How to Travel between Haikou and Shanghai

The distance between Haikou and Shanghai is about 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles). There are only two direct ways to travel between the two cities: flight and overnight normal speed train. The first way is highly recommended. An average of 15 pairs of flights fly between the two cities every day, and the flight time is only 3 hours. The price of an economy class ticket is generally around CNY1,000. Only one pair of trains travel between Haikou and Shanghai. The departing times are after 19:00 and the duration lasts 35-37.5 hours. The hard sleeper ticket cost CNY613.5.

How to Travel from Haikou to Shanghai

1. Best Way - Haikou to Shanghai Flight: 3 hours, CNY900 to CNY7,680

Visitors can take direct flight from Haikou to Shanghai. This is the best and fastest way. 14-18 direct flights take off from Haikou Meilan International Airport and land at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport/ Shanghai Pudong International Airport every day. The fly time is about 3 hours and the flights are available during 08:35 to 20:50. The ticket price generally exceeds CNY900 and discounted tickets are generally available. But sometimes tourists need to buy tickets at the full price. It is best to plan your travel itinerary in advance and so that you can book a discounted ticket in advance.

Ticket Fare:
Economy Class: CNY900 to CNY1,920; Business Class: CNY1,400 to CNY7,680

2. Overnight Normal Speed Train: about 37.5 hours, CNY613.5 for Hard Sleeper

There is only one train every day from Haikou Railway Station to Shanghai South Railway Station. Because the train travels through a large part of China from south to north, this journey takes a very long time. Starting from 19:15, visitors need to stay onboard for 37.5 hours.
Train   Dep.    Arr.     Duration
K512    19:15  08:32+2  37.5h
Ticket Fare:
Hard Seat: CNY329.5; Hard Sleeper: CNY613.5; Soft Sleeper: CNY1,012.5

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How to Travel from Shanghai to Haikou

1. Best Way - Shanghai to Haikou Flight: about 3 hours, CNY650 to CNY7,680

Both Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport operate direct flights to Haikou Meilan International Airport. About 15 flights can be chosen every day and a single trip takes about 3 hours. You can book tickets online in advance to enjoy the great discount as high as 40% off. The ticket prices generally fluctuate around CNY1,000. And if you're lucky enough, you may buy an economy class ticket at around CNY650. But sometimes when you book late, you can only buy tickets at the full price.

Ticket Fare:
Economy Class: CNY650 to CNY1,920; Business Class: CNY1,300 to CNY7,680

2. Overnight Normal Speed Train: about 35 hours, CNY613.5 for Hard Sleeper

One train departs from Shanghai South Railway Station at 19:21 and arrives at Haikou Railway Station 35 hours later. Visitors need to spend two nights on the train. It is suggested to book hard/soft sleeper tickets which cost CNY613.5 or CNY1,012.5 respectively for a comfortable trip.

Train Dep.    Arr. Duration
K511   19:21 06:20+2    37.5h

Ticket Fare:  
Hard Seat: CNY329.5; Hard Sleeper: CNY613.5; Soft Sleeper: CNY1,012.5

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