Taicang, Jiangsu

Taicang Facts

Chinese Name: 太仓 (tài cāng)
Population: 719,200
Area: 809.93 square kilometers (312.72 square miles)
Location: in the northeast of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, east China
Area Code: 0512
Zip Code: 215400-215434
GDP (2018): CNY 133.07 billion (USD 20.11 billion)

The Important Port City with A German Center

Taicang, a county-level city under the administration of Suzhou City, is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province. It is adjacent to the Yangtze River on the east, Baoshan District and Jiading District of Shanghai on the south, Kunshan City on the west and Changshu City on the north. As the nearest city to Shanghai, Taicang Jiangsu connect closely with Shanghai in region, people, economy, language and culture. Taicang Port is an important part of Shanghai's international shipping center and the largest port of foreign trade in the Yangtze River. It ranks 31st among the world's top 100 container ports and has opened up 198 container routes. Up to now, Taicang has introduced more than 250 German enterprises and the world’s eighth, China’s third largest German Center.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Taicang

Shaxi Ancient Town
Shaxi Ancient Town is one of the 10 charming towns in Suzhou, about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) away from the urban area. The water town features the buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1912), the long ancient streets, the deep alleys and beautiful old bridges. Walking in the town, you can feel quaint and peaceful atmosphere without being disturbed by the bustle city life. Besides, you can taste various local products and snacks on Sanli Street which is the best-preserved and known as the first ancient street in China.

 Jincang Lake Park
Jincang Lake Park is a large-scale country leisure park, 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) away from the downtown of Taicang and 40 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Jincang Lake is the core scenic area of Taicang City and the most beautiful place in Taicang Jiangsu. In the park, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery by bike, walk in the barefoot garden, and watch the music fountain. At the same time, tourists can play and relax on a large lawn. There are fish ponds, beaches, suspension bridges, and other entertainment projects in the park.

 South Garden
The South Garden was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) where the Grand Secretary Wang Xijue enjoyed plum trees and chrysanthemum. The ancient buildings are distributed around the lake which is the central axis of the garden with a bridge in the center. Standing in the Xiangtao Pavilion, you can overlook the whole garden. The exquisite and unique design at Xiuxue Hall, rockeries, and the beautiful lake view also deserve a visit.

Best Time to Visit Taicang

The best time to visit Taicang Jiangsu is from April to November. Visitors can appreciate the stunning spring scenery in April when the weather is neither hot nor cold with an average temperature of 17℃ (63℉). In July and August, the stunning bloomy louts are the highlight of South Garden. Taicang Jiangsu has four distinctive seasons. From December to February, the winter times of Taicang, it is dry and cold, while in summer, from June to August, the weather is hot with an average of 29℃ (84℉). The weather is changeable during other time in Taicang Jiangsu. From June, the rainy season will last for a month.

Taicang Weather Forecast



Visitors can fly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and then take a shuttle bus to Taicang Jiangsu. Pudong Airport is 88 km (55 mi) away from Taicang and the direct shuttle is bound to Taicang at 8:50, 10:50, 14:50 and 16:50 every day, taking about 2.5 hours. While the shuttle bus departures from Hongqiao Airport to Taicang every 20/30 minutes, and the operation time is 7:20-19:00. It takes about 90 minutes as the distance between Hongqiao Airport and Taicang is only 44.5 km (27.7 mi). It is also very convenient to access Taicang by a bullet train. Visitors can take a bullet train to Shanghai South Railway Station then take a coach to Taicang Jiangsu. There is a coach to Taicang every 1 hour from 6:45 to 7:45, taking 90 minutes.

The inner-city transportation means are buses and taxis. It takes CNY10 for the first 3 km of Taicang taxi and CNY2/km for the next distance.

Best Taicang Food to Try

Taicang Meat Floss, Shuangfeng Traditional Pot-stewed Chicken, Shuangfeng Mutton Noodles Swelled Candy Rice, Taro, and Eriocheir can’t be missed in Taicang.

 Swelled Candy Rice
The Swelled Candy Rice is made by frying rice with vegetable oils and lard. Add syrup and peanuts and stir until done. The Swelled Candy Rice made in this way is not only white and shiny but also has the fragrance of vegetable oils and lard. It tastes sweet and crispy.

 Shuangfeng Traditional Pot-stewed Chicken
Traditional Pot-stewed Chicken is a famous snack in Taicang. Boil the processed chicken until it is half cooked and then put it into a pot with soup when it is cold. Then add anise, pepper and other seasonings and simmer it over a small fire. The cooked chicken skin becomes golden and shiny and the meat is tender and fresh with a strong fragrance.

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