Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

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Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is situated in the western outskirts of the city, about 8 miles (13 kilometers) from downtown area and about 37 miles (60 kilometers) from Pudong International Airport.

 Hongqiao Airport Transfer

Brief Intro

Being the first civilian airport in this city, Hongqiao Airport is more than eighty years old. After a series of renovations it has become one of the three international air transit centers in China. 91 airlines currently fly here to both domestic and international cities.

Terminal 1 is comprised of Zone  A and Zone B cover about 20.3 acres (82,000 square meters) with 15 waiting halls, 18 VIP lounges and 15 baggage transfer belts. Terminal 2 is completed and open into public use on March 16, 2010, which is a support to the Expo. After extension, in addition to a new terminal, there is a new runway of 3300 meters and a new set of assistant facilities. The newly built runway is applicalbe for the largest aircrafts, including A380.
 Note: Currently, the Zone B of T1 is closed for interior renovation and when it starts to use is not decided.                                  


Since March 16, 2010, 14 airlines use the new terminal (T2). They are:  Hainan Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, China United Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Tibet Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines.

In T1, there are: Korean Air, Air Macau, Dragon Air, Asiana Airlines, Japan Airlines, Eva Air, TransAsia Airways, All Nippon Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, Spring Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Airlines.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
Hongqiao Airport
Enquiry Counter of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
Enquiry Counter

Passenger Transfer

For passengers with through boarding pass of connectings flights:
Walk to Transfer Hall - enter transfer area - Departure Hall - Boarding Gate

For passengers without through boarding pass:
Walk to Transfer Hall  - enter transfer area - recheck-in at transfer counter - Departure Hall - Boarding Gate

For passengers who have to handle lugguage by themself:
Get to 1F to claim lugguage - transfer counter on 1F - recheck-in - up tp 2F by escalator - Departure Hall by elevator - Boarding Gate

Transport between Terminals

It has its runways in the middle and terminal buildings on two sides. It is a waste of time to walk from one to another if you go to the wrong terminal. There are free shuttle buses running between terminals. They run every a few minutes and it takes 15 minutes between T1 and T2.
Pick-up points: 
south side of Gate 6, Departure Hall, T1 
north side of Gate 1, Arrival Hall, T2
Hours: 06:30-23:00
Frequency: every 15 minutes, 5 minutes in peak hours
806 Bus Stop Board
806 Bus Stop Board
806 Bus Route at T1
806 Bus Route at T1

Transport between Hongqiao Airport and City Center

 Shuttle Bus
Bus routes at T1:  807, 806 and 1207
Bus routes at T2: Shuniu Line 4, Shuniu Line 9, Airport Bus Line 1 and 941 at daytime; night lines are 316. 

The taxi fare from Hongqiao International Airport to People's Square in the city center is approximately CNY60 and it takes about half an hour. A taxi from Hongqiao International Airport to Xujiahui, a bustling commercial area in Xuhui District, costs about CNY 40-50 and takes 20 minutes.
Taxi at Hongqiao Airport
Taxi at Hongqiao Airport

Pick-up point: 
Exit of the Arrival Hall, T1
south side of Gate 4, Arrival Hall, T2
Special Notes: Not easy to get a taxi in peak hours.

Line 2  and Line 10 connect the two terminals of Hongqiao Airport  to the city center and further to Pudong Airport. Passengers can use these two subway lines to Hongqiao Railway Station, Yuyuan Garden, Jing'an Temple, People's Square, Nanjing East Road, Lujiazui, Longyang Road and Pudong International Airport directly from Hongqiao Airport. Metro station is in basement of the terminal building.
Tips: Passengers, who take metro Line 2, have to get off at Guanglan Road Metro Station from a 8-car train and change to a 4-car train to go on to Pudong Airport.

 The city has adopted the 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit policy. The policy is available to the citizens of 53 countries and regions under the condition that they fly in and fly out within 144 hours. Passengers are allowed to travel in Shanghai, Hangzhou, or Nanjing rather than be limited to stay in the transit city.


 Shopping and Dining
T1: Stores are in Departures Hall, like A3, A4, A6 and A8 and Waiting Hall. Food halls are mainly distributed in in A4 and A5, Waiting Hall
T2: departure level (M2) and ticketing & check-in level (3F)

T1: near the Security Check in Domestic Departures Hall on 2F
on the right of Domestic Arrivals on 1F
T2: between Boarding Gate 47 and 48, M2 (Hours: 07:30-last flight)
beside the Transfer Area, 2F (Hours: 08:30-17:30)
besides the Lugguage Locker, Arrivals Hall, 1F (Hours: 06:30-22:00)

 Business Center
You are provided computer, fax, copy, internet, telephone and other services.
T1: A5 Waiting Hall, Departures Hall 
beside the Baggage Storage Area in Departures Hall
beside B 11 First-Class Cabin Lounge in Departures Hall 
Business hours: 07:30-19:00, 07:00-18:30 
T2: business triangle area in M2
Business hours: following the flights time

 Smoking Areas 

T2 of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
T2 of Hongqiao Airport
Outdoor smoking areas are available.
T1: 2 sites. The entrances are at Boarding Gate B1, Domestic Departure Hall, and Boarding Gate B17, International Departure Hall.
T2: 2 sites. The entrances are at Boarding Gate no. 41 & 54, Domestic Departure Hall.

Lounges for the old, the weak, the pregnant and the disabled. 
T1: A5, B12 Waiting Hall, departures level
Opening hours: 07:00 - 18:00
First-class cabin lounge: 2F Waiting Halls, Opening hours: 08:30 - 18:00
T2: widely distributed on 1F, 2F, M2 and two on 3F
VIP Lounge: one opposite the Security Check on 3F
Room V1-3 next to Boarding Gate 24, M2
Room 4-6 next to the Information Desk on 

 Pram for babies: There is a service counter on M2 level. Pram is offered free of charge.


Hongqiao Airport: 211-214 counters, Departures Hall
Tel: 021-51146655
Arrivals Hall, Building B
Tel: 021-51142078
Shanghai Airlines: Counters 202-206, Check-in Hall, Departures Hall
China Eastern Airlines: Counters 251-255, Check-in Hall, Departures Hall
China Southern Airlines: Counters 206, 261 and 266, Departures Hall
T2: Check-in & Ticketing Hall, 3F (China Eastern, Air China, China Southern, Shenzhen, Hainan, Xiamen, Shandong, Spring and Juneyao Airlines as well as Hongqiao Airport all have ticketing counters here.)

 Check-in Counters
Air China: Counters 262 and 263, Departures Hall
China Southern Airlines: Counters 105-107, Departures Hall
Counters A01-A13 (Xiamen, Shandong, Hainan, Juneyao and Sichuan and Tianjin Airlines)
Counters A14-A21(China Air)
Counters B01-B18 (Shenzhen Airlines)
Counters C01-C18, D01-D10 (China Eastern Airlines)
Counters D11-D15 (China Southern Airlines)

Shanghai Airlines and China Eastern Airlines share the same check-in counters. They have totally 48 check-in counters and 28 check-in machines in Terminal 2. Passengers of the two airlines can handle check-in at any of those 48 counters.

 Battery Car: 
Service counter can be found on M2. Battery cars make it easy to get around the T2.

 Left & Lost Lugguage T1: 
Lost & Found: Beside Gate 1, Arrivals Hall
Tel: 021-51142071
Baggage Storage: beside Gate 5, Arrivals Hall
Tel: 021-51144520
Gate 5, Departures Hall
Tel: 021-51144553
T2: Left-lugguage, Lost & Found services are in the same counters available in Arrivals Hall and E Island, East Traffic Center, 1F
Tel: 021-22381086 (Lost & Found); 021-22381085 (left-lugguage)
Hours: 8:00-21:30
Check-in Counters of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
Check-in Counters
Parking Lot of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
Taxis at a parking lot
 Car Parking 
Car Type The first hour From the second hour
minitype CNY7 CNY5 (for each hour)
Big-sized CNY8 CNY6 (for each hour)
oversized CNY9 CNY7 (for each hour)
Special type CNY10 CNY8 (for each hour)

 If your car is parked for less than one hour, the fee is the same with that of one hour.
 If your car is parked for more than eights but less than 24 hours, the fee is the same as that of eight hours. But if the parking time is over 24 hours, the fee will be recharged according to the form above.

There are two parking lots (P6 and P7) in East Traffic Center which is connected with T2.

Car Type Minitype Big-sized
In the first two hours CNY10 per hour Price doubled
3-12 hours CNY5 per hour Price doubled
13-24 hours (constantly) CNY60 in total Price doubled
More than 24 hours follow again the previous charging Price doubled
 Vehicles should run through the parking lots in T2, then reach the taxi parking area to pick up passengers in T2.
 P6 and P7 are located in the south and north sides of East Traffic Center, only accessible by walking from each other. Apart from universal signs to figure out your parking space, the airport also appoint some images of animals and fruits as the indication to each parking areas. 
 P6 (Animals): Giragges (2F), Elephant (M1), Kangaroo (1F), Zebra (BM1), Camel (B1)
 P7 (Fruits): Orange (2F), Water melon (M1), Banana (1F), Grape (BM1), Pineapple (B1)

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