Guilin - Yangshuo High Speed Train

Over 10 high speed trains are operated from Guilin to Yangshuo, and about 15 from Yangshuo to Guilin. The running distance is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) and travel time is about half an hour. Ticket price for a second class seat is CNY24 -30. Passengers should notice that these bullet trains stop at three different railway stations in Guilin, so they need to read the tickets carefully and find the correct station to take the train.

Basic Facts:

 Distance: 80 kilometers (50 miles)
 Top Speed: 250 km/h (155 mph)
 Duration: 24 – 45min
 Operated at: Guilin  / Guilin North / Guilin West Railway Station, Yangshuo Railway Station

Guilin to Yangshuo High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Oct 15, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
D295908:02 - 08:260h24m
G290709:25 - 09:490h24m
D296110:10 - 10:340h24m
G292911:00 - 11:220h22m
D281111:48 - 12:120h24m
D236713:43 - 14:070h24m
D185514:37 - 15:010h24m
D180915:01 - 15:250h24m
D294315:07 - 15:310h24m
D826916:05 - 16:290h24m
D295016:12 - 16:520h40m
D297518:12 - 18:360h24m
D187519:29 - 19:530h24m
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(Last Update on Oct 15, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
D826208:58 - 09:380h40m
D280409:23 - 09:470h24m
D296609:37 - 10:030h26m
D185210:00 - 10:240h24m
G290210:05 - 10:310h26m
D180610:56 - 11:210h25m
D184211:18 - 11:420h24m
D181011:51 - 12:150h24m
D281212:17 - 12:410h24m
D236812:45 - 13:110h26m
D181813:05 - 13:290h24m
D186015:16 - 15:400h24m
D297216:11 - 16:350h24m
D296016:31 - 16:570h26m
D297618:07 - 18:330h26m
D187818:29 - 18:530h24m
D827018:43 - 19:090h26m
Note: The timetable above is for reference only. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.

Ticket Fare of Guilin - Yangshuo High Speed Trains

(Last Update on Oct 15, 2019)
Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
CNY 72 - 74
USD 10 - 11
CNY 39 - 50
USD 6 - 7
CNY 24 - 30.5
USD 3 - 4


Which station to use in Guilin

 Guilin Railway Station:
Located in the city center, this station is frequently used for those in urban area. It can be easily reached by city bus nos. 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 16, 19, 22, 88, 91, 99, and 100. However, only 1.5 pairs of trains to/from Yangshuo are operated here and they take the longest time of over 40 minutes.

 North Railway Station:
Located in the northern suburban area, the station can be easily reached by bus nos. 1, 18, 32, 83, 99, 100, 211, 301, 302, 303, and airport shuttle bus. About 5.5 pairs of trains to/from Yangshuo can be caught here. Duration is just 24/ 26 minutes.

 West Railway Station:
Located in the western suburban area, West Station operates over 7 pairs of trains to/from Yangshuo and duration is about 24/25 minutes. However, transportation around this station is not convenient. Only city bus nos. 22 and 303 can be found here.

To sum up, it is advised to use the North Railway Station in most cases because of its moderate train departures and convenient transportation.

Guilin – Yangshuo Train vs. Coach

Aside from a high speed rail trip, passengers can also take a coach to travel between the two places. Over 35 long-distance buses are operated daily, taking 1.5 hours for a single trip. Ticket fare is about CNY27/35 based on the different stations. Facilities and services on coaches are not as good as that on high speed trains. Also, bullet trains only take 23m – 43m. It is a pity that Yanghsuo Railway Station is about 34 kilometers (21 miles) from the downtown area. Transportation around is not that convenient. However, if arriving by long-distance bus, tourists will get off inside the downtown area directly. In this case, they can go to the West Street, Li River, Yulong River and other attraction sites easily.
Major Rail Lines from Guilin to:
Major Rail Lines from Yangshuo to:
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Questions & Answers on Guilin - Yangshuo High Speed Train
Asked by yosef from ISRAEL | Aug. 29, 2019 11:27Reply
Reserve bus Guilin-Yangshuo
Is there any way to reserve seats ahead of time on the coach that goes to Yangshuo?
We will be travelling a day before The National Holiday and want to make sure we won't have any issues
Answers (1)
Answered by Olee | Aug. 29, 2019 18:49

I suppose non-chinese people can only buy ticket on spot, I did not find any website offering this service.
Asked by Daisy from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 19, 2019 00:22Reply
Would you please advise if our hotel is closer to the North or West Station?
We are staying at Aroma Tea House Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel. Also, do you recommend the show of impression of Sanjie Liu?
Answers (1)
Answered by Aidan from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 19, 2019 20:47

Guilin North Station is a little bit closer than West Station. You can use bus No. 100 or transfer or taxi. As for the show, to be honest, I did not get its story but it is good to "see".
Asked by Katja from SWITZERLAND | May. 23, 2019 22:22Reply
Is there no bus going from guilin airport straigth to yangshuo?
Answers (2)
Answered by Bart | May. 24, 2019 01:51

There are buses available to Yangshuo bus station directly. The airport website says at 09:30 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 16:30 18:00 and 20:00. But this timetable may not always updated. You can confirm it at airport later afternoon. The cost should be CNY50 and takes around 1.5 hours on the way.
Answered by Katja from SWITZERLAND | May. 24, 2019 03:06

Thank you for your answer
Asked by Leif from CANADA | Mar. 12, 2019 03:17Reply
Where is the bus to Yangshuo? From which bus station in Guilin?
I heard that the bus station changed? Is this true?
Answers (1)
Answered by Saul from MEXICO | Mar. 12, 2019 17:16

Now most buses go from the South Bus Station which is at Chadian Road, Xiangshan District. Compared with the old one near railway station, it is indeed a little far now.
Asked by Goldsmith from ICELAND | Nov. 09, 2018 01:47Reply
May I know how can I get to moon reflection river inn after my arrival at Guilin North Station?
It says the hotel is near the South Gate of Xiangshan Park. If I will take the D2992 at 9:52am, how early should I reach Yangshuo station? Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Florence from USA | Nov. 11, 2018 16:08

You can take bus No. 100 from the North Station to Xi Cheng Lu Kou, the 13th stop. The hotel is about 500m away. You can also take direct taxi which takes around 30min. It would be better to reach the station about 1.5 hours in advance for the ticket collection. With paper ticket in hand, 30 to 40min would be fine. You can use the bus or taxi from Yangshuo town to the station.
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