Tseung Kwan O Line


North Point ↔ Po Lam/LOHAS Park

(Identification Color: light purple      )


North Point – Quarry Bay – Yau Tong – Tiu Keng Leng – Tseung Kwan O – LOHAS Park – Hang Hau – Po Lam
See subway maps for reference.
Single Journey Ticket Issuing Machine
Single Journey Ticket Issuing Machine

Transfers along Tseung Kwan O Line:

 North Point (Transfer with Island Line)
 Quarry Bay (Transfer with Island Line)
 Yau Tong (Transfer with Kwun Tong Line)
 Tiu Keng Leng (Transfer with Kwun Tong Line)

Type: Heavy rail
No. of stations: 8
Length: 12.3km
Journey time: 15 minutes
Districts: Eastern, Kwun Tong, Sai Kung

 Time for the first train and last train of Tseung Kwan O Line:
North Point: 06:13 - 01:12
Po Lam: 06:00 - 00:50
LOHAS Park: 05:57 - 00:48

 Service Hours of Each Station along Tseung Kwan O Line:

To Po Lam To LOHAS Park To North Point
Station First Train Last Train First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
North Point 06:13 01:12 06:13 01:12 N/A N/A
Quarry Bay 06:15 01:14 06:15 01:14 06:13 01:03
Yau Tong 06:19 01:18 06:19 01:18 06:09 00:59
Tiu Keng Leng 06:15 01:21 06:18 01:24 06:06 00:56
Tseung Kwan O 06:17 01:23 06:20 01:26 06:04 00:54
LOHAS Park 05:57 00:48 N/A N/A 05:57 00:48
Hang Hau 06:19 01:25 06:02 00:52 06:02 00:52
Po Lam N/A N/A 06:00 00:50 06:00 00:50

 Train Frequency:
Weekdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (mins.) Saturdays (mins.)
Weekdays Morning Peak Hours Weekdays Evening Peak Hours Weekdays Non-peak Hours / Sundays and Public Holidays Morning Peak Hours Evening Peak Hours Non-peak Hours
North Point - Tseung Kwan O 2.5 2.5 4 to 5.8 2.5 -------- 4 to 5.6
North Point - Po Lam 2.5 / 5 2.5 / 5  4 to 6 2.5 / 5 -------- 4 to 6
North Point - LOHAS Park 10 10 -------- 10 ------- --------
Tiu Keng Leng - LOHAS Park -------- -------- 10.5 - 13.8 ------- ------- 10.7 - 13.8

Stations along Tseung Kwan O Line:

 North Point
Printemp Hotel Apartment (Exit A1); City Garden Hotel (Exit A1); Ibis (Exit A1); Newton Inn (Exit A2); The South China Hotel (Exit A1)
Chinese Goods Centre Ltd. (Exit B1); Maxi Mall (Exit A1); Metropole Department Stores (Exit A1); Odeon Plaza (Exit A3); Olympia Plaza (Exit B1); Sunbeam Theatre (Exit B1)
 Major buildings:
China United Centre (Exit A4); Java Commercial Centre (Exit A1); K.Wah Centre (Exit A1); North Point ASIA-PAC Commercial Centre (Exit A1); North Point Industrial Building (Exit B3); Two Chinachem Exchange Square (Exit B1)
 Public transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Braemar Hill Bus 27, 529 B3
Lai Tak Tsuen / Tai Hang Bus 41A B3

 Quarry Bay
Harbour Plaza North Point (Exit C)
 Major buildings:
Cambridge House (Exit A); Cornwall House (Exit A); Devon House (Exit A); Dorset House (Exit A); Eastern Harbour Center (Exit C); Kodak House (Exit C); Manly Plaza (Exit A); One Island East (Exit A); PCCW Tower (Exit A); Prosperity Millennia Plaza (Exit C); Somerset House (Exit A); Tung Chong Factory Building (Exit C); Warwick House (Exit A); Westlands Centre (Exit A)

 Yau Tong
Lei Yue Mun Plaza (Exit A1); Yau Lai Shopping Centre (Exit B1)
 Major Buildings:
Lei Yue Mun Municipal Services Building (Exit A2)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Kwong Tin Estate / Ping Tin Estate / Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry / Tak Tin Estate  Minibus 24 A1

 Tiu Keng Leng
Choi Ming Shopping Centre (Exit A1)

 Tseung Kwan O
 Hotels: Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East (Exit C); Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Kowloon East (Exit C)
Sheung Tak Shopping Centre (Exit A1); Park Central (Exit B2); PopCorn (Exit C)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Clear Water Bay Minibus 103M A1
Oscar By The Sea Bus 796S A2
Sai Kung Bus 792M A1
Tseung Kwan O Hospital Bus / Minibus 792M / 103M A1
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate Bus 797M A1

 Major Buildings:
Shaw Film Studios (Exit A); Tseung Kwan O Preliminary Sewage Treatment Plant (Exit A)

 Hang Hau
East Point City (Exit A1); Hau Tak Shopping Centre (Exit A1); The Lane (Exit A1, B1); Tin Hau Temple (EXit B1)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Hang Hau Village Minibus 11, 11A B1
Hong Sing Garden Bus 296M B1
Oscar By The Sea Minibus 109M A1
Po Toi O Minibus 16 A2
Sai Kung Minibus 101M B1
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Minibus 11, 11M B1
Tseung Kwan O Hospital Bus / Minibus 98D, 297 / 98A, 98C / 11 / 109M B2, B1 / B1, A1
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate (via TVB City) Bus 298E B1

 Po Lam
Cinema Metro (Exit A2); Metro City Plaza 1 (Exit B2); Metro City Plaza‖(Exit A2, B1), Metro City PlazaⅢ (Exit A1)
 Public Transport:
Destination Feeder Service Routes Exit
Haven of Hope Hospital Minibus 107 C
Hong Sing Garden Minibus 15M C
Po Toi O Minibus 16 B1
Sai Kung Minibus 12 B1
Tseung Kwan O Village Minibus 17A (c) C
Tsui Lam Minibus 17M C

(c) Morning Peak only, no service on Sundays and public holidays.
- Last modified on Jul. 01, 2018 -
Questions & Answers on Hong Kong MTR - Tseung Kwan O Line
Asked by Mancy from HONG KONG | Jun. 28, 2018 20:50Reply
Is there any bus from Tseung Kwan O to China [Shenzhen or Guangzhou]?
Answers (1)
Answered by Haillie from HUNGARY | Jul. 01, 2018 21:01

Yes, you can take a bus to GZ from Tuen Mun Station and the bus departs at 09:10, 9:40, 10:40, 14:40, 15:40, 16:40, 17:10, and 18:10. The best way to get Tuen Mun Station is to take bus line 290 from Yixin Garden to Tsuen Wan West Station. Then walk about 150m to take West railway line to Tuen Mun and get out of Exit F2. Walk about 200m you can get there.
Asked by wong from SINGAPORE | Aug. 22, 2017 01:38Reply
Please advise what the faster way from airport to Hoilday Inn Express Kowloo at Tseung Kwang O.
My flight CX reach HK at 16.00 hour. what the best way from airport to Hoilday Inn Express Kowloon at Tseung Kwang O best and fast way to reach hotel by 18.00 hour. thks
Answers (1)
Answered by Mike from GERMANY | Aug. 22, 2017 02:27

You are suggested to take bus E22A/A29P and get off at Tong Ming Street, then walk east along the street for about 2 minutes and turn right at the first crossing, walk for about 3 minutes and turn right at the next crossing to Tender Street, walk west for two minutes, you will get there. It will take you about 1h 40 minutes.
Or you can take bus E22 and get off at Kwun Tong Town Center, then walk east along the road for about 5 minutes to Kwun Tong Station, take metro Kwun Tong Line and transfer to Tseung Kwan O line at Tiu Keng Leng, get off atTseung Kwan O from Exit B2, then walk north for about 1 minutes, turn right, you will see the hotel. It takes nearly the same time.
Asked by Deanan from SOUTH AFRICA | Dec. 03, 2015 04:08Reply
How do i get from the airport to my hotel Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kline from SINGAPORE | Dec. 04, 2015 00:04

Upon landing, you are suggested to take bus no.E22A, get off at Tseung Kwan O Station, Po Yap Road. The duration is about 90 mins. It costs 24 HKD per person. After arriving, walk north around 180 yards (150 meters) to find the hotel.
Asked by Winnie Choong from MALAYSIA | Oct. 23, 2015 21:50Reply
time & distance from Holiday Inn Express Kowloon hotel at Tseung Kwan O to HKIA?
what transport will be fast & better? my flight is early morning 8.20 am.
Answers (3)
Answered by Robert from USA | Oct. 24, 2015 02:17

The distance is about 30 miles. Generally speaking, you need to arrive at the airport 1 to 1.5 hours in advance. So take bus no.N29 at Tseung Kwan O Station, Po Yap Road, get off at the airport directly. The earliest schedule is at 05:15. It takes around 70 mins on the way. The ticket fare is 24 HKD per person. Or you can take a taxi to the airport directly. The cab fare is 350HKD or a little more. It takes around 50 to 60 minutes on the way.
Answered by Winnie Choong from MALAYSIA | Oct. 25, 2015 23:17

Thanks for sharing Robert, is it possible that take the MTR to airport?
Answered by Emily | Oct. 27, 2015 22:34

MTR is available, but your flight is so early. By MTR, it requires several transfers and time is not that proper to catch your so early a flight (usually the first train leaves around 06:10-06:20). Therefore, overnight bus or taxi can be taken into consideration.
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