How to Travel between Hangzhou and Nearby Cities

 By Train

Bullet Train from Hangzhou to Suzhou
Bullet Train to Suzhou
About 40 pairs of trains run along Hangzhou-Suzhou railway. Eleven of these depart from the Hangzhou Railway Station (which runs between 10:11 and 19:39). The Bullet Train takes an hour and 49 minutes to reach Suzhou. The other 30 trains depart from Hangzhou East Railway Station, which runs between 02:11 and 20:43. Bullet Train tickets cost between CNY178.5/179.5 for a first class seat and CNY 110/111.5 for a second class seat.

 By Long Distance Bus 
Passengers can take long distance buses from either Hangzhou Passenger Transport Central Station or North Bus Station. About 16 buses run to Suzhou from the Central Station daily between 08:00 and 18:30. The ones from the Central Station arrive at the Suzhou South Bus Station. The two-hour trip costs CNY71. More than 20 buses run between the North Bus Station and Suzhou North Bus Station from 07:00 to 18:30.

When returning, passengers can get board at either the Suzhou South Bus Station or North Bus Station. Buses from Suzhou North Bus Station arrive at the Hangzhou North Bus Station, while the ones from Suzhou South Bus Station arrive at Hangzhou Passenger Transport Central Station.

Hangzhou - Shanghai

High speed train, normal train, long-distance bus & taxi

Hangzhou - Mt. Putuoshan

 When going to Mt. Putuoshan, visitors need to first take a bus to Zhoushan and then take a ferry to Mt. Putuoshan. Buses to Zhoushan are available from both Hangzhou South Bus Station and Passenger Transport Central Station. Buses are also available at the city's Tourist Center (located at the Huanglong Sports Center). The last one leaves from the Central Station at 18:10. Tickets for the three-hour trip cost CNY95. After arriving at the Shenjiamen Bus Station of Zhoushan, visitors should board a bus to the Banshengdong pier, where ferries are available to Mt. Putuoshan.

 When returning, you can take a yacht to Banshengdong Pier (which costs CNY19.5). Then take a bus to from the Shenjiamen Bus Station.

Hangzhou - Mt. Huangshan

 When going to Mt. Huangshan, passengers can take a bus from either the Hangzhou West Bus Station or the city's Tourist Center. Tickets for the three-hour trip cost between CNY95 and CNY100. Six buses run directly to the Huangshan Scenic Area everyday between 08:00 and 15:10. If you are not able to catch a bus from the West Bus Station or the Tourist Center, you can take one to Huangshan Tunxi and then transfer to Huangshan Scenic Area after arriving at Tunxi. There are 13 buses to Tunxi daily, the last leaving at 18:20. One bus leaves daily from the Tourist Center, departing at 07:20, taking passengers directly to the scenic area.

 When returning, head to the Huang Shan Scenic Area Bus Station. The return ticket costs CNY59—CNY110. The last bus leaves at 17:10. There is also one Hangzhou Tourist Center bus at the gate of Xinghuo Travel Agency, which leaves daily at 14:30. The Xinghuo Travel Agency is inside the Huangshan Scenic Area.

 Currently, there are two bullet G trains from Hangzhou East Railway Station to Huangshan North Railway Station. It departs at 09:49/19:13. Upon arrival at 13:13/22:13, one can take a tourism bus to the foot of the Yellow Mountain. The train returns for Hangzhou at 08:11/13:50 and arrives at 11:15/16:59 .
 Hangzhou - Huangshan High Speed Train

Hangzhou - Wuzhen

 Sixteen buses leave from the Hangzhou Passenger Transport Central Station heading to Wuzhen  daily, between 06:25 and 18:15. Tickets cost CNY25-28. If you are going to Tongxiang first, you can take one from the Passenger Transport Central Station to Tongxiang Central Bus Station and then transfer onto another one to Wuzhen. Once you arrive in Wuzhen, get off at Ziwu Hotel which is opposite to the entrance of Wuzhen.

 When getting back, passengers can get board at Wuzhen Bus Station, which is 20 meters away from Dongzha. There everyday, the first at 06:25 and the last at 18:25. Tickets cost CNY27.

 About 40 pairs of high speed trains are running between Hangzhou and Tongxiang. Travel time is only 17-28 minutes. However, it takes about an hour to travel by bus K282 betwwen Tongxiang Railway Station and Wuzhen.

Hangzhou - Xitang

 Four buses from the Hangzhou Passenger Transport Central Station leave for Xitang daily, with departures at 06:50, 09:25, 11:20 and 13:50. The two-hour trip costs CNY37. Alternatively, visitors can get board at the same station to Jiashan. From Jiashan, many buses to Xitang are available. The trip from Hangzhou to Jiashan costs CNY34 while the one from Jiashan to Xitang costs CNY3.

 The returning buses are available at the Xitang Bus Station. Six buses leave daily, with the first one departing at 06:25 and the last departing at 16:25. If you miss any  of these, you can take a bus to Jiashan. To do this, you can either take a bus from Xitang to Jiashan or take a taxi to Jiashan, then a bus from Jiashan to return. The last bus departs from the Jiashan Bus Station at 18:50.

Hangzhou - Nanjing

 By Train
The two cities are connected by a network of over 120 pairs of trains. Among them, about 100 pairs are high speed types, 2 of which are from Hangzhou Railway Station at 08:49 and 19:55, and the rest depart from the East Railway Station. The ones at East Railway Station run between 06:41 and 21:45. Duration for the trip is generally 1.5-2 hours and ticket price for the cheapest second class seat is CNY 79/ 117.5/ 208.5/ 216.

When returning, passengers can go to Nanjing Railway Station or Nanjing South Railway Station. Among the high speed types, 5 depart from Nanjing Station and the rest about 100 from Nanjing South Station.

 See more details of Hangzhou-Nanjing Train

 By Long Distance Bus
Thirty-four buses depart from Hangzhou North Bus Station to Nanjing Zhongyangmen Bus Station daily. Buses leave every 20-30 minutes between 06:40 and 18:30. Tickets cost CNY120.

When returning, passengers can board a long distance bus at Nanjing Zhongyangmen Bus Station. Thirty-six buses, costing CNY120 leave daily, between 06:20 and 20:00. In addition to the buses available at Zhongyangmen Bus Station, there are 34 others from Nanjing East Bus Station which leave between 06:40 and 20:20 daily, costing CNY120 per ticket.  All buses arrive at the Hangzhou North Bus Station.

Hangzhou - Yiwu

 By Train
Over 150 pairs of  Hangzhou - Yiwu trains run everyday. About 20 leave from the Hangzhou Railway Station (depart between 02:31 and 23:05) and over 130 leave from the East Railway Station (depart between 00:20 and 23:49). Bullet Trains are the fastest, taking 40 to 60 minutes. They cost CNY75 to 80 per person. All other ordinary trains cost around CNY20.

 By Long Distance Bus
Buses to Yiwu are only available at the Hangzhou South Bus Station. Forty-two are available daily, with tickets costing CNY54-60. All arrive at the Yiwu Binwang Bus Station.
When returning, passengers can get board at Yiwu Binwang Long Distance Bus Station. Thirty return buses are available daily, leaving every half-hour between 06:30 to 18:30.

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Questions & Answers on How to Travel between Hangzhou and Nearby Cities
Asked by Richard from INDONESIA | Oct. 03, 2019 05:47Reply
Hangzhou to wuzhen direct
Where to catch direct bus from hangzhou to wuzhen water town?
If from hangzhou passenger transport central station, it'll go to tongxiang first?
Answers (1)
Answered by Justina from UNITED KINGDOM | Oct. 10, 2019 22:44

You can take metro line 1 to Passenger central station, and take direct bus from there to Wuzhen Coach station.
Asked by Angela from MALAYSIA | Oct. 16, 2018 08:38Reply
We will be visiting Hangzhou in early November 2018. We have 9 days here
so we plan to visit Suzhou and may be some of the near by cities as well. Appreciate your advises on what is the best way to travel from HZ to Suzhou. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Fritz from USA | Oct. 16, 2018 23:26

There are many ways to travel from HZ to Suzhou. The fastest way is to take the high speed trains and the cheapest way is to take the bus.
Asked by Eliz from USA | Oct. 09, 2018 22:21Reply
What is the best way for me to get to Tongli from Hangzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jordan from UKRAINE | Oct. 10, 2018 01:00

It is suggested to take a coach from North Bus Station to Tongli directly. The schedules are 07:45, 11:25, 13:00 and 15:50. The ticket fare is CNY 53 or CNY 67.
Asked by Anna from KOREA | Jun. 28, 2018 21:21Reply
Is there luggage lockers at Hangzhou Passenger Transport Center?
I have a plan to travel HZ for 1 day and leave to Wuzhen at evening. Is there any luggage locker services at HZ Passenger Transport Center? How much is it per a luggage?
Answers (1)
Answered by Steve from USA | Jul. 01, 2018 21:11

Yes, there is and the fare is about CNY 15 per a luggage for one day.
Asked by sara from IRAN | Mar. 15, 2018 08:18Reply
How can travel by public transport (bus) from wuzhen to hangzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen from ITALY | Mar. 15, 2018 20:55

The bus from Wuzhen Bus Station can take you straight to Hangzhou, btw, it takes about 1.5h and CNY 30.
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