Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai Railway Station, built in 1987, is about 9 miles (15 kilometers) to South Station, 13 miles (20 km) to Hongqiao Station, 10 miles (16 km) to Hongqiao International Airport and 30 miles (48 km) to Pudong International Airport. The station is also called the New Passenger Station by the local people and is one of the finest stations in the country.

Address: No. 303 of Moling Road in Jing'an District
Shanghai Railway Station See-off Service

Schedule and Ticket Booking

Shanghai Railway Station provides rail links to most large cities nationwide. As for the trains, most are ordinary ones, including the overnight sleeper trains to Xi'an, while a few are high speed ones. In addition, the through train to Hong Kong is also operated here.

 Major Trains from the Station:

High Speed Train Schedule
(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Beijing South
G102, G104, G106, G108...
49 departures from 06:26 to 21:31
4h18m - 12h11mCNY 933/ 292
USD 137/ 43
Xi'an North
G1970, G1974, G360, G1920...
11 departures from 06:10 to 22:50
5h56m - 11h13mCNY 1,095/ 459
USD 161/ 68
Nanjing South
G7072, G7032, G4590, G456...
256 departures from 05:48 to 22:50
0h59m - 3h25mCNY 142/ 60
USD 21/ 9
G7541, G1321, G7331, G7333...
153 departures from 06:00 to 22:25
0h45m - 1h49mCNY 89/ 46.5
USD 13/ 7
G7072, G7032, G1970, D352...
215 departures from 05:48 to 22:50
0h23m - 1h29mCNY 39/ 17
USD 6/ 3
Chongqing North
D352, D3072, D636, D2206...
12 departures from 06:13 to 11:39
10h23m - 13h1mCNY 935/ 509.5
USD 138/ 75
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

Normal Speed Train Timetable
(Last Update on Sep 11, 2019)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
1462, T110, Z282 from 12:18 to 19:3014h52m - 22h32mCNY 476.5/ 304.5
USD 70/ 45
K376, K360, K2186, T204...
11 departures from 08:57 to 20:08
15h6m - 21h54mCNY 509.5/ 331.5
USD 75/ 49
K526, K528, K290, K376...
61 departures from 04:14 to 23:59
0h45m - 2h5mCNY 94.5/ 66.5
USD 14/ 10
K149, K1556, T77, T381...
5 departures from 08:36 to 17:49
16h46m - 24h32mCNY 537/ 351
USD 79/ 52
K290, K1156, K351, K282 from 08:51 to 20:2831h26m - 38h52mCNY 747/ 477
USD 110/ 70
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.
See detailed Shanghai Train Schedule
Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai Railway Station Plan

Shanghai Train Station consists of a terminal building and two squares, one in the south, and the other in the north. The two squares are connected by an underground passage. Inside the terminal, there are 2 floors.
 2F: waiting hall, washing room, hot water
 1F: waiting hall, platforms, Exit & Entry Administration Service Center for passengers to/ from Hong Kong, washing room, hot water
 North Square: metro exits/entrances for line 3 and line 4, taxi stand, bus stop, ticket office
 South Square: metro exit/entrance for line 1, taxi stand, bus stop, ticket office

How to get to Shanghai Train Station from downtown area

 Arrival by bus:
At North Square: 106, 115, 117, 305, 306, 310, 817, 823, 912, 929, 942, 962 or Xinchuan Special Line
At Bus Terminal of the Station: 328, 573, 955, Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus Line 5, Nanxin Special Line or Shenfang Special Line
At South Square: 95, 104, 109, 113, 301, 302, 308, 315, 322, 324, 329, 837, 927, 930, 941, Shenfang Special Line, Tunnel Line 3, Tunnel Night Line

Passengers taking buses to Shanghai Railway Station will get off at the north square, south square or the bus terminal of the station. If having a ticket, enter the station directly and then find the waiting room shown on the ticket. If not, go to the ticket offices on the north or south square to obtain one first. Then go into the station and find the relevant waiting room.

 Arrival by metro: Line 1, Line 3, Line 4
If arriving at the station by subway, one can follow the direction boards to find the station.

 Arrival by taxi
Passengers arriving by taxi will be dropped off at the south square or north square.
From the South Railway Station: It takes 30 minutes and costs about CNY50.
From Hongqiao Railway Station: It takes 50 minutes and costs around CNY80
From Pudong International Airport: It takes an hour and costs about CNY170.
From Hongqiao International Airport: It takes 40 minutes and costs approximately CNY60.
From Nanjing Road: It takes 15 minutes and costs about CNY20.

Platform inside the Station
  Video of Shanghai Railway Station

Ticket Check and Boarding

When it's time to get onboard, passengers should read their tickets carefully to find which check point they should go to have their tickets checked. Then go to the platforms.
1. Passengers with pink tickets should have their tickets checked manually while those with blue tickets can have their tickets handled at automatic check points.
2. After finding the seat/berth in the carriage, passengers should have their luggage placed securely in the right position to prevent it falling and hurting others.

How to exit and leave Shanghai Train Station

When arriving and getting off, passengers will be led to the underground passage which is connected to the southeast, southwest and north exits. Please read the direction boards carefully to decide which exit one should take to leave the station.

 Leave by bus:
Bus stops are available in both south and north squares. Passengers need to decide which bus line to take first and then head there through relevant exit.

 Leave by metro:
The metro exit/entrance for line 1 is located in the south square, while the metro exits/entrances for line 3 and line 4 are in the north square. Passengers should know the route exactly and find the right subway.

 Leave by taxi:
Passengers can find a taxi stand in the south or north square and they are close to the metro entrances.

 Leave by long-distance bus:
The Shanghai General Long-distance Bus Station is situated to the north of the station, closer to the north square. From there one can easily catch a long-distance bus to nearby provinces such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui, and also farther provinces like Shandong, Fujian, Chongqing, Sichuan, and Shaanxi.

Transportation Map of Shanghai Railway Station
Transportation Map of Shanghai Railway Station

 Transportation to famous sites:
 Oriental Pearl Tower:
Take metro line 1 to People's Square, and then transfer to line 2 and get off at Lujiazui. After getting off at exit 1, walk northwest to reach it.

 Nanjing Road:
Take metro line 1 and get off at People's Square. After getting off, take exit 19 and walk north. After visiting the Nanjing Road, one can walk eastward to appreciate the beautiful scene of the Bund, too.

 South Railway Station:
Take metro line 1 to get there directly.

 Hongqiao Station:
Take subway line 3 or 4 to Zhongshan Park, and then transfer to line 2 to Hongqiao Station.

 West Station:
Take bus no. 106 to the destination directly.

 Pudong International Airport:
1. Take metro line 4 to Century Avenue, transfer to line 2 to the airport.
2. Or take airport shuttle bus line 5 to reach the airport directly. The bus departs from the south corner of the south square, near the Youyi Sweater Mansion in Moling Road. It departs from 05:10 to 21:30 with an interval of 20-30 minutes. The duration is about 80 minutes and the ticket fare is CNY25.

 Hongqiao International Airport:
1. Take subway line 3 or line 4 to Hongqiao Road, transfer to line 10 and get off at Hongqiao Airport.
2. Take bus no. 941 and get off at Youle Road, 1st Yingbin Road. After getting off, walk westward about 1,000 yards to reach the airport.

North Squre of Shanghai Train Station
North Square
Airport Line 5 near Shanghai Railway Station
Stop of Airport Line 5


Facilities and Services

 Ticket Office:

Ticket Office
Ticket Office

There are two ticket offices in Shanghai Railway Station. One is situated in the south square. The other is located in the north square. The former has 20 ticket windows. Windows 1 and 2 provide ticket refunds; no. 3 and no. 4 are for ticket change; no. 7 to no. 16 are general windows; and no. 20 sells group tickets. The ticket office is open from 05:00 to 23:30 every day. The one in north square is equipped with ticket vending machines, but they are only open to passengers with Chinese ID Cards.

 Waiting Rooms:
Shanghai Train Station has 13 waiting rooms, including 9 for ordinary use, one for VIP passengers, one for passengers with soft sleeper tickets, one for the disabled, seniors and mothers with babies, and one for military personnel. All the waiting rooms are equipped with wash rooms and hot water.

 Red Cap Luggage Carriers: Spread inside the terminal building, one can find them easily by their red caps. They provide luggage carrier service at CNY10 per piece.

 Luggage Storage: The luggage storage offices are located on the first floor of the station building (near the south and north entrances respectively). The average price is CNY10 for each piece per day.

 Zhangqinghuan Service Station: It is located on the first floor, close to the south entrance. The station offers emergency service for passengers. It provides medicine, sewing kits, clothing repair and shoes polish for passengers’ convenience.

 Chengwei Service Station: Shanghai Railway Station is located in the ticket office of the south square. Staff in this station can help the elderly, pregnant, disabled, and VIP passengers to book ticket. In addition, it provides information about ticket counter locations, bus routes and the latest train schedule as well as guiding service for the blind.

 LED Screens:
A number of LED screens are provided in the station to show the train nos., departure time, arrival time, or waiting room in the ticket office, waiting hall, and at the exits.

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