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Guilin to Shanghai Train

Guilin North Railway Station supports 1 high speed train to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, taking 9.5 hours to finish the whole journey which is as long as 1,602 kilometers (995 miles). The ticket price for a first class seat is CNY 1,093.5 and for a second class seat is CNY 662.5.
Apart from this, 3 non-bullet trains run from Guilin North Railway Station to Shanghai South Railway Station, taking 19 to 25.5 hours. The price for a soft sleeper is CNY537 or CNY592.5. As for a hard sleeper, it costs CNY351 to CNY378.5.    

Basic Facts of Guilin to Shanghai High Speed Train

Open Date: December 28th, 2013
Travel Time: 9.5 hours
Running Distance: 1,602 kilometers (995 miles)
Top Speed: 300 km/h (186 mph)
Operated at: Guilin North Railway Station, ShanghaiShanghai South / Shanghai Hongqiao
Major Stations along the Way: Xing’an North, Quanzhou South, Dong’an East, Yongzhou, Qiyang, Hengyang East, Changsha South, Shangrao, Jinhua, Yiwu and Hangzhou East.

Guilin to Shanghai Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train K1558:
1Nanning -21:40
2Litang 23:0923:15
3Laibin 00:0100:05
4Liuzhou 00:5701:10
5Guilin North 03:4003:54
6Dongan East 05:5206:03
7Yongzhou 06:2506:37
8Qiyang 07:0007:03
9Qidong 07:2207:25
10Hengyang 08:1908:39
11Hengshan 09:1009:13
12Zhuzhou [hunan] 10:1110:31
13Pingxiang [Jiangxi] 11:3411:40
14Yichun [Jiangxi] 12:2112:25
15Xinyu 12:5813:03
16Zhangshu 13:4813:51
17Fengcheng 14:0914:12
18Xiangtang 14:4714:53
19Nanchang 15:1515:32
20Jiujiang 16:4817:10
21Hukou 17:3217:36
22Dongzhi 19:3319:36
23Chizhou 20:4220:45
24Tongling 21:3221:35
25Wuhu 23:0923:15
26Nanjing 01:0801:30
27Zhenjiang 02:1002:14
28Changzhou 02:5803:02
29Wuxi [Jiangsu] 03:2903:34
30Suzhou [Jiangsu] 04:03-
31Shanghai 05:2305:23
Guilin North
Details of the Train G1502:
1Nanning East -09:13
2Laibin North 09:5609:58
3Liuzhou 10:2410:27
4Luzhai North 10:5510:57
5Guilin North 11:4811:52
6Xingan North 12:1712:19
7Quanzhou [Guangxi] South 12:4012:42
8Dongan East 13:0513:07
9Yongzhou 13:2313:26
10Qiyang 13:4513:47
11Qidong 14:0114:03
12Hengyang East 14:3214:34
13Zhuzhou [hunan] West 15:0215:04
14Changsha South 15:2415:27
15Pingxiang North 15:5515:57
16Xinyu North 16:2516:27
17Nanchang West 16:5917:03
18Yingtan North 17:3917:41
19Shangrao 18:0818:10
20Jinhua 19:0019:04
21Yiwu 19:2019:22
22Zhuji 19:3619:41
23Hangzhou East 20:0520:10
24Jiaxing South 20:3320:35
25Songjiang South 20:5320:59
26Shanghai Hongqiao 21:13-
Guilin North
Shanghai Hongqiao
Details of the Train T382:
1Kunming -20:42
2Shizong 23:1823:22
3Luoping 00:0300:08
4Weishe 01:3501:45
5Xingyi 02:2402:30
6Baise 06:1206:20
7Pingguo 07:2807:34
8Nanning 08:5709:22
9Liuzhou 12:2212:35
10Guilin North 14:4515:07
11Xingan North 15:4015:44
12Quanzhou [Guangxi] South 16:3016:35
13Dongan East 17:1417:18
14Yongzhou 17:3717:45
15Qiyang 18:0518:08
16Qidong 18:2518:28
17Hengyang 19:1819:26
18Anren 20:2020:23
19Chaling South 21:2021:28
20Yanling 22:1422:49
21Yingtan 03:4503:57
22Jinhua 07:1607:22
23Yiwu 08:0408:08
24Hangzhou South 09:0309:09
25Haining 09:5810:03
26Jiaxing 10:2010:25
27Shanghai South 11:3211:32
Guilin North
Shanghai South
Details of the Train T26:
1Nanning -14:56
2Nanning East 15:0915:15
3Liuzhou 17:2817:53
4Guilin North 19:3319:41
5Xingan North 20:1420:17
6Quanzhou [Guangxi] South 20:4620:50
7Dongan East 21:2421:28
8Yongzhou 21:4621:52
9Qidong 22:2522:28
10Hengyang 23:1823:24
11Jian [Jiangxi] 03:3103:35
12Yingtan 06:3106:40
13Shangrao 07:4807:52
14Yushan 08:1008:18
15Quzhou 09:3609:40
16Jinhua 10:3210:38
17Yiwu 11:1211:15
18Hangzhou South 12:2912:33
19Haining 13:1913:24
20Jiashan [Zhejiang] 13:5113:55
21Shanghai South 15:06-
Guilin North
Shanghai South

Running Route of Guilin to Shanghai High Speed Train

Guilin-Hengyang High Speed Railway Line: Constituting a section of Hengyang-Nanning High Speed Railway Line, Guilin-Hengyang High Speed Railway Line has been available since December 28th, 2013. It runs the distance of 342 kilometers (213 miles) and connects railway stations such as Guilin, Yongzhou, Qidong and Hengyang East.
Hengyang-Changsha High Speed Railway Line: Running the distance of 177 kilometers (110 miles), Hengyang-Changsha High Speed Railway Line is a part of Beijing-Shenzhen High Speed Railway Line. The high speed railway was open on December, 26th, 2012, linking Hengyang East Railway Station, Zhuzhou West Railway Station, Changsha South Railway Station and more.

Changsha-Shanghai High Speed Railway Line: As a part of Shanghai-Kunming High Speed Railway Line, Changsha-Shanghai High Speed Railway Line has the distance as long as 1,083 kilometers (673 miles). It was opened on December 16th, 2014, connecting railway stations including Changsha South, Yichun, Hangzhou East and Shanghai Hongqiao.

Transfer at Changsha South Railway Station for More Options

Guilin to Changsha to Shanghai Train Schedule & Ticket Fare

Guilin to Changsha South Changsha South to Shanghai  Overall Travel Time    Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Second Class Seat
G436 08:07 – 11:23 G1322 12:49–18:22   10h15m  CNY181.5 + CNY478 = CNY 659.5
G2340 08:43 – 11:53 9h39m 
G434 09:57 – 13:13  G1372 14:35–19:46  9h49m 
G1546 10:04 – 13:50 9h42m 
G536 10:44 – 14:03 G578 14:51–20:46 10h2m CNY181.5 + CNY502.5 = CNY 684
G422 10:57–14:18 G1334 15:15–20:56 9h59m CNY181.5 + CNY478 = CNY 659.5

Other Transportation Option: Guilin to Shanghai Flight

You can choose a suitable flight among 9 flights which are scheduled from 6:10 to 22:00. The flight takes about 2 hours and the air fare is around CNY 450 and CNY 1,100.

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 Major Rail Lines from Guilin to:
Major Rail Lines from Shanghai to:
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Questions & Answers on Guilin to Shanghai Train
Asked by Felicia from CANADA | Jan. 12, 2020 19:15Reply
When it is good time to buy flight ticket from Shanghai to Guilin?
I am looking for flight in June, is it too early to book now?
Answers (1)
Answered by Absalom from TURKISH | Jan. 13, 2020 17:45

It is indeed too early. Flight schedule for summer time is not fixed yet and only full price tickets. You can wait until about 30 to 60 days, price would be much better at that time.
Asked by Parrish from USA | Jun. 10, 2019 02:55Reply
Can I hop-on and hop-off at some cities before Shanghai?
Is any city recommended for visiting along the way?
Answers (1)
Answered by Parrish from USA | Jun. 10, 2019 19:52

It is very pity that the hop-on and hop-off plan cannot work. For rail service in China, you cannot back with same ticket once you get off. So if you plan to stop at some cities between, you need to plan it beforehand and buy tickets accordingly. Personally, I like Changsha and Hangzhou. If you have plenty of time, Huangshan is good too!
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