Shanghai Train Ticket Offices

 Train Ticket Offices in Xuhui District
No. 873, Zhaojiabang Road, close to Wanping South Road
No. 666, Tianyaoqiao Road
No. 10, Tianlin Road, close to Liuzhou Road
No. 396, Guilin Road, near Caobao Road
No. 88, Damuqiao Road, near Zhaojiabang Road
No. 1330, Fuxing Middle Road, near Fenyang Road
No. 50, Yishan North Road, near Hongqiao Road
No. 251, Fenglin Road, close to Xietu Road
No. 2, Hengshan Road, near Huaihai Middle Road
No. 400, Longwu Road, near Shilong Road
No. 720, Qinzhou South Road, near Hongcao South Road
No. 71, Caobao Road, close to Xiqin Road
No, 8083. Humin Road, near Hongmei South Road
No. 133, Songyuan Road, near Guyang Road

 Train Ticket Offices in Huangpu District
No. 627, East Nanjing Road
No. 108, West Nanjing Road, near Xizang Middle Road
No. 2, East Jinling Road, near the Bund
No. 431, close to Hubei Road
No. 1088, Lujiabang Road, near Daxing Street
No. 124, Guizhou Road, near Ningbo Road
No. 384, Jiangxi Middle Road, near East Beijing Road
No. 707, Zhizaoju Road, close to Quxi Road
No. 106, Huangpu Road, close to Wuchang Road
Room 101, No. 1051, Zhonghua Road, near Shangwen Road

 Train Ticket Offices in Jing’an District
No. 77, Wanhangdu Road, close to West Nanjing Road
No. 1091, Changde Road, near Anyuan Road
No. 218, Taixing Road, near Fengxian Road
No. 296, Taixing Road, close to West Beijing Road
No. 480, South Wuning Road, close to Changshou Road
Yi, No. 412, Yiyao Road, near Yanping Road
Yi, No. 501, North Urumqi Road, close to West Yan’an Road

 Train Ticket Offices in Luwan District
No. 193, Luban Road, near Fuxing Road
No. 400, Shunchang Road, near to Hefei Road

 Train Ticket Offices in Pudong New District
No. 247, Dongfang Road, nearby Qixia Road
No. 738, Dongfang Road, nearby Zhangyang Road
No. 793, Zhangjiang Road, close to Ziwei Road
No. 1320, Jinqiao Road, close to Zhangyang Road
No. 2379, Jinqiao Road, close to East Jinxiu Road
No. 125, Yuanshen Road, close to Pudong Avenue
No. 137, Eshan Road, near Dongfang Road
No. 2100, Longyang Road, nearby the exit 2 of Longyang Road Metro Station
No. 2857, Zhangyang Road, close to Deping Road
No. 1071, Zhangyang Road, close to Qishan Road
No. 259, Chengshan Road, near Hongshan Road
No. 2127, Chengshan Road, close to Jinxiu Road
No. 1058, Chuansha Road, close to Ruixiang Road
No. 5273, Chuansha Road, near South Chuanhuan Road
No. 859, Hunan Road, near Lianyuan Road
No. 690, Haiyang Road, nearby Shangnan Road
No. 121, Mudan Road, nearby Hunan Road
No. 364, Jiaodong Road, close to Taierzhuang Road
No. 718, Shangbo Road, close to Dongming Road
No. 447, Kangshen Road, near Xiuyan Road
No. 1065, Tang’an Road, near Chuangxin New Road
No. 176, Jinghai Road
No. 44, Fuhang Road, near Hangtou Road
No. 1396, Lujiazui Ring Road, close to the Oriental Pearl Tower
No. 2, Lane 573, Bibo Road, close to Zuzhongzhi Road
No. 83, Lane 1296, Jingao Road, near Jufeng Road
No. 423, Dongsanliqiao Road, nearby Linxi Road
No. 7, Lane 1138, South Lingyan Road, close to Sanlin Road
No. 600-602, Wulian Road, close to Lancheng Road
No. 40, Datong Road, Gaoqiao Town, near Huashan Road
No. 190, Ximen Road, Huinan Town, nearby Tingchao Road
No. 22, Lane 438, Guzong Road, close to the apartment of the Maritime University
No. 1451, South Dock Road
No. 60, Southeast Road, Zhoupu Town, close to Hunan Road
No. 1855, Old Lugong Road
No. 958, Zhaogao Road, Gaodong Town, nearby Zhouhai Road
No. 589, Gucao Road, close to Mindong Road
No. 770, South Guogong Road, Shuyuan Town, close to Baiyulan Avenue
No. 239, Jujin Road, Gaoxing Town, close to Jinjiao Road
No. 359, South Chuanhuan Road, Chuansha Town
No. 126, Huanqing Middle Road, close to Chuandong Road

 Train Ticket Offices in Putuo District
No. 23, Jizhen Road, close to Jinshajiang Road
No. 302, Wuning Road, near North Zhongshan Road
No. 206, Langao Road, close to Shiquan Road
No. 1531, Daduhe Road, close to Wuning Road
No. 342, Caoyang Road
No. 374, Zaoyang Road, close to Jinshajiang Road
No. 293, Yichuan Road, near Yanchang West Road
No. 2001, Lingshi Road, near Nanhuayuan Road
No. 1249, Meichuan Road, close to Zhenbei Road
No. 600, Zhennan Road, close to Jiaotong Road
No. 142, Gulang Road, close to Zhenbei Road
No. 177, Taopu Road, close to Zhenbei Road
No. 108, Lane 385, Xuesong Road, near Wuwei Road

 Train Ticket Offices in Changning District
No. 691, Changning Road, nearby Yuyuan Road
No. 417, Xinhua Road, near Panyu Road
No. 785, Loushanguan Road, close to Tianshan Road
No. 12, Zhaohua Road, close to West Yan’an Road
No. 152, Yili Road, close to West Yan’an Road
No. 865, Hongjing Road, nearby Hongqiao Road
No. 787, Shuicheng Road, nearby Tianshan Road
Jia, No. 40, Shuicheng Road, nearby Hongqiao Road
No. 81, West Xianxia Road, close to Jianhe Road
No. 351, Fuquan Road, close to West Xianxia Road
No. 160, West Tianshan Road, near Beiyu Road
No. 47, Pingxi Road, near Jianhe Road
Jia, No. 2,Lane 652, West Zhongshan Road, close to Tianshan Road

 Train Ticket Offices in Hongkou District
No. 2288, North Sichuan Road
No. 1, North Linping Road
No. 13, West Dalian Road, close to Siping Road
No. 520, Yixian Road, close to Rende Road
No. 816, Quyang Road
No. 257, Baoding Road, close to Kunming Road
No. 686, Shuidian Road, near Guangling 2nd Road
No. 428, South Station Road, nearby Liangcheng Road
No. 485, Wujin Road, near Luofu Road
No. 290, Tangshan Road, nearby Gaoyang Road
No. 205, Wusong Road, close to Wuchang Road
No. 106, Huangpu Road, close to Wuchang Road
No. 73, Yiminhe Road, close to North Zhongshan 1st Road

 Train Ticket Offices in Yangpu District
No. 358, Guoding Road, near Handan Road
No. 2559, Siping Road, close to Guoding Road
No. 1028, Kongjiang Road, close to Shuangyang Road
No. 362, Neijiang Road, nearby Zhoujiazui Road
No. 375, Baotou Road, near Guohe Road
No. 2061, Yangshupu Road, close to Linqing Road
No. 133, East Guoshun Road, near South Baotou Road
No. 181-4, Dunhua Road, near Songhuajiang Road
Room 103, No. 4, Lane 363, Wushun Road, close to Anshan Road
No. 1312, Xuchang Road, near Zhoujiazui Road
No. 789-1, Zhengli Road, close to North Guoquan Road
No. 9, Qiqihar Road, close to Yangshupu Road
No. 2093, Changyang Road, near Ningwu Road

 Train Ticket Offices in Zhabei District
No. 218, Tianmu Road, close to Kangle Road
No. 313, Yanchang Middle Road
No. 3352, Changzhong Road
No. 161, Pingxingguan Road, close to North Zhongshan Road
No. 787, Hengfeng Road, near Moling Road
No. 353, Wenxi Road, close to Yangqu Road
No. 179, Qipu Road, close to Passage 5 of the New Qipu Shopping Mall
No. 108, Pingshun Road, near Linfen Road
No. 305, Moling Road, the first floor of the Railway Mansion
No. 266, Zhijiang Middle Road, close to Baochang Road
No. 293, Baoyuan Road, near Dongbaoxing Road
No. 135, Wangjiazhai Road, near Qiujiang Road
No. 497, Jincheng Road, close to Yuanping Road

 Ticket Offices in Suburban Districts of Shanghai
 Minhang District
No. 384, East Xinjian Road, close to the North Square of Xinzhuang Subwway Station
No. 2976, Hongmei Road, close to Wuzhong Road
No. 3047, Caobao Road, near Xinzhen Road
No. 1088, Caobao Road, near Gumei Road
No. 128, Qingnian Road, near Xinzhen Road
No. 413, Xinzhu Road, close to Baocheng Road
No. 3385, Dushi Road, close to Guidu Road
No. 788, Hangdong Road, nearby Huqingping Road
No. 137, South Kaixuan Road, close to Longtan Road
No. 1550, Jiangchuan Road, near Kunyang Road
No. 249, Humin Road, close to Jianchuan Road
No. 1174, Xingmei Road, near Jixin Road
No. 3189, Shendu Road, near Zhoupu Road
No. 165, Jianchuan Road, nearby Baoqing Road
No. 1861, Longming Road, close to Donglan Road
Room 1122, No. 1005, South Hongmei Road, close to Xinzhu Road
Room 102, No. 74, Lianming Road, close to Qixin Road
No. 91, Nanjiangyan Road, Pujiang Town, near Jiangyue Road
No. 6, Lane 563, Xinsong Road, close to West Ring Road
No. 155, Qingshan Road, near Baizhang Road
No. 56, Lane 71, Jizhai Road, close to Zidi Road
No. 27, Zhuansheng Road, Zhuanqiao Town, close to Humin Road
No. 128, Jixin Road, Jiwang Town, close to Jizhai Road
No. 96, Anning Road, near Jianchuan Road

 Baoshan District
No. 120-3, Youyi Road, near Tuanjie Road
No. 849, Hualing Road, close to Xinhu Road
No. 1794, West Changjiang Road, near Tonghe Road
No. 155, Jufengyuan Road, close to Qilianshan Road
No. 399, Haijiang Road, near Yongqing Road
No. 385, Gongfu Road, close to Sanquan Road
No. 530, Diantai Road
No. 356, East Gongkang Road
No. 4021, Hutai Road
No. 185, North Huanzhen Road, close to Hutai Road
No. 5, Taihe Road, close to Mudanjiang Road
No. 687, Shuichan Road, near North Tongtai Road
No. 345, Luosheng Road, near Luotai Road
No. 246, World Road, near Kailu Road
No. 124, Lane 3381, West Taihe Road, near West Shuichan Road
No. 490, South Changjiang Road, close to Changyi Road
No. 13, Lane 510, Yangtai Road, close to Zhenxin Road
No. 91, Yuepu Longzhen Road, close to Yupu Cultural Palace
Room 103, No. 999, Changlin Road, near Gongkang Road

 Chongming District
No. 93, South Gate Branch Road, close to Bayi Road
No. 58, Fenghuang Road, Changxing Island, close to Fengju Road

 Fengxian District
No, 9257, Nanfeng Highway, near East Huancheng Road
No. 111, Huhang Highway, near Xizha Highway
No. 118, Chengda Road, near Lanbo Road
No. 504, Nanting Highway, close to West Huancheng Road

 Jiading District
No. 92, Meiyuan Road
No. 272, Huyi Highway, Nanxiang Town
121A, Building 3, No. 1878, Huyi Highway, near Lushen Road
No. 5680, Huyi Highway, Waigang Town, near North Jiasong Road
No. 3221-2, Huyi Highway, close to Jiading Bus Station
No. 7202, North Jiasong Road, Huangdu Town
No. 150, Moyu Road, near Cao’an Road
No. 231, Bole Road, near Qiliang Road
No. 1606, Xinghua Highway, close to Cao’an Road
No. 360, Cangchang Road, near Hezheng Road
No. 1685, Cao’an Road, close to Fengzhuang Road
No. 35, Jiangqiao 1st Village, Huajiang Road
No. 699, Lijia Village, Bao’an Highway

 Jinshan District
No. 568, South Dongping Road

 Qingpu District
No. 1580, Yinggang Road, near Caoying Road
No. 1696, East Yinggang Road, nearby Lushen Road
No. 621, Huaxin Street, nearby North Xinfeng Road
No. 42, Shadaibang Road, near Pucang Road
No. 119, Xiangningbang Road, close to Huqingping Highway

 Songjiang District
No. 5, Zhenxing Road, Chedun Town
No. 77, Jiuting Street, close to South Laiting Road
No. 2915, Husong Highway, Sijing Town
No. 131, East Rongle Road, near North Fangta Road
No. 7, Lane 1470, North Guyang Road
No. 127, Lane 250, Xinnan Street, close to Xinzhen Street
No. 17, Lane 543, Zhongshan Middle Road, South Xilin Road
No. 6955, Beisong Highway, Huayangqiao Town, close to Huachang Road
No. 92, Yexin Highway, Yexie Town, near Cheting Highway

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Questions & Answers on Shanghai Train Ticket Offices
Asked by SVT92 | Dec. 07, 2019 15:55Reply
Get the ticket at Shanghai Pudong Airport
I arrived at the airport at 2.35 pm.thinking of going through immigration formalities expected at 3.30 pm. We want to go to Nanjing on the G 16 train at 5.00 pm.will be able to catch that train ? If we can't catch the G 16, please suggest another train.

Does the company deliver paper tickets to customers at the airport ?

And please advise the nearest Shanghai Railway Station to get there in time.
Answers (1)
Answered by Angela from CANADA | Dec. 10, 2019 00:55

Don't worry. You can catch the train G16 from Hongqiao Railway Station. You can take the direct shuttle bus or taxi to there in order to save time. If you book the train tickets from TravelChinaGuide, you can contact to confirm this.
Asked by john from USA | Apr. 24, 2019 23:48Reply
How to know which Shanghai train ticket office are closed?
I went to three in one day, No. 77, Wanhangdu Road, close to West Nanjing Road, No. 218, Taixing Road, near Fengxian Road, No. 296, Taixing Road, close to West Beijing Road. They do not exist anymore but I have purchased at 2 of them in the past. How is it possible to know ahead of time which listings on this website are defunct?
Answers (1)
Answered by Caral from FRANCE | Apr. 26, 2019 01:45

Well, it really hard to find that in advance. Maybe you can book train tickets through travelchingguide and they will send you the tickets to save a lot of time. Email:
Asked by Carey from USA | Apr. 02, 2019 15:38Reply
Which one is nearest Shanghai Jinqiao, Biyun/Hwangyung road?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey from GERMANY | Apr. 02, 2019 23:04

As I know, the near one is located at No.49, Jintai Road, Pudong District.
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