How to Travel Between Hong Kong and Guilin & Yangshuo

The distance between Hong Kong and Guilin is about 650 kilometers (400 miles). 3 high speed trains are the best way to travel between, taking about 3 hours and CNY412 for a second  class seat. Passengers can also choose to make a transfer in Guangzhou to make a more flexible schedule. From Guilin, visitors can take a Li River Cruise ship, high speed train or bus to Yangshuo, which is about 70 kilometers (45 miles) away. No direct flight runs between the two cities at present.
How to Travel Between Hong Kong and Guilin & Yangshuo

How to Travel from Hong Kong to Guilin & Yangshuo

1. Most Recommended: Hong Kong - Guilin High Speed Train: 3h, CNY 412

 Hong Kong to Guilin

Trains G2964, G320, G408
Ticket Price Second Class Seat: CNY412
First Class Seat: CNY659
Business Class Seat: CNY1,204
Duration around 3h
Departure time 10:08, 11:54, 12:06
Dep. - Arr. HK West Kowloon - Guilin West 

 Guilin to Yangshuo

Number of Trains 26 departures daily
Dep. Time 10:00 - 20:37
Ticket Price Second Class Seat: CNY22-28
First Class Seat: CNY35-46
Duration around 25min
Dep. - Arr. Guilin North,  Guilin West or Guilin Railway Station - Yangshuo Railway Station

2. Alternative Way: HK - Guangzhou - Guilin High Speed Train: at least 4h; CNY350-500

If missing the three direct HK-Guilin trains, passengers can also take a high speed train from HK to Guangzhou first,  then take more frequent Guangzhou - Guilin trains.

 HK - Guangzhou

Trains 38 departures daily
Ticket Price Second Class Seat: CNY215
First Class Seat: CNY323-344
Business Class Seat: CNY452-645
Duration around 1-1.5h
Departure time 08:06-22:39
Dep. - Arr. HK West Kowloon - Guangzhou East or Guangzhou South 

 Guangzhou - Guilin

Trains 58 departures daily
Ticket Price G trains:
Second Class Seat: CNY148-313.5
First Class Seat: CNY234-503
Business Class Seat: CNY466-949
D trains:
Second Class Seat: CNY141-282.5
First Class Seat: CNY224-453
Business Class Seat: CNY466-949
Duration around 2-4.5h
Departure time 06:45-21:01
Dep. - Arr. Guangzhou East - Guilin North, Guilin West or Guilin Railway Station 

How to Travel from Yangshuo & Guilin to Hong Kong

Yangshuo - Guilin - HK High Speed Train: 3h, CNY 412

 Yangshuo to Guilin

Number of Trains 30 departures daily
Dep. Time 08:58 - 21:34
Ticket Price Second Class Seat: CNY21-28
First Class Seat: CNY33-46
Duration around 3h
Dep. - Arr. Yangshuo Railway Station - Guilin North,  Guilin West or Guilin Railway Station

 Guilin to Hong Kong

Trains G2963, G319, G407
Ticket Price Second Class Seat: CNY412
First Class Seat: CNY659
Business Class Seat: CNY1,204
Duration around 3h
Departure time 12:41, 13:47, 15:42
Dep. - Arr. Guilin West  - HK West Kowloon 

Passengers can get to Guangzhou or Shenzhen by high speed train first, then continue to Hong Kong by another high speed train. There are more high speed trains running from Guilin to Guangzhou/ Shenzhen and from Guangzhou/ Shenzhen to Hong Kong.

How to Travel between Guilin and Yangshuo

1. Li River Cruise Ship: 4-5h, CNY200-400

Passengers can take Li River Cruise Ship from Mopanshan or Zhujiang Wharf in Guilin to get to Li River Port in Yangshuo. On the ship passengers can appreciate the beautiful karst landforms. The departure time is 09:00-10:00 AM depending on the water level and weather. There is no cruise ship from Yangshuo to Guilin.

Wharf  Cruise Type Fare
Zhujiang Wharf Luxury Air-conditioned Cruise CNY338 for Lower Deck
CNY358 for Upper Deck 
Super Deluxe Cruise CNY388
Mopanshan Wharf Standard Cruise CNY215 for Lower Deck
CNY265 for Upper Deck

2. Guilin - Yangshuo High Speed Train: 0.5h, CNY 21-28

26 Guilin to Yangshuo high speed trains and 30 vice versa serve passengers, taking about half an hour. The ticket price for a second class seat is CNY21-28.

3. Bus: 70 minutes, CNY 25

Located at west of Kaifeng Road and south of West Chadian Road, the Guilin South Bus Station operates many express buses to Yangshuo Bus Station, and the departure time is 07:00 - 18:20 with a frequency of 15-30 minutes. The ticket fare is CNY25 and the travel time is 70 minutes. To get back to Yangshuo, the buses depart from Yangshuo Bus Station and arrive at Guilin North Bus Station.

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