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Suzhou Weather

Introduction to Suzhou Climate

The Master of Nets Garden in Winter
 The Master of Nets Garden in Winter
Suzhou is located in a subtropical monsoon zone, so the weather is mild and moist with four distinct seasons. It's best to pay a visit between January and April because the temperature is not too low and the flowers are in full bloom until June. The Plum Rain Season of June is followed by a hot July. After July, a harvest autumn arrives. Both the fresh fruits and the seafood will surely whet your appetite. To promote tourism in Suzhou, a number of tourist festivals are held here every year:

West Hill Plum Blossom Festival in Wu County - March, 1st to 10th
The Tiger Hill Flower Festival - March to May
Luzhi Apparel Cultural Tourist Festival - April
The Tiger Hill Fair - September to October
Tianping Hill red Maple art Festival - November
The Festival of Listening to the Bell of the Cold Mountain Temple on New Year's Eve - December, 31st