Nanjing South Railway Station

Nanjing South Railway Station, which serves high speed trains only, is 6 miles (10 kilometers) from the Xinjiekou area in city center, 4.5 miles (7.5 kilometers) from famous Confucius Temple, 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Nanjing Railway Station, and 18 miles (29 kilometers) from Nanjing Lukou International Airport.

Address: Yulan Road, Yuhuatai District
Nanjing South Railway Station See-off Service

Train Schedule & Ticket Booking   

Nanjing South Train Station offers bullet trains to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Changsha, Xian, and Xiamen, etc.

 Major Rail Lines from the Station to:

 Schedule to Major Destinations:
(Last Update on July 13, 2018)

Nanjing Train Schedule

Destination Nos. Travel Time Ticket Price (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Hangzhou East
G7581, G7625, G1667...
93 departures from 06:47 to 22:19
1h2m- 3h45m 345.5/ 216
D3295, D2195, D2187...
9 departures from 07:47 to 21:02
1h22m- 1h52m 152/ 95
Beijing South
G202, G204, G102, G6...
58 departures from 07:16 to 20:06
3h16m- 5h7m 748.5/ 443.5
Guangzhou South
G1113, G1743 at 07:28 and 15:47 7h17m/ 7h23m 1,055/ 660
G7031, G7037, G7581, G7505...
106 departures from 06:40 to 22:07
45m- 1h47m 164.5/ 104.5
G7031, G7037, G7581...
151 departures from 05:54 to 22:40
1h2m - 3h28m 229.5/ 144.5
D3025, D3013, D3093, D3009...
24 departures from 10:55 to 20:27
2h1m - 3h9m 184/ 115
G7581, G7505, G7587...
31 departures from 06:47 to 18:12
2h12m- 4h46m 465.5/ 287
D3295, D2195, D655 from 07:45 to 17:31 2h23m- 3h9m 239/ 149
Xiamen North
G1667, G1661 at 06:57 and 13:16 7h6m- 7h35m 828/ 494.5
D3295 at 07:45 8h54m 631/ 395
Chengdu East
D2373, D353, D2255...
8 departures from 07:16 to 10:53
11h10m- 12h46m 970/ 510
G1886, G1974 at 08:07 and 08:49 9h36m/ 9h47m 1297.5/ 803
Xian North
G1970, G1874, G1974...
14 departures from 07:39 to 18:21
4h49m- 6h3m 876.5/ 540

The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

Nanjing South Railway Station
Nanjing South Railway Station

Station Plan

The station includes a terminal building, a North Square and a South Square. It is a comprehensive transportation hub, providing railway, metro, bus, taxi, inter-city coach, and airport shuttle bus services.

Terminal Building:
It consists of 5 floors in total, including 2 basement floors. Passengers can enter and exit from either north or south side of the terminal building.

Floor Go from North Entrance Go from South Entrance
3F waiting hall, luggage lockers, small shops and restaurants, Red Cap Luggage Porters waiting hall, South Entrance, taxi drop-off stand, Self-service Ticketing Machines, luggage lockers, small shops and restaurants
2F railway platforms, Self-service Ticketing Office, North Entrance, taxi drop-off stand railway platforms
1F North Ticket Office, railway exits, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2 Drop-off Stand, metro entrances/exits , Long-distance Bus Center, small shops and restaurants South Ticket Office, railway exits,  metro entrances/exits, small shops and restaurants
B1 transfer hall of metro Line 1, Line 3, Line S1 and Line S3, commercial area
B2 Metro platforms

Outside the terminal building, there is a passage on west side used by public transport including city buses, airport shuttle buses, long-distance buses and taxis. Passengers can follow the signs and guidance to get there.

Bus: There are two bus stops. One is called "South Long-distance Bus Center" which offers Express Buses to Lishui City. The other one is named "Nanjing South Train Station"; city buses No. 19, 27, 84, 129, 190, 719, 791, 792, d12, d16, Night Bus No. y16 and Night Bus No. y27 are in service there.

Long-distance Bus: The South Long-distance Bus Center offers buses to many other cities in Jiangsu Province including Lishui, Gaochun, Wujiang, Changshu, and Suzhou.

Taxi: There is a taxi pick up area on the B1 floor in west passage. Taxi here usually heads to downtown area.

There is also a taxi pick up stand in the passage which located on the east side of the terminal building, on the first floor. Taxi goes to both Jiangning area and downtown area.

Map of Nanjing South Railway Station
Map of Nanjing South Railway Station

North Square:
Metro entrances/exits and parking lots can be found on North Square. There is also a city bus station named South Station North Square set up there for bus No. 116.

South Square:
The square will be fully completed in around July, 2017. At that time, the South Square will also be equipped with metro entrances/exits, parking lots and facilities for commercial use.

How to transfer from South Railway Station to other places

To Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao): Travelers can take metro line 3 directly. The metro duration would be around 25 minutes. Taking a taxi would be around 20 to 25 minutes and the taxi fare is about CNY25.

To Dr. Sun Yat- sen's Mausoleum & Xiaoling Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty: These two destinations are not far from each other. Travelers can take metro line 3 to Daxinggong first and then take line 2 to Muxuyuan, get out via No. 3 exit. From there, travelers can walk to both destinations. The metro ride would take around 40 minutes.

By bus, passengers can take bus No. 84 to Weigang, the 24th stop and then walk there. The bus would take about 1 hour.

Taking a taxi would take about 45 minutes and cost around CNY50.

To Nanjing Railway Station: Passengers can take both metro line 1 and line 3 to get there directly. The duration would be around 40 minutes. By taxi, the trip would take about 30 minutes and the taxi fare is about CNY45.

To Lukou International Airport: Passengers can take the airport shuttle bus from the long-distance center on the west side of terminal building. The shuttle bus starts at 05:40 from Nanjing South Train Station and end at 21:00 with an interval of 30 minutes. A single trip takes around 40 minutes. From the airport, the bus starts since the arrival of the first flight and ends at 23:30. The ticket price for a one-way ride is CNY20 per person.

Passengers can also take metro line S1 (Airport Express). The metro duration would be around 50 minutes.

A direct taxi ride would cost around CNY100-120 and the duration would be around 30 minutes without traffic problem.

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