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Shanghai Metro Pujiang Line

 Shendu Highway – Huizhen Road

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Shanghai metro Pujiang line, known as the third phase of line 8, will be put into operation by the end of 2017. Connecting with Shanghai subway line 8 at Shendu Highway Station, Pujiang line will extend about 7 kilometers (4.5 miles) to Huizhen Road Station via 6 stations in total. This subway line is renamed 'Pujiang Line' to show the different operation mode with line 8. It will be developed into a metro elevated line. Since Pujiang Line has quite different operation mode from other metro lines, passengers are advised to pay more attention to the new rules when this line opens. It will use automated driving technique for the first time, which called Automated People Mover System.

The construction of this metro line will bring a lot of benefit to the citizens to get around the city, especially for citizens in Pujiang Town. They can easily take the metro to head for Shendu Highway Station. Thus, the whole metro line lying in the Pujiang Town of Minhang District can be regarded as the "Community Rail Transit" inside the town. In addition, this subway line also makes a great contribution to improve the function of rail transit network in Shanghai.
 See metro maps for reference.


Shendu Highway – Sanlu Highway – Minrui Road – Puhang Road – Dongcheng 1st Road – Huizhen Road


 Shendu Highway: Transfer with line 8

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Shanghai Metro Pujiang Line

 ('' points out transfer stations.)

 Shendu Highway
Surroundings: Puxing Highway, Shendu Highway, Mingxinyuan Community, Changlin Apartment, Xiduoduo Supermarket, Xingtian Industrial Park, Weilai Baobei Kindergarten, Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University, Haomenjun Boutique Hotel
Bus Routes: Pujiang no.3, no.8, no.10, no.13, no.16, no.20, Minhang no.10, no.12, Nanshen Special Bus Line, Hangda Special Bus Line, Jiangwu Bus Line

 Sanlu Highway
Surroundings: Shenjiahu Highway, Sanlu Highway, Puxing Road Overpass, Fufang Road, Minpuxinyuan Community, Jinshuohepan Jingyuan Community, Golden Farmyard Art Park, Minhang District Pujiang No.2 Middle School
Bus Routes: 174, 183, 772, Pujiang no.1, no.6, no.11, Minhang no.20, Hutang Special Bus Line, Ludu Special Bus Line, Jiangwu Bus Line

 Minrui Road
Surroundings: Minrui Road, Huisongnanyuan Community, Shuiyurenjia Community, Pujiang Forest Park, Putao Road Vegetable Market, the Primary School Affiliated to Shanghai Theatre Academy, Minhang District Putao Kindergarten, Pujiang Baodi Kindergarten
Bus Routes: 183, Pujiang no.6, no.11, Minhang no.20, Nanhua Special Bus Line, Jiangwu Bus Line

 Puhang Road
Surroundings: Puhang Road, Xianxin Road, Xianjincun, Purunyuan Community, Xinjiabaodi Community, Pujiangxindu Community, Puhang Apartment, Puhang No.2 Middle School, Pujiang Town No.3 Kindergarten,
Bus Routes: 772, Pujiang no.11, Minhang no.20, Hutang Special Bus Line, Ludu Special Bus Line, Jiangwu Bus Line

 Dongcheng 1st Road
Surroundings: Dongcheng 1st Road, Lunan Road, Dongfang 1st Road, Pujiang Town Yangguangjiayuan Community, Dongcheng Apartment, Donngfangdushi Apartment, Pujiang Wenhui School, Huixiang Hotel
Bus Routes: 772, Minhang no.20, Hutang Special Bus Line, Jiangwu Bus Line

 Huizhen Road
Surroundings: Huizhen Road, Hengnan Road, Lukang Road, Xinhuilüyuan Community, Pujiangruihe Community, Hongmeiyuan Community, Pujiang No.3 Primary School New Campus, Pujiang No.3 Middle School.
Bus Routes: 772, Pujiang no.2, no.3, no.19, Minhang no.20, Nanhua Special Bus Line