Haikou Nightlife

Similar to other southern Chinese cities, Haikou has a rich night life. When the sun goes down, the city continues to offer passion and romance. Discos, nightclubs and pubs appear in the streets and lanes to appeal to customers. If you intend to relax in Hainan, be sure to experience the nightlife of Haikou. You can experience this unique city in many ways - in a bar, busy night club or roadside stand.

Coffee House

Old Tree Cafe No.5, Nanhang East Road
Fushan Cafe No.93, Beinhai Avenue
Shangtian Cafe No.3, Airport East Road

Night Club

Grand Shanghai Club: No.50, Longkun North Road
China Town Club: Longkun South Road

Tea House

Laoba Teahouse (Old Father Teahouse)
A Laoba Teahouse has always been known as a gathering place for the elderly, but is now also popular among young people. It is often located in small lanes, with a small basic storefront facing the street and several tables and chairs. One can stay here for a whole day with a cup of tea.


Sandong Road of the Haidian Island is the district for bars.

Tianshang Renjian (Heaven and Earth): in the Bar street, Sandong Road, is a tranquil bar.

TT Bar (Tibetan Bar): Heping Avenue, Haikou, opposite the Huandao Tide Hotel
TT Bar is a traditional bar with typical Tibetan features. Opening Hours: 20:00-02:00

LV: that is not Louis Vuitton, but a bar located at No.12, Wuzhishan Road inside Fulong Mansion. Upon entering, you will find yourself in a totally new atmosphere filled with unique creativity, stirring dance music and good wine.

1. Don't reply to those who send small cards (usually with tour package or air ticket information) to you at night and never buy tickets or attend tour package with them.
2. Take care of your valuables and money as you visit these recreation grounds.
3. Ladies should leave behind expensive jewelry before going out and avoid going up to the recreation ground alone.

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Questions & Answers on Haikou Nightlife
Asked by vfrois from SINGAPORE | Sep. 30, 2019 01:44Reply
Haikou Xinbu District
Hi, would like to know is this hotel novotel xinbu not centrally located and far away from city centre? or any bar or restaurant nearby the hotel
Answers (1)
Answered by Susan from USA | Oct. 08, 2019 18:19

Yes, this hotel is a little far away from downtown. But there are many great restaurants around it.
Asked by Paddie from CHINA | Apr. 11, 2014 02:39Reply
Any one can tell me where I can find a bar that have salsa nights in haikou? I love dancing salsa
Answers (1)
Answered by Penny from DENMARK | Apr. 11, 2014 03:07

Sorry, I am not sure which bar has the Salsa dancing, but you may go to the local Guomao Commecial Zone to have a try! There you will find different bars! Good luck!
Asked by Mr.john from SWEDEN | Jan. 07, 2011 07:19Reply
Hello i am new here and very much interested in China. Would you please suggest a link or website wherein i can rent a bar for business?I am interested in Hainan maybe Haikou or Sanya.
Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Jack | Jan. 11, 2011 03:31

Most of the website for house renting are in Chinese in China, I advise you hire a local English guide to help you.
Asked by Ms.shania from PHILIPPINES | Dec. 19, 2010 00:32Reply
I'm in haikou this time.I am looking for a bar where in i can find foriegn friends. Could you introduce some bars where i can find?

Thank you!
Answers (4)
Answered by Ms.ICEBLUE from CHINA | Dec. 20, 2010 19:52

As far as I know, there are many foreigners living in Haidiandao, and there is a bar street in Haidiandao, you may go there for fun.
Answered by Mr.FLYING320326 from CHINA | Dec. 21, 2010 20:17

hi,guy. there are many bars in guomao area. i think u cam have a good time there
Answered by Ms.QIUXIA from CHINA | Mar. 18, 2011 23:40

hi i am happen to living in haidian island and its true that there are more foreigners here than other area in this city, but if you want to find some forign friends in bar i think its better to go to the bars in guomao area, such as soho or 88 ect.
Answered by melan from PHILIPPINES | Oct. 30, 2011 00:48

guomao so many bar there such as 123 bar 88 bar v2 soho and you can also meet filipinos there
Asked by Mr.Andreas from AUSTRIA | Oct. 12, 2010 02:22Reply
I plan to visit Haikou in March or April 2010.
Does anyone know a good hotel located near nightclubs, bars, restaurants?
It would also be great to be near by the sea.
Is March/April a good season for beach tourism?

Thank you!
Answers (3)
Answered by Mr.Will | Oct. 12, 2010 04:29

Hi, Baohua Harbour View Hotel has seaview room and a bar inside the hotel. You can also access to other bars in the city from this hotel, and also Boai Lu where located many restaurants.
Answered by Mr.FLYING320326 from CHINA | Oct. 12, 2010 21:02

yeah, when u come here at that time not to much people here then,and the weather is good for u do many things at that time. and theprice is cheap. there are many hotels that u wish.
Answered by Ms.jeramie | Oct. 27, 2010 00:40

hello. I suggest you visit the beautiful Crown Spa Resort Hainan.
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