network has six fare zones. Single Journey Ticket users are charged according to the number of the fare zones travelled. Passengers can travel to any destiinations within five fare zones. Octopus Cards and single tickets are valid for 120 minutes after their validation. During this time, you must travel from the stop, where the Octopus Card was validated or the ticket was issued, to another stop in a single direction without repeating any stops. Children aged 3 to 11 should buy children's tickets. Adult tickets are applicable for passengers aged 12 to 64. Passengers aged 65 or above should buy senior citizens' tickets. Each adult passenger can take along two children under 3, who will enjoy a free ride.

 Customer Service Hotline: +852-28818888

 Customer service centers are located at major Light Rail stops, including Tuen Mun Ferry Pier, Town Centre, Leung King, Tin Yat and Yuen Long. Their opening hours are from 07:00am to 21:00 pm.

 Single ticket fare:

The number of fare zones traveled Adult Child / Senior Citizen
1-2 HK$4.5 HK$2.0
3 HK$5.5 HK$2.5
4-5 HK$6.5 HK$3.0

Using Octopus Card:

The number of the stops traveled
(including boarding stop)
Adult Child / Student Elderly / Disabled
1-3 HK$4.1 HK$2.0 HK$2.0
4-6 HK$4.2 HK$2.0 HK$2.0
7-9 HK$4.3 HK$2.1 HK$2.0
10- 12 HK$4.3 HK$2.1 HK$2.0
13-15 HK$5.0 HK$2.4 HK$2.0
16-18 HK$5.5 HK$2.7 HK$2.0
19-21 HK$6.0 HK$2.9 HK$2.0
22 or above HK$6.5 HK$3.2 HK$2.0

In addition, to bring you more convenience, Octopus Card holders, who take MTR, can enjoy free transfers to Light Rail at designated stations and stops. The following are tips on enjoying them:
1. Free transfer for Light Rail is only applicable to Octopus Card holders, who transfer at the designated light rail stops, which are Tuen Mun, Ho Tin, Siu Hong, Tin Shui Wai, Tin Yiu, and Yuen Long.
2. Free transfer should be completed within 30 minutes from the exit validation to the entry validation.
3. If you transfer between Light Rail and MTR / MTR Bus, and transfer from Light Rail / MTR Bus to MTR to Light Rail / MTR Bus within 120 minutes, you can enjoy an interchange discount of up to the bus fare or the applicable rail fare, whichever is lower.
4. Your Octopus Card should have a positive balance in order to enjoy the above offers.

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