How to Travel Between Hangzhou and Shanghai


By Train

 Hangzhou to Shanghai
There are nearly 200 trains running from Hangzhou to Shanghai every day. Hangzhou Railway Station operates more than 20 of them from around 06:00 till 21:30, about 10 of which are high speed trains. Their destinations include Shanghai Railway Station, South Station and Hongqiao Station. Hangzhou East Railway Station operates over 170  trains daily from 00:30 to 24:00, including over 120 bullet trains. At  the East Railway Station, most bullet trains leave for Hongqiao Railway Station.

Bullet Train from Shanghai to Hangzhou
Bullet Train from Shanghai to Hangzhou
Second-class Cabin of Bullet Train
Second-class Cabin of Bullet Train
 Hangzhou Train Schedule

 Shanghai to Hangzhou
When returning, passengers can get on the train at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. This station operates most of the bullet trains to Hangzhou. Every day from 06:00 to 21:30, over 120 trains leave from this station. As well as taking the direct bus, passengers who arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport could also take Subway Line 2 to Hongqiao Railway Station and then travel on to Hangzhou by train. Other ordinary trains are available at both Shanghai South Railway Station and Railway Station.
 Shanghai Train Schedule

 See Shanghai-Hangzhou High Speed Trains


By Long-distance Bus

 Buses from Xiaoshan Airport to Shanghai

 Buses from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Hangzhou
 Pudong Airport to Hangzhou Huanglong Tourist Hub
 Pudong Airport to Hangzhou Wulinmen CAAC Ticket Office
 Pudong Airport to Hangzhou Airport

 By Regular Coach
Every day, 39 long distance buses leave Hangzhou Passenger Transport Central Station for Shanghai. They run from 06:50 to 18:43. Additionally, there are 8 that leave from the North Bus Station. The earliest one leaves at 07:35 while the latest one is at 18:10. The ticket price is CNY65 per person. There are also 7 from 07:20 to 19:30 running from the South Bus Station to Shanghai West Bus Station at Hongqiao Airport. The whole trip is about 3 hours and takes CNY48 per person.

Passengers can also take a long distance bus from 9 bus stations in Shanghai to Hangzhou.  They all arrive at Hangzhou Passenger Transport Central Station. Below you will find the daily schedule, and the ticket prices.

Bus Stations in Shanghai

Time Schedule

Ticket Fare


South Bus Station 07:10-20:53 CNY68 666, Shi Long Lu, Xuhui District
Long Distance Bus General Station 06:50-20:30 CNY59 1662, Zhong Xing Lu, Zhabei District
Bus Long Distance Shortcut Station 06:35-18:55 CNY54 605, Hu Tai Lu, Zhabei District
Xu Jia Hui Bus Station 06:50-19:20 CNY51-55 211, Hong Qiao Lu, Xuhui District
Hu Tai Lu Long-Distance Bus Station 07:00-18:30 CNY60 1015, Zhong Shan Bei Lu, Zhabei District
Bailianjing Bus Station 07:30-19:00 CNY48-55 3843, Pu Dong Nan Lu, Pudong New District
West Bus Station 08:00-19:30 CNY48 at Hongqiao Airport
Heng Feng Lu Bus Station 07:50-18:50 CNY55 258, Heng Feng Lu, Zhabei District
Pujiang Long Distance Bus Station 06:35, 20:50 CNY45 2198, Hu Hang Gong Lu, Fengxian District
Jiading Bus Station 07:15 CNY50 3205, Hu Yi Gong Lu, Jiading District

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