Shanghai to Zhangjiajie: 3 Ways to Travel

The distance between Shanghai and Zhangjiajie is about 1,300km (820mi). Flights and trains are available. The flight usually lasts 2.5h and costs CNY400-1,400 for economy class, while the high speed train G1369 takes 9 hours and CNY739. The normal speed trains take 19h at a cost of CNY310-500 for a sleeper berth. However, the main disadvantage of these two ways is their poor departure frequency. If some tourists fail to book a plane ticket and consider normal speed train time-consuming, it is recommended to travel by high speed train with a transfer in Changsha; the overall travel time is 9-11h at a cost of CNY739.5 at least.

shanghai to zhangjiajie

How to Travel from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie

1. Fastest Shanghai to Zhangjiajie Flight: 2.5h, CNY400-1,400

Number of Flights 3-5
Ticket Price CNY400 - 1,400
Duration 2.5h
Departure time 16:10, 17:20, 19:30, 19:55, 20:00
Dep. - Arr. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) to Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport (DYG)

2. Alternative Shanghai - Zhangjiajie Bullet Train: 9h; CNY739 

Only one bullet train runs from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Zhangjiajie West Railway Station.
Train Dep. - Arr. Duration Fare
G1369 12:41 - 21:55 9h 14min CNY739 for 2nd Cls. Seat
CNY1,227 for 1st Cls. Seat
CNY2,369 for Business Cls. Seat

3. Economic Shanghai to Zhangjiajie Normal Train: 19h; CNY310.5-322.5 for Hard Sleeper

There are two normal speed train services departing daily from Shanghai South Railway Station. K71 arrives at Zhangjiajie West Railway Station, while the other terminates at Zhangjiajie Railway Station. K71 is the most suitable for budget travelers.

Train Dep. - Arr. Duration Fare
K71 14:13 - 8:57 +1 18h 44min CNY180.5 for Hard Seat
CNY310.5 for Hard Sleeper
CNY488.5 for Soft Sleeper
K1373 16:35 - 11:45 +1 19h 10min CNY189.5 for Hard Seat
CNY322.5 for Hard Sleeper
CNY504.5 for Soft Sleeper

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4. Optional Shanghai to Changsha to Zhangjiajie High Speed Train: 9-11h, at least CNY739.5

 Step 1: Shanghai Hongqiao to Changsha South Railway Station in the morning

Number of Trains 17 (6:10 - 11:44)
Ticket Price CNY478-508.5 for 2nd Cls. Seat
CNY798.5-824.5 for 1st Cls. Seat
CNY1,497.5-1,587.5 for Business Cls. Seat 
Duration 4.5-6h
Suggested Departure time 6:10 - 11:44
Frequency 2-4 trains per hour

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 Step 2: Changsha South - Zhangjiajie West in the afternoon

Number of Trains 4 (15:00 - 17:00)
Ticket Price CNY261.5-288.5 for 2nd Cls. Seat
CNY430.5-473.5 for 1st Cls. Seat
CNY486-956.5 for Business Cls. Seat 
Duration 3.5h
Frequency one train per hour
Suggested Departure time 15:28 - 18:33

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How to Travel from Zhangjiajie to Shanghai

1. Fastest Zhangjiajie to Shanghai Flight: 2h, CNY400-1,400

Number of Flights 3-5
Ticket Price CNY400 - 1,400
Duration 2h
Departure time 19:20, 21:00, 22:30, 23:10, 23:20
Dep. - Arr. Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport (DYG) to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)


2. Alternative High Speed Train: 9h; CNY739 for 2nd Cls. Seat

Train Dep. - Arr. Duration Fare
G1367 7:43 - 16:36 8h 53min CNY739 for 2nd Cls. Seat
CNY1,227 for 1st Cls. Seat
CNY2,369 for Business Cls. Seat


3. Economic Normal Speed Train: 21h; CNY310.5-322.5 for Hard Sleeper

Note that K1374 departs from Zhangjiajie Railway Station, while K73 departs from Zhangjiajie West Railway Station. 

Train Dep. - Arr. Duration Fare
K73 15:24 - 12:23 +1 20h 59min Hard Seat: CNY180.5; Hard Sleeper: CNY310.5; Soft Sleeper: CNY488.5
K1374 18:28 - 15:11 +1 20h 43min Hard Seat: CNY189.5; Hard Sleeper: CNY322.5; Soft Sleeper: CNY504.5


How to Travel from Zhangjiajie to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (Wulingyuan)

1. From Zhangjiajie Railway Station

Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station is on the west of the railway station, where passengers can take a direct bus to Wulingyuan. The ticket fare is CNY12 and 50 minutes. Note that the last departure is at 17:00.

2. From Zhangjiajie West Railway Station

There is a bus station on the southeast of the front square of the train station. There passengers can take a direct bus to Wulingyuan, taking CNY12 and about half an hour.


3. From Hehua Airport

Take city bus line 4 at the airport to Wuling Natural Specialties Tourism Shopping Mall, then walk southward for about 800 meters (875 yards) to Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station and take a direct bus there to Wulingyuan. The journey takes about one hour and 40 minutes and about CNY15.

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