Shanghai Metro Line 17

 Hongqiao Railway Station – Oriental Land

 (Identification Color: dark orange           )

Length: 35 kilometers (22 miles)
Station Number: 13
Transfers: Line 2, Line 10
See metro maps for reference.


Station To Oriental Land To Hongqiao Railway Station
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Hongqiao Railway Station 06:00 22:30 06:40 22:40
Zhuguang Road 06:03 22:33 06:38 22:37
Panlong Road 06:05 22:35 06:35 22:35
Xuying Road 06:08 22:38 06:32 22:32
Xujingbeicheng 06:11 22:41 06:30 22:29
Middle Jiasong Road 06:14 22:44 06:27 22:26
Zhaoxiang 06:17 22:47 06:23 22:23
Huijin Road 06:21 22:51 06:19 22:19
Qingpu New City 06:24 22:54 06:16 22:16
Caoying Road 06:27 22:58 06:13 22:12
Dianshanhu Avenue 06:31 23:02 06:08 22:08
Zhujiajiao 06:37 23:07 06:03 22:03
Oriental Land 06:40 23:10 06:00 22:00


Monday - Friday Oriental Land - Dianshanhu Avenue Dianshanhu Avenue - Hongqiao Railway Station
Peak Hours
(07:30 - 09:30; 17:00 - 19:00)
10 min. 5 min.
Other Time 8 min. - 10 min.
Saturday / Sunday Oriental Land - Hongqiao Railway Station
Peak Hour (07:30 - 20:00) 6 min.
Other Time 8 min. - 10 min.

Attractions along Shanghai Metro Line 17

Zhujiajiao Water Town, Oriental Land, Dianshan Lake Scenic Area, Grand View Garden, Baoguo Temple


 Hongqiao Railway Station: Transfer with line 2 and line 10

Surroundings and Bus Routes along Shanghai Subway Line 17

 ('' points out metro transfer stations.)

 Hongqiao Railway Station
Surroundings: Shenhong Road, Shenlan Road, Shengui Road, Hongqiao Railway Station, Hongqiao West Coach Bus Station, KFC, Real Kungfu Fast Food, Starbucks, Hyatt House, Costa Coffee, McDonald's, Ehi Car Services, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 173, 835, Hongqiao Line 1 & 5 & 6 & 7 & 8 & 10, Minhang Line 23

 Zhuguang Road
Surroundings: Zhuguang Road, Longlian Road, Huihong Road, Erlianjiayuan Community, Erlianxinyuan Community, Yulanqingyuan Community, National Exhibition and Convention Center, Haoyaoshi Drugstore, Bank of China, Pizza Hut, Shanghai Courtyard by Marriott Hotel
Bus Routes: 197, 773, 797, Xujing Line 1, Baixu Line

 Panlong Road
Surroundings: Panlong Road, Panzhong Road, East Panzhong Road, Panlong Nunnery, Panlong Kindergarten, Shanghai Qingpu District Peiying Primary School, Qingpu Foreign Language School, Shunyuan Drugstore
Bus Routes: 773, 1503, Xujing Line 1 & 3, Baixu Line, Hongqiao Line 6, Qingfengxu Special Line

 Xuying Road
Surroundings: Songze Avenue, Xuying Road, West Zhulu Road, UNICITY Community, Zhenxin Jiayuan Community, Renheng Xijiao Community, Vienna Hotel
Bus Routes: 710, 710B, Xujing Line 2, Huaxin Line 6

Surroundings: Xule Road, Letian Road, Shangmao Road, North Xule Road, Taixin Jiayuan Community, Hepan Jiayuan Community, Xujingbeicheng Community, Qingpu District Shanghong Primary School, Shanghai Deda Hospital, Green Hotel Inn
Bus Routes: 710, 710B, Xujing Line 2, Huaxin Line 6

 Middle Jiasong Road
Surroundings: Middle Jiasong Road, East Yinggang Road, Zhenzhong Road, Chuiyao Road, Hexi Village, Jinhulu New Village, JSWB Global Home Furnishings Center, Bailian Outlets Plaza, Beisong Primary School
Bus Routes: 191, Qinghuang Special Line, Zhuxu Special Line, Jiasong Special Line, Zhaoxiang Line 3

Surroundings: Zhaochong Road, Songying Road, Songhui Road, Zhaoxiang Town Government, Xianghua Jiayuan Community, Zhenzhong Community, Hesheng Yutingyuan Community, Songze Apartment, Ruilin Industrial Park, Qingshan Kindergarten, Plenty International Shopping Center
Bus Routes: Zhaoxiang Line 1 & 2, Songchong Line

 Huijin Road
Surroundings: Huijin Road, Songwen Road, Xincheng Shengjing Community, Jialeyuan Community, Songze Huacheng Community, Shunyuan Drugstore, Yuxiu Kindergarten, Yuxiu School, Qingpu Middle School, Qingpu Hospital, Qingpu Museum, Agricultural Bank of China, Crowne Plaza Xiayang Lake Hotel
Bus Routes: Hongqiao Line 6, Qinglu Line, Qingpu Line 5 & 7 & 11 & 12, Qingji Line

 Qingpu New City
Surroundings: Yinggangyuan Community, Qingyingyuan Community, Yitian Community, Xinqingpu Jiayuan Community, Yitian Community, Qingpu District Government, Sanyuan New Village, Hanting Express Hotel, Home Inn, Jiahe Primary School, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications
Bus Routes: Hongqiao Line 6, Qingpu Line 4 & 5 & 6 & 12, Nanqing Special Line, Songqing Special Line, Shiqing Special Line, Qingfengxu Special Line, Qinghua Special Line, Qing’an Line, Qingji Line

 Caoying Road
Surroundings: Caoying Road, Yinggang Road, Yingzhu Road, Minle Jiayuan Community, Jinyu Shui’anyuan Community, Yinggang Huayuan Community, Qinglong Apartment, Minxin Community, Qingpu Coach Station, Qingpu District Experimental School, Jiaxin School, Wanghao Business Hotel, Xiande Drugstore, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 1507, Qingzheng Line, Songqing Line, Qingshang Line, Qing’an Line, Qingxiao Line, Qingfeng Special Line, Qingpu Line 1 & 2, Qingjin Line, Nanqing Special Line, Shiqing Special Line

 Dianshanhu Avenue
Surroundings: Dianshanhu Avenue, Huangnilou Road, Dayingpu Road, Bliss Community, Qingpu Wanda Mall Community, Happiness Community, Shanghai High School Affiliated to Fudan University (Qingpu Campus), Qingpu District Experimental School (Yulanwan Campus)
Bus Routes: 1507, Qingcen Line, Qingpu Line 8 & 11 & 15, Zhuxu Line

Surroundings: Huqingping Road, Zhuxi Road, Zhujiajiao Water Town, Lehu New Village, Qingpu District Zhuxi Middle School, Zhujiajiao High School, Donghu Middle School, Qingpu District Professional Technology College, Huashi Drugstore, Shunyuan Drugstore, China Unicom, YTO Express, Shanghai Zhujiajiao Catholic Church, Hongliyu Business Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: Zhujiajiao Line 1, Qingshan Line, Qingxiao Line, Qingcen Line, Qingfeng Special Line, Qingzheng Line, Qingjin Line

 Oriental Land
Surroundings: Shanwancun Road, Xuejian Road, Beixia Village, Lugang Village, Oriental Land, Dianshan Lake Scenic Area, Grand View Garden, Baoguo Temple
Bus Routes: Hu Shang Special Line, Qingshang Line, Qingjin Line

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