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Humble Administrator's Garden
Humble Administrator's Garden
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Suzhou is located in southern Jiangsu Province in the center of the Yangtze Delta. Shanghai lies to the east, Zhejiang Province to the south, Wuxi City to the west and the Yangtze River to the north. The city is divided by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal from north to south. Since 42% area of the city is covered by water, including a vast number of ponds and streams, it is praised as the 'Venice of the Orient'. Built in 514 BC, this is an ancient city with over 2,500 years of history and numerous points of interest. The unique characteristics of the past are still retained today. The double-chessboard layout of the city, with 'the streets and rivers going side by side while the water and land routes running in parallel', is preserved intact.

The mild climate makes the city a desirable destination all year round. Touring the wonderful ancient water towns in the vicinity or lingering in the exquisite classical gardens in the downtown area, you will truly know the charm of a 'paradise on earth'. As the saying goes - 'Gardens to the south of the Yangtze River are the best in the world, and Suzhou gardens are the best among them'. These gardens attain their high reputation not only for their vast numbers, but also for their charming natural beauty and harmonious construction. At present more than 60 gardens are kept intact in the city, and some of them have been listed in the World Heritage List.
There is no airport in the city and travelers should use the nearby Shanghai Pudong Airport or Hongqiao Airport. With four main train stations, the railway is well-developed. Frequent bullet trains run between Suzhou and Shanghai, which makes it possible to travel between the two cities in 30 minutes. Subway trains and convenient city buses can take visitors to most attractions within the city.


Suzhou Food
Tasting local delicacies should not be forgotten in your journey. Suzhou Cuisine belongs to the Jiangsu Style, which is one of the eight famous cuisines of China. The special sweet flavor and delicate appearance make the dishes greatly popular. Authentic notable local dishes and snacks can be found in Guanqian Street. You’ll never forget the delicious food and friendly service.

Shopping in Suzhou
Silk and embroidery are the very souvenirs most visitors are eager to buy in China. Here you have come to the right place. The city is the original site of Su Embroidery, and the silk products here enjoy a high reputation worldwide. If you want to buy, we recommend the souvenir stores at the Suzhou Silk Museum and Embroidery Museum.

Water Town at Night
Local nightlife is much quieter and more leisurely than in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. When night falls, one can enjoy the lovely scene on Shantang Street, take a boat ride on the Shantang River, or watch the local Kun Opera and Pingtan performance while sipping a cup of tea in a teahouse. Pubs or bars are also available, but traditional cultures are hardly felt there.

8 Things to Do in Suzhou at Night


The city is the cradle of Chinese Wu Culture. Many great names and schools of art arose here. For example, the Wumen Fine Arts School is the finest in the city's history. Pingtan, Kun Opera and Suzhou Opera are praised as 'the three flowers' in the cultural history of the city. Furthermore, embroidery, fans and brocade produced here are noted worldwide.

Here are some basic facts and practical information to facilitate your life, trip, and business in the city.
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Questions & Answers on Suzhou Travel
Asked by Joyce from SINGAPORE | Nov. 29, 2019 06:04Reply
How can payment be made for online reservations to Humble administrators garden?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kate from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 02, 2019 18:17

I didn't try. But you need to book the ticket by passport. As for the payment, just follow the step by step instructions of official website to finish.
Asked by jovita from INDONESIA | Nov. 12, 2019 09:36Reply
Do you know what's the address of suzhou intangible cultural heritage museum? thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Rita from CANADA | Nov. 14, 2019 19:28

It is is located on the east side of Horticultural Expo, Wuzhong district.
Asked by May from MALAYSIA | Aug. 18, 2019 06:38Reply
Lingering Garden, Lion Grove Garden & humble administrator Garden tickets counter
Did Lingering Garden, Lion Grove Garden & humble administrator Garden have tickets counter for foreigner ?
Understand that humble administrator need to buy online no ticket counters is it true ?
Besides the above gardens , Panmen scenic area can we buy entrance tickets over the ticket counters?
Answers (1)
Answered by Larry from USA | Aug. 20, 2019 19:00

1. No, there is no ticket counter for foreigners.
2. Yes, you need to book the online ticket in advance because the garden staff need to control the number of tourists.
3. You can buy the ticket on the spot.
Asked by Marrah from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 03, 2019 00:29Reply
We will be spending a day tour in Shantang Street, How to get to Zhouzhuang from Shantang Street?
is it reachable by foot? or need to take a ride?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jennie from USA | Aug. 06, 2019 18:56

You need to take bus No.316/6/81 to Railway Station first, then take direct bus from North Coach Station, which is near Railway Station to Zhouzhuang.
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