Shanghai Cruise Ports

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal
Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

Traveling from/to Shanghai by cruise is quite convenient due to its advantageous location at the estuary of Yangtze River and the midpoint of China’s north-south coastline. By now, both international and domestic cruises are available: the international ones leave from Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal and Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal; the domestic ones departing from Wusong Passenger Transport Center are bound for islands in Chongming District.

 Since Oct. 1st, 2016, all foreign travelers getting to Shanghai by cruise have been eligible for the 15 days visa-free policy. They have to join a tour package through a Chinese legally registered travel agency in advance with at least two people in the group. Then they will be allowed to tour around Beijing and the domestic coastal areas, including Shanghai, Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan.
Read more about 15-day Visa-Free Policy Adopted for Cruise Tour Groups to Shanghai.

 The 144-hour visa-free transit in Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang makes it possible for international air, cruise and train passengers transiting in Shanghai to have a visa-free layover of 144 hours.
International Departure Procedures Checking in Luggage – Getting Boarding Pass (passport needed) – Security Check – Inspection & Quarantine – Customs Inspection – Immigration – Boarding
Tip: Passengers should get to the terminal 2 hours in advance for check-in.
International Arrival Procedures Disembarking - Inspection & Quarantine – Immigration – Collecting Luggage – Customs Inspection - Leaving
Tip: It requires passengers to spend 15-30min handling entry formalities after arriving.

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal
International Cruise Terminal

 Feature: Being able to accommodate three luxurious international cruises at the same time.
 Terminal Address: near Huangpu River, at no. 500, Dongdaming Road, Hongkou District
By metro: take line 12 and get off at International Cruise Terminal. Leave from exit 2 or 3 to walk there in 6-8min.
By bus: take bus no. 37, 135 or 330 and get off at Dongdaming Road Lüshun Road.

 Cruise Schedule:
Zhao Shang Yi Dun of Viking Cruises, LTD provides a 15-day long luxury voyage via Fukuoka, Kochi, Nagoya, Shimizu (Mount Fuji), Osaka, Beppu, Kagoshima, Nagasaki. In the near future, there will be more international cruises with more diversified routes.


Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal

 Feature: Operating the most international cruises in the city.
 Terminal Address: no. 1, Lane no. 1, Baoyang Road, Baoshan District
 Transportation: Take metro line 3 to Baoyang Road, transfer to bus Baoshan Line 29 and get off at Wusongkou Road Baoyang Road; then walk northeastward there within 5min or so.

 International Cruises:
Now the port mainly operates international cruises to Japan. The following routes are for reference, and they all depart from and get back to Shanghai.

Cruise (Company) Voyage Time Via Ports
Blue Dream Star
(Shanghai Blue Dream)
Aug. 18-Aug.22, 2023
Aug. 30-Sep. 3, 2023
Sep. 3- Sep. 7, 2023
Sep. 19-Sep. 23, 2023
Sep. 7- Sep. 11, 2023
Sep. 28-Oct. 12, 2023
Spectrum of the Seas
(Royal Caribbean)
Apr. 27-May 1, 2024
May 13-May 17, 2024
Aug. 2-Aug. 6, 2024
May 1-May 5, 2024
May 5- May 9, 2024
May 22 – May 26, 2024
Jul. 3- Jul. 7, 2024
Jul. 17 – Jul. 21, 2024
Aug. 20 – Aug. 24, 2024
Sep. 3 - Sep. 7, 2024
Sep. 27 – Oct. 1, 2024
Oct. 29 – Nov. 1, 2024
May 9 – May 13, 2024
Jun. 19- Jun. 23, 2024
Aug. 6- Aug. 10, 2024
Sep. 7 – Sep. 11, 2024
Oct. 7 – Oct. 11, 2024
Oct. 16 – Oct. 20, 2024
Nov. 9 – Nov. 13, 2024
Nov. 27 – Dec. 1, 2024
May 17 – May 22, 2024 Nagasaki, Kumamoto
May 26- May 31, 2024
Jun. 10 – Jun. 14, 2024
Jul. 28 – Aug. 2, 2024
Aug. 29 – Sep. 3, 2024
Sep. 22 – Sep. 27, 2024
Fukuoka, Nagasaki
Jul. 14 – Jul. 19, 2024 Kumamoto, Nagasaki
Jul. 23 – Jul. 28, 2024
Aug. 10 – Aug. 15, 2024
Aug. 15- Aug. 20, 2024
Nagasaki, Fukuoka
Jul. 28 – Jul. 3, 2024 Kumamoto, Fukuoka
Jun. 7 – Jun. 12, 2024 Fukuoka, Kumamoto
Jun. 12 – Jun. 17, 2024 Nagasaki, Kagoshima
Jun. 21 – Jun. 28, 2024
Sep. 15 – Sep. 22, 2024
Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo
Aug. 24 – Aug. 29, 2024
Oct. 20 – Oct. 25, 2024
Okinawa, Ishigakijima
Oct. 1 – Oct. 7, 2024 Fukuoka, Nagasaki,  Kumamoto
Oct. 11 – Nov. 16, 2024 Kagoshima, Okinawa

 Note: The departure date and time of these ships are not fixed. It is suggested to contact the cruise company in advance to know the exact schedules.
Cruise along Huangpu River
A Ship along Huangpu River

Wusong Passenger Transport Center

Located at the meeting of Yangtze River estuary and Huangpu River, it is an important passenger port with regular domestic ships in operation.
Succeeding the former Shiliupu Port, it has departures for islands in Chongming District.
Take bus no. 508, Baoshan Line 10 or 719 and get off at Wusong Port, then the tciket offfice is on the southeast, about 500 meters (547 yards) away.

 To Xinhe:

Schedule Return Time Ticket Fare
12:15 13:15 CNY18

 To Hengsha:

Schedule Return Time Ticket Fare
07:00, 15:00 8:30, 16:30 CNY20-22

 To Majiagang:

Schedule Return Time Ticket Fare
07:10, 15:30 8:10, 16:45 CNY11-13

How to get to Wusong Passenger Transport Center from major transportation hubs in town:

1. From Shanghai Railway Station: take metro line 3 and get off at Songbin Road. Exit from exit 1 and walk eastwards for 10min to reach.
2. From Pudong International Airport: take metro line 2 to Century Avenue, where transfer to line 4 and get off at Baoshan Road. Afterward, take line 3 to Songbin Road and walk there.
3. From Hongqiao International Airport / Hongqiao Railway Station: take metro line 10 to Hongqiao Road and change to line 3 to Songbin Road.
4. From People's Square: take metro line 8 to Hongkou Football Stadium, and transfer to line 3 to Songbin Road.
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Questions & Answers on Shanghai Cruise Ports
Asked by Janice C from CANADA | Jan. 25, 2020 06:26Reply
Shanghai International Cruise Port security hours
Hello. My husband and I will be sailing on the Oceania Nautica and will be at the Shanghai port for 2 nights in March, 2020. We are interested in taking a one day excursion by flight from Shanghai to Xi’an on March 24, 2020 but we would need to leave the port between 5-5:30am in order to arrive at the airport for our flight. Will port security officials be on duty that early in the morning?
Answers (1)
Answered by Debra from FINLAND | Jan. 31, 2020 18:18

Well, as I know, the port security official would be on duty that early. But in order to be sure, you are suggested to consult the staff when you arriving there.
Asked by ayeon from KOREA | Jan. 22, 2020 17:53Reply
Question about 144 hour visa free transit
I couldn't get accurate information about 144 hours of visa-free. So, my itinerary is...

3/12 Incheon,korea-Shanghai 08:55-09:45(MU) and i have a day's tour in Shanghai and stay in a hotel.
3/13 Sanghai (Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal)
3/14 at sea
3/15 Nagasaki,Japan
3/16 at sea
3/17 Shanghai-Incheon,korea 14:20-17:25(MU)

Do I need a visa?
Answers (1)
Answered by Amanda from USA | Jan. 31, 2020 18:19

No, you don't need. You are eligible for the 144 hours visa free policy.
Asked by Cristina D. from UNITED STATES | Jan. 21, 2020 11:32Reply
Question about 144 hour visa free transit
Guests are arriving in Shanghai by cruise ship and will fly back to U.S. on the same day.
Do they need to fill out a form at the cruise port upon arrival in SH for the 144 hour visa free transit?
Cruise itinerary is Singapore, Kota Kinabalu, Manila, Hong Kong, Taipei, Okinawa, Nagasaki, Hakata, SH
Kindly advise, thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mike from SINGAPORE | Jan. 21, 2020 19:39

Yes, they do.
Asked by Justine from CANADA | Jan. 14, 2020 13:35Reply
We are Canadian and American Citizen arriving in Shanghai on Feb 13
And cruise from 15-29 and then we stay another 2 days post cruise flying back to Canada on March 2, 2020. Do we need any visa? Please and thank you.
Answers (2)
Answered by Ben from SINGAPORE | Jan. 15, 2020 19:53

What is the place you "stay another 2 days post cruise"?
Answered by Justine from CANADA | Jan. 16, 2020 21:22

Hello Ben!
We are in shanghai 2 days pre and 2 days post cruise. I have contacted our Chinese Consulate and waa advised that i will need to apply for visa. Thank you.
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