Shanghai to Beijing Train

Over 40 Shanghai to Beijing high speed trains run frequently daily, whose distance between is 1,318 kilometers (819 miles). Their travel time is 4.5-6 hours and the lowest cost is CNY553 for a second class seat.

Besides, overnight trains are also available for passegners to save the day time; their travel time varies from 12 to 16 hours and the lowest cost for a hard sleeper is CNY325.5.

Shanghai to Beijing High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Dec 31, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G607:00 - 11:384h38m
G1010:00 - 14:284h28m
G1212:00 - 16:384h38m
G414:00 - 18:284h28m
G1415:00 - 19:364h36m
42 G types in total: departure time from 06:26 to 19:00; duration from 4H18M to 6H20M.


Shanghai to Beijing Bullet Train Price

(Last Update on Dec 31, 2019)
Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
CNY 1,748 - 1,762.5
USD 250 - 252
CNY 933 - 939
USD 133 - 134
CNY 553 - 558
USD 79 - 80


Shanghai to Beijing Overnight Train Schedule

(Last Update on Apr 28, 2019)
Train No. Departure - Arrival Travel Time
T110 17:57 - 10:08+ 16h11m
Z282 19:30 - 10:22+ 14h52m
D702 19:09 - 07:12+ 12h3m
D708 19:17 - 07:11+ 11h54m
D706 21:18 - 09:24+ 12h6m
D710 21:24 - 09:22+ 11h58m

Shanghai to Beijing Overnight Train Fare

(Last Update on Apr 28, 2019)
Z281/ Z282 T109/ T110
Deluxe Soft Sleeper - CNY919.5
Soft Sleeper CNY521.5 CNY497.5
Hard Sleeper CNY325.5 CNY325.5
Hard Seat CNY177.5 CNY177.5
D Trains
First Class Sleeper CNY599 - 603
Second Class Sleeper CNY412.5 - 414.5
Second Class Seat CNY247 - 293


FAQs on How to Travel from Shanghai to Beijing


It is no doubt the hard seats on old trains. However, it is quite exhausting to sit straight for a long journey. So the economy sleeper, especially those on overnight trains are more popular cheap travel way, including T110, Z282, D702, D706, D708 and D710. A hard sleeper of Z/T trains costs CNY325 and a second class sleeper of D trains costs CNY412.5 - 414.5.  

2. What is the fastest way to get from Shanghai to Beijing?

Flight is the fastest way from Shanghai to Beijing, taking around 2.5 hours, followed by high speed train taking 4.5 - 6 hours. However, check-in procedure in Shanghai aiport is more time-consuming than at the railway station. Also, upon arrival in Beijing, it takes more time to reach your hotel from Beijing airport than from Beijing South Railway Station. Therefore, there is no big difference in total door-to-door travel time.

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3. Is there a ditrect train between Shanghai and Beijing?

Over 40 pairs of direct Shanghai to Beijing bullet trains with the duration of 4.5 - 6 hours. A ride on a second class seat costs CNY553. Plus, 6 pairs of overnight sleeper trains run between Beijing and Shanghai with the travel time of about 12 - 16 hours

4. How far is it from Shanghai to Beijing?

The flight distance from Shanghai to Beijing is 1,084 kilometers (674 miles). The distance by high speed train is 1,318 kilometers (819 miles) and the expressway distance is 1,262 kilometers (784 miles).

Passengers can take high speed train, overnight train, flight, or long-distance bus from Shanghai to Beijing.

High speed train is the most recommended for short duration, dense schedule, modern facilities and comfortable environment; and it is convenient to get to Honqgiao Railway Station in Shanghai and leave Beijing South Railway Station upon arrival. Overnight train is good choice of budget travelers; remember to book a sleeper for the long ride. Flight can be fastest way but Beijing Capital Airport is in suburb and it takes time to reach downtown. Long-distance bus is the least recommended way because of quite long duration and uncomfortable environment.

6. Can I visit the Great Wall of China from Shanghai?

Yes. Passengers should take a flight, or train from Shanghai to Beijing firstly. Then, train or bus is available for passengers to reach the famous Great Wall sections like Badaling and Mutianyu.

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    Your service is flawless. However, one thing I must point out is that: some train stations are really old and dirty. No English sign. The direction is very blurry. It took me nearly one hour to find the correct ticket window and got my tickets. I can barely remembered the station’s name . Some young children even peed on the crowded train. Really made me uncomfortable. I hope that you can let the train staff know about this and make some progress on this.
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    Thanks for your email answers, and your reply was very helpful. We appreciate your patience and showing loving care for foreign tourists. I have decided, instead of coming now (for four weeks), I plan to come to China later maybe in October or November for 7 weeks, in the hope all railway and air services will be back to normal. Please stay safe and health.
    Dr. Dirk Basring
    Posted on Jan. 27, 2020
    The train and the train terminals are super.
    The coach in business class is beautiful, spacious and VERY comfortable.

    The restroom should be cleaner and better taken care of by the train staff.

    There is NO service on the train, like offering tea, coffee or other soft drinks. A hot meal is placed outside the coach on a service counter on the earlier trains, however NOT during the afternoon ones. Also, you have to know about it and get it yourself, as the staff does NOT offer it nor serve it to the passengers.

    The train itself is great but the service should/could be improved to meet international standards.

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    I am actually in the train with soft sleep and the 1st one which you suggest is better. this one is old and toilet dirty.

    booking with travelchinaguide is safe and quick reponse.
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