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How to Travel From Guilin to Yangshuo

Guilin Yangshuo Bus
Guilin - Yangshuo Bus

In the following guide on how to travel from Guilin to Yangshuo, the frequent bus is sure the first choice, which makes it possible to have a 1-day tour between the two places and an in-depth exploration of the karst landscape of south China.


Guilin to Yangshuo Bus Schedule

From Guilin Airport

Direct shuttle buses from Liangjiang Airport to Yangshuo are available.  They leave from the Long-distance Bus Station of the airport, which is located in the southeast corner on 1F of the terminal building, close to the Domestic Arrival Lobby. Just buy the tickets and board the bus there.

Route Airport - Yangshuo
Timetable 10:00  12:00  14:00 16:00  18:00  20:00
08:00  10:00  12:00 14:00 16:00 17:30
Ticket Fare CNY70
Duration 90min
 Note: the buses all arrive at Yangshuo Bus Station.

From South Bus Station

Located west of Kaifeng Road and south of West Chadian Road, the South Bus Station operates many express buses to that county.

Route South Bus Station - Yangshuo
Timetable 07:00-18:00 with an interval of 10-25min
Ticket Fare CNY25
Duration 90min
 Note: the buses all arrive at Yangshuo Bus Station.

From Railway Stations

From the front square of Guilin Railway Station From North Railway Station
07:20 - 19:30 with the frequency of 15-30 minutes 07:00 - 19:30 with an interval of 15-25min
Duration: From Guilin Railway Station: 90 minutes;  Duration: 120 minutes
Fare:  CNY 50 Fare: CNY 35-50

 Note: the buses all arrive at Yangshuo West Street, a popular local scenic spot.

Nowadays, getting to Yangshuo from Guilin by train is possible. Three railway stations operate several bullet trains to Yangshuo Railway StationWest Railway Station, North Railway Station and Guilin Railway Station.

Stations West Railway Station North Railway Station Guilin Railway Station
Guilin to Yangshuo 14 trains from 11:41 to 19:25 9 trains from 10:00 to 20:37 13:10, 13:25, 15:33, 20:22
Yangshuo to Guilin 18 trains from 08:38 to 18:53 10 trains from 08:58 to 21:34 08:58, 13:55, 19:10, 20:15
Duration 24 minutes 24 minutes 40 minutes
Ticket Fare CNY 22-28 CNY 21-28 CNY 28

Note: Yangshuo Railway Station is about 21 miles (33 kilometers) away from Yangshuo West Street. Upon getting to the railway station, catch the official shuttle bus with CNY20/person to the downtown within an hour. Alternatively, take a taxi at a cost of CNY80-100.



In general, the cab fare is CNY 330-350 from Liangjiang Airport to Yangshuo. The duration is around 1.5 hours. If one travels from downtown Guilin, it costs CNY 200-250.

Guilin-Yangshuo Ship
Getting Onboard the Cruise Ship
Guilin - Yangshuo Cruise Ship
Cruise Ship


The best way to enjoy the scenery along Li River is to take a cruise. The cruise trip ends at Yangshuo Shuidongmen Wharf and takes 4 to 5 hours usually. This route contains several main attractions, such as Crown Cave, Nine-horse Mural Hill and Yellow Cloth Shoal. Both Zhujiang Wharf and Mopanshan Wharf have cruises. The departure time is usually from 9:00-10:00 in the morning depending on the passenger flow volume and the water level of Li River.

Wharf  Cruise Type Fare
Zhujiang Wharf Luxury Air-conditioned Cruise CNY338 for Lower Deck
CNY358 for Upper Deck 
Super Deluxe Cruise CNY388
Mopanshan Wharf Standard Cruise CNY215 for Lower Deck
CNY265 for Upper Deck

1. The prices above are only for reference, and they may fluctuate in different seasons. 
2. Travelers planning to enjoy Li River can book the 3 Star Li River Cruise and 4 Star Li River Cruise tickets online in advance with TravelChinaGuide.
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Questions & Answers on How to Travel From Guilin to Yangshuo
Asked by Samira from ITALY | Jan. 25, 2024 06:13Reply
Yangshuo to Fenghuang
Hello, is there a train from Yangshuo to Guilin NORTH that arrives at 14.00 to catch the train from Guilin NORTH to Fenghuang? How much time in advance do we need to be at the train station?
Answers (3)
Answered by Trace | Jan. 25, 2024 21:53

Currently, there is only one train from Guilin North to Fenghuang, leaving at 14:55. Time is enough if you arrive at Guilin North at 14:00. But hurry up and don't waste a second.
Answered by Samira | Jan. 26, 2024 03:03

Thank you. And from Yangshuo what’s the best solution to get to Guilin north train station? Is there a bus? If yes at what time or how much is a taxi and how long does it take?
Answered by Trace | Jan. 28, 2024 17:18

I prefer the direct fast train.

If by bus, you'd better take those arriving at Guilin North Bus Station, which is within walking distance to the Guilin North Railway Station. It takes about 2 hours on the way, so you need to take those departing before 11:00 at the latest. Ticket fare is CNY50.
Asked by Mark from UK BUT NOW IN CHINA | Jan. 01, 2024 00:25Reply
I can only find afternoon cruises from Guilin to yangshuo for Jan Monday January 8th. Why no morning
I can only find afternoon cruise from Guilin to yangshuo for Monday 8th January? Why? Because I planned a morning cruise - but there aren’t any.
Answers (1)
Answered by Daisy | Jan. 02, 2024 23:40

Well, as I know, the cruises are all morning cruises. Have you made something wrong?
Asked by Lee from SINGAPORE | Oct. 21, 2023 02:32Reply
Yangshou to zhujiang wharf
Please teach me how to travel from Yangshuo West Hotel location to zhujiang wharf ticket centet
Answers (1)
Answered by Jeremy | Oct. 22, 2023 23:56

If by public transport, it is only possible to take a bus from Yangshuo to Guilin first and then take bus to Zhujiang Wharf. However, it would be very troublesome and it takes a lot of time. The other way is to take a private car or taxi, which has a pretty high cost.
Asked by Phun kia jeow from MALAYSIA | Aug. 28, 2023 22:33Reply
Any bus from guilin north train station to zhujiang pier? Planning for day trip. Return by bus or t.
Answers (1)
Answered by Andy | Aug. 28, 2023 23:03

You can take Bus Line 302 at Zhanqian Road West Station to Sanlidian Square and then transfer to Bus Line 7 to Zhujiang Port. It takes about 1.5 hours for a single journey.
Asked by Vini from INDONESIA | Jun. 23, 2023 09:18Reply
can I purchase the bus ticket from yangshuo to guilin online ?
I plan to visit yangshuo from guilin by li river cruise, and then spend time in yangshuo from afternoon until evening at west street. I plan to go back to guilin in the evening by local bus, because the yangshuo high speed train is far in xingping (one hour from yangshuo city centre). Can I book the bus ticket online in advance? On which website I can book it?

Thank you in advance.
Answers (1)
Answered by Eric | Jun. 25, 2023 01:43

There indeed are some ways to purchase the ticket in advance but they are in Chinese. I think you need a Chinese friend to book it for you; he or she can easily find a website by searching online.
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