Shanghai Transportation

Shanghai, situated on the estuary of Yangtze River, is the busiest transport hub in eastern China. As an important financial and business center of China and of the world, it has highly developed infrastructure, including a convenient public transportation network.

Getting there

The city has various links to the outside. Today you can easily get there from not only the adjacent cities of Suzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou, but also the distant cities such as Beijing, Xi'an, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Many cities in other countries also enjoy convenient transportation links with Shanghai. You can get there by air, train, long-distance bus, or ship.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Pudong International Airport
Check-in Counters
Check-in Counters at Pudong Airport

It is the only Chinese city that has two international airports - Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport. The two modern airports are equipped with very advanced facilities.
Everyday, about 1,000 flights travel through the two airports, linked with many domestic and international cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo and Singapore.

Pudong International Airport

Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus to Downtown

 Pudong Airport Bus to Nearby Cities

Hongqiao International Airport

Hongqiao Airport Shuttle Bus

The railway network provides you with an inexpensive and comfortable way to get to the city. Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai), Huning (Shangha- Nanjing) and Huhang (Shanghai-Hangzhou) High Speed Railways pass through Shanghai and connect its three main railway stations with cities all over the country.

Shanghai Railway Station
Shanghai Railway Station

Here you can also take advantage of tourist trains and special 'Holiday Trains' to scenic areas in other provinces such as Mt. Huangshan in Anhui and Mt. Wuyishan in Fujian.


Long-distance buses are also convenient. Four national highways and four expressways pass through the city, composing the city's efficient long-distance bus transport system. Now over 1,000 routes are served by 40 long-distance bus stations.
 Tour Bus Center


Due to its strategic location, transportation via waterways is also highly accessible. International cruises can be taken at Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal and Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal, and the main destinations include South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Domestic ships leave from Wusong Passenger Transport Center to Mt. Putuo and islands in Chongming District. In addition, cruises between the city and Chongqing can be a good choice to tour the Yangtze River.

Transportation to Other Cities

 Airport Shuttle Bus to Nearby Cities 

 How to Travel between Shanghai and Suzhou

 How to Travel between Shanghai and Hangzhou

 How to Travel between Shanghai and Yiwu

 How to Travel between Shanghai and Ningbo

 How to Travel between Shanghai and Nanjing

 How to Travel between Shanghai and Huangshan

 Shanghai-Beijing Train vs. Flight

 Shanghai - Hong Kong Train vs. Flight


Getting around

Generally, transportation inside the city is considered both convenient and satisfactory. As an international metropolis with the largest population in China, this city will inevitably face the problem of overpopulation and traffic congestion. However the situation is currently somewhat better than in Beijing. To relieve the transportation pressure, the government has done a lot of work including constructing a large number of roads, subways, and opening more new bus routes. Now, the city has the world's largest public transportation system handling the largest daily volume of passengers.

Sixteen shanghai subway lines have connections all over Shanghai, with stops at or nearby the main attractions and commercial areas. If you are just sightseeing and in no hurry, the metro will provide you with fast and comfortable service (though you may want to avoid rush hour of 07:00 to 09:30 and 16:30 to 19:30).
 Metro Lines: Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, Line 5, Line 6, Line7, Line 8, Line 9, Line 10, Line 11, Line 12, Line 13, Line 16, Line 17, Pujiang Line

How to Take Metro

 Metro Transfer

 Metro Ticket

Bilingual List of Metro Stations

 Metro Maps

You may want to check out the speedy maglev train which runs between Longyang Road and Pudong Airport.

A high-density road network makes overland transportation easy. Taxis, city buses, and sightseeing buses are ready to bring you to everywhere. If you prefer driving yourself, rental cars are available - a word of caution though - if possible, avoid the congested overhead roads in the urban area inside the Inner Ring Road during rush hour. Riding a dockless sharing bike can be another convenient way for you to explore the city.
Shanghai Subway
Shanghai Ferry

Nanpu Bridge, Yangpu Bridge, Xupu Bridge, Lupu Bridge and various tunnels across the Huangpu River provide direct links between Pudong New District and Puxi Area. Ferries offer convenient shuttle service across the Huangpu River, allowing you to avoid the crowded bridges and tunnels while appreciating the river scenery. Additionally ferryboats are available between the mainland and its three islands of Chongming, Changqing and Hengsha.

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Questions & Answers on Shanghai Transportation
Asked by VBT from THAILAND | Jan. 17, 2019 23:59Reply
how much is Taxi from Shanghai people's square to Pudong airport and how long ?
I have a flight in the early morning 6 AM so i have to catch a Taxi to the Airport about 3 AM,

How much is for Taxi ?
how long does it take ?
and Is it easy to find a Taxi in the middle of the night ?

Thank you
Asked by Connie | Jan. 17, 2019 12:28Reply
Is there a bus shuttle from Shanghai pudong airport to holiday inn express 1359 Jinquan rd?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jordyn from RUSSIA | Jan. 17, 2019 17:29

You must refer to Jinqiao Road, right?
Upon landing, you can take shuttle bus line 1 to Zhangyang Road Jinqiao Road first. Then walk northwest along Zhonghuan Road around 850 meters and find your hotel.
Asked by Arthur from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 14, 2019 17:17Reply
Arthur From London... Shangai Pudong Airport 18Hr Layover
Hello, thank you for this site. Am a Kenyan passport holder..UK Resident.. Will be flying from Sydney to London with an 18 hour layover at Shanghai PVG. Would like to exit the airport to find a hotel for some sleep. will I require a visa before travel or can I get this 24Hr TWOV?
Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Alexandra from POLAND | Jan. 17, 2019 17:32

You can enjoy the 24 hours visa free policy. You don't need to apply for a visa in advance. Just apply for a stay permit when you arriving at the airport.
Asked by Aaron from USA | Jan. 14, 2019 17:05Reply
Transferring Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 at Shanghai Pudong Airport
Arriving on United flight from EWR Terminal 2 need to transfer to China Eastern to NRT Terminal 1, no checked baggage just carry on. Is 3 hours enough time to transfer?
Answers (2)
Answered by Isla from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 17, 2019 17:30

Hi, Aaron, the transfer time is enough. Don't worry.
Answered by Aaron from USA | Jan. 17, 2019 19:35

Asked by GP from USA | Jan. 02, 2019 11:40Reply
Is the Shanghai 144 hour visa free travel program still in effect (January 2019)
I am a US citizen who will be stopping in Shanghai for 2 days later in January, and don't have time to get a visa in advance. Can I use the 144 hour visa free travel program? Thanks!
Answers (1)
Answered by Catherine from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 02, 2019 17:15

Yes, it is still in effect. As long as your departure country and destination country are different, you can enjoy 144 hours visa free.
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