Best Way to Get from Shanghai to Hangzhou

The distance between Shanghai and Hangzhou is about 160km (100mi), too short to have direct flight. High speed train is considered the best way to travel from Shanghai to Hangzhou, given the short duration of 1h and high frequency of more than 160 trains each day. The 2nd class seat costs CNY65-77.5. Normal speed train requires 2-3h and CNY28.5 for Hard Seat. Long-distance buses are also available and some leave from the airports, or People's Square for passengers' convenience.

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1. Fastest Way: Shanghai to Hangzhou High Speed Train: 45min - 1.5h; CNY65-77.5 for 2nd Class Seat

Number of Trains Over 160
Ticket Price CNY65-77.5 for Second Class Seat
CNY104-123.5 for First Class Seat
CNY219.5-233.5 For Business Class Seat
Duration 45min - 1.5h
Departure time 5:44 - 21:29
Frequency 3-10 trains every hour from 6:00 - 21:00
Dep. - Arr. Hongqiao Railway StationSouth Railway Station or Shanghai Railway Station to 
Hangzhou Railway StationHangzhou South Railway Station, and Hangzhou East Railway Station

See more details about Shanghai – Hangzhou High Speed Train

2. Cost-Effective Normal Speed Train: 2-3h, CNY28.5 for Hard Seat

Number of Trains Over 40
Ticket Price CNY28.5 for Hard Seat
Duration 2-3h
Departure time 4:30 - 20:50
Frequency roughly 2-5 trains per hour
Dep. - Arr. South Railway Station to Hangzhou Railway StationHangzhou South Railway Station

3. Shanghai to Hangzhou Long-distance Bus: 2.5-4h, CNY80-130

Dep. - Arr. Dep. Time Duration Fare (CNY)
Hongqiao West Long-distance Bus Station - Hangzhou Coach Center 16:35 2.5-3h 80
South Long-distance Bus Station - Hangzhou 8:52, 13:52, 15:05 2.5h 80
Pudong Airport Long-distance Bus Station - Hangzhou 9:00, 11:00, 12:30, 13:50, 15:30, 17:00, 18:20, 19:50  3h 130
Shanghai People's Square - Hangzhou Railway Station 8:25, 9:20, 13:05, 14:50 4h 80
Hutai Rd. Bus Station - Hangzhou Coach Center 7:50 2.5h 90
Jinjiang Action Park - Hangzhou Railway Station 8:55, 9:50, 13:35, 15:20 4h 80
Shanghai Inter-City Bus Terminal - Hangzhou 14:15 3h 85


How to Travel from Shanghai to West Lake: Train + Metro: 1.5-3.5h, CNY30-90

First, you may get to Hangzhou either by high speed train or normal speed train. Next, according to your arrival railway station, you may transfer to metro line as shown below. 

→ From Hangzhou Railway Station

Take metro Line 1 (bound for Linping) and get off at the Exit F, Fengqi Rd. stop. Then, you may walk southwest for 600m (660yd). This way requires 30min and CNY2.

→ From Hangzhou South Railway Station

Take metro Line 5 (bound for Jinxing) first. Next, you may either transfer to metro Line 2 (bound for Liangzhu) at the People’s Square stop, or to Line 1 (bound for Linping) at the Binkang Rd. stop. Whichever you choose, get off at the Exit F, Fengqi Rd. stop, and then walk southwest for 600m (660yd). Either of the way requires 1h and CNY6.

→ From Hangzhou East Railway Station

Take metro Line 1 (bound for Xianghu) and get off at the Exit F, Fengqi Rd. stop. It requires 30min and CNY3.

How to Travel from Shanghai to Water Towns near Hangzhou

→ Direct Bus: 4h, CNY55

From Shanghai South Long-distance Bus Station, four buses depart at 9:17, 10:17, 14:12, and 15:17 to Xizha Area, Wuzhen Water Town, taking about 4 hours and cost CNY55.

→ High Speed Train + City Bus: 3h, CNY45-54.5 at least

First, tourists may take a high speed train to Tongxiang Railway Station, costing less than 1h and CNY41-50.5 for 2nd class seat. Then, transfer to city bus K282, transfer to K347 at Yaotai Line Zhennan Crossing and get off Xizha South Gate, taking nearly two hours and CNY4.

→ Direct Bus: 1.5h, CNY50

Dep. Point Dep. Time Duration Fare
Shanghai People's Square 07:00, 8:25, 9:20, 13:05, 14:50 1.5h CNY50
Jinjiang Action Park 08:55, 9:50, 13:35, 15:20
Hongqiao Railway Station 7:40, 10:40, 11:50

→ High Speed Train + City Bus: about 2h, CNY27-31.5

Take high speed train from Hongqiao Railway Station to Jiashan South Railway Station. It takes 30min and CNY25-29.5 for 2nd Class Seat. Then, take the city bus Jiashan 222 to get to Xitang Water Town in 80 minutes at the cost of CNY2.

3. To Nanxun Water Town: Direct Bus: 3.5h, CNY60

Dep. Point Dep. Time Duration Fare
Shanghai Inter-city Bus Terminal 7:20, 7:55, 8:35 3.5h CNY60
Shanghai People's Square 8:00, 8:25, 9:20
Jinjiang Action Park 8:55, 9:50
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